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  1. Theegala had a one stroke lead on 18 tee and pulled drive into a bunker with a tough, tough lie. Rather than punch out and try to save par with an up and down, he went with an attempt at the hero shot. His wedge slid right under the ball and Theegala then had to pitch out. Faced then with up and down for bogey, he lipped out the 15-footer and made 6. Schauffle now only needed par from the middle of the fairway for the win. He hit an 86yd lob wedge stiff.
  2. ...and Lexi leaves her birdie putt short. Chun's chip from the fringe left her a four-footer, which she drains dead center to win her third major
  3. Hold on! From the rough Lexi puts her approach to ten feet, while In Gee's approach from position A is hot and runs through the green...
  4. Tom Hanks seems a little old to play Elvis
  5. And it looks like Lexi could have used a few more strokes... Tied for the lead with Chun at -5, Thompson three-Jacks hole 17 from birdie range. Needs something special on 18 to force a playoff...but blocks her drive into the right gallery. Looks like another blown major for Lexi
  6. In LPGA action Lexi Thompson has battled back from 7-down to establish a 2-stroke lead. And it could be more if she could get her putter working. SY Kim has to be frustrated with her game having cooled off so much since Saturday hole 2.
  7. Perfect day for an afternoon luau party and free evening concert!
  8. Slipping into stockings, stepping into shoes, dipping in the pocket of her raincoat
  9. With all the screaming about "threats to democracy", why does a decision that returns control of the abortion debate to the people of each state evoke this kind of reaction. States are now free to codify the will of the respective constituencies on the issue. What is more democratic than that? For the record, I oppose wholesale criminalization of abortion, but support limits like the ones that are in place in most western nations.
  10. Staying down is fundamental, for sure. Try a round using nothing but a 7-iron, wedge and putter with a singular commitment of thought to staying down. You'll break 50 for sure
  11. As to the decision, it will be interesting to see how states respond. Most of Europe has legalized abortion, but it is highly restricted after the first trimester: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_Europe#:~:text=95% of European patients of,is illegal or severely restricted.
  12. And I read your post that precedes this one I quoted and scratch my head as to how it could be taken as anything other than what you describe above. Odd.
  13. Odd that a concept as fundamental as "inalienable rights" escapes so many.
  14. Golf is a game of honesty above all things. Good for them on calling him out.
  15. I can tolerate those kind of guys if money isn't involved, but I wouldn't want to play every week with a guy like that. How are those clubs working out for you?
  16. Way to go Bolts! A Tampa blowout tonight means two things: No Avs sweep...and I can practice with full concentration my Don Ho songs for Saturday's Hawaiian themed party!
  17. In fairness, it's been changing every 30 seconds, lol!
  18. Thank you sir, can I have another?!? 4-2 TB!
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