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20 - Best Song From Clockwork Angels


What do you think is the best song from this album?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best song from this album?

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Okay, this thread seems unusually popular today, so I'll ask yet again.

Can someone, a moderator perhaps, put together all of the "best song on Clockwork Angels" threads into one with their respective polls? Before the Totem Polls reboot a little while back there were three of these threads hanging around in the depths of Feedback because people didn't see a thread for it tacked to the front page and didn't go looking for any past ones, thus making a new thread for the same topic. This one here, the one I created, was the first one, but there were two others created in later months after this one fell off of the front page, and one of them was actually much more popular for some reason, having many more posts and votes. When Feedback/Totem Polls got a makeover a few months back, this thread was chosen as the one to put up on the front page and the other two seem to have been forgotten about.

Somebody, please put them together.

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Btw, I've given up on my age old attempt to get thus put together with the favorite song from CA thread, partly because no one would do it, or even respond to me, and partly because I finally realized favorite and best are two different things.
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Toss-up for me between CA and HF. CA gets the nod because of the creative bluesy bridge...something they haven't really done before. Most underappreciated song for me is Halo Effect. Yes it's simple and ballady, but it's a nice chill out point in the album. Most overrated is Seven Cities of Gold. The chorus is the cliché A G E chord progression that you hear in sooooooo many rock songs. As soon as heard that I thought 'come on guys you can do better than that'.
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Like a great number of Rush albums, picking a favorite is next to impossible. Went with The Garden, with its beautiful music and lyrics, but BU2B, Headlong Flight, Caravan and The Halo Effect would round out my top five.
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At this point I find it legitimately hilarious that I never received one single response to the question of if this thread could be put together with the other "best/favorite song of of CA" poll threads. Like I said a long while ago, I've given up on trying to get a response to that question, but to anyone reading down through this page, you've got to admit, the lack of attention paid to my posts on that topic is rather hilarious, isn't it? No? Just me? S'fine.


The title track is the best, btw, but it's a monster album and a modern day classic, whatever the hopeless may say... ;)

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12. BU2B2

11. Halo Effect

10. Seven Cities Of Gold

9. Carnies

8. Wish Them Well

7. The Wreckers

6. Clockwork Angels

5. The Anarchist

4. BU2B

3. The Garden

2. Caravan

1. Headlong Flight

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