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  1. Peposo and pasta, from my neighbor who just got back from Italy. Basically it's chuck roast slow cooked in chianti, peppercorns and salt, which of course makes it amazing tasting
  2. I like Tucson, nestled against the hills ETA: Tucson has no-car exerbs, which I think is a great idea. Foot traffic only, local shopping. I loved that about Europe and Latin America. Much more social
  3. Agreed. These seem like the future to me, from Wink Motors
  4. Phoenix should be sprawling with these... https://www.gemcar.com/street-legal-carts/
  5. So, we're looking at a fifty year transition, which seems reasonable. Costs will need to drop significantly during that time, and road infrastructure will need to change. To me it seems that widespread e-vehicle use makes most sense in densely populated areas, with smaller micro-sized vehicles navigating surface roads rather than mega-highways. The greater Phoenix area should have been fully designed around this kind of model.
  6. Diana Taurasi seems like a good spokesperson for the WNBA
  7. I'm not sure you answered my question. Power is hardly a strawman. Power supply and cost are core questions that should be answerable at this point, imo.
  8. Deconstructing Harry So damn funny.
  9. Let's assume full adoption in ten years. What's the solution to the power grid dilemma?
  10. I was browsing through Peacock and saw they had Deconstructing Harry, one of my favorite Woody Allen films!
  11. As expected, Boston is blowing out the Mavs. 67-46 at halftime.
  12. On Fire and My Home Town are two great mellow tracks off the album. The upbeat radio hits hold up well, too. Lol at how misunderstood the title track is lyrically
  13. New Country and Modern Pop, while performed by humans, already seem so formulaic and soulless that it makes sense to eliminate the middle man.
  14. Here's what the WNBA Old Guard are trying to sell, per the reigning MVP: "This is the best league in the world. No one is going to give you anything easy. The fastest, the strongest, the quickest - that's why this is the WNBA." But the style of play they've offered hasn't put butts in seats or eyes on tv. Weird they don't get that.
  15. Started to watch Under Paris, the shark movie, based on Stephen King giving it a decent review. But I bailed after the intro setup. Really, really bad.
  16. Those extended outros and intros on the CD version were nice additions
  17. Yeah, she - and too many others - just don't seem to get it. In spirts there's a difference between physicality and clumsy brutishness , and the WNBA has far too much if the latter. It's unflattering. There's also a difference between intense competitiveness and mean-spirited pettiness. Again, too many WNBA players seem incapable of showing any class in that regard.
  18. GREAT up and down to save par and take the championship! Congrats to DeChambeau. Feel horrible for Rory.
  19. Rory blows another shorty on hole 18!!! That's gonna sting. Still, Rory is low man in the clubhouse at -5, and... ... Bryson yanked his tee shot and is hitting off the junk. Tree limb in his backswing... punches it into the bunker. Up and down gets Bryson the win, a bogie leads to a playoff. Are these guys just f*cking with Cantlay?
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