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  1. Classic opportunity for Chiefs to come in with low energy, sleepwalk to an early deficit, and pull out a win in the second half. I do wonder whether KC can keep that approach going win-wise.
  2. Nice to see Theegala get his first win!
  3. Dodgers clinched the NL West last night.
  4. And broke the second longest streak of losing when down 21 pts, dating to the1940s. Bears still hold the record, which goes back to the 1920s. Comeback Kids they ain't!
  5. KC seems intent on showing they can sleepwalk to the playoffs. Another less-than-perfect team performance, but this week they get out with a win. Props to the KC rezone defense!
  6. Missouri takes down Kansas State on a game-ending 61yd field goal! Package continues to fare well against the Big 10, as Washington is putting a beat down on Michigan St
  7. It's the first song on the first album with Neil, so to me it seems that was probably a factor.
  8. It really is astounding to watch Paul just killing time noodling around and come up with yet another brilliant song. And yes, the way the lads interacted was so full of fun and clever wit. I have a cadre of friends from high school and we're still like that. Makes me smile just thinking of it
  9. Prince was a blistering guitarist. Now where's that link to the live While My Guitar Gently Weeps clip....?
  10. All the weed and none of the silly silk pajamas. Caress >>> Kings
  11. I really like Alien Shore. The others suck
  12. She has a temper, but her post-match interview was touching. Both competitors were class-A
  13. How about that ladies' final?!?
  14. Enjoying the silence of SF Giants fans these days. Normally they are insufferable this time of year.
  15. My favorite time of year, the summer-autumn cusp.
  16. I have such great memories of enjoying the debut album with friends that I rank it higher than most folks here seem to. It's the inverse of my feelings toward the Kings era, which was ignored by me and my circle during my early RUSH years. Archives, 2112 and ATWAS was what we cranked.
  17. Super Bowl bound! Detroit deserves a good season
  18. Not surprised by this outcome, knowing how Detroit played the second half of last year and how KC phones it in the first six games or so. Hope the Lions make the Super Bowl. A rematch would be fun.
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