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  4. It must be said. I lost brain cells reading the objectively retarded section of Project 2025 on the DOT. Pure pandering and absence of logic. Becoming MORE car-centric will not do the united states any favors. Increases in pedestrian fatalities will not get solved by just getting everyone into newer vehicles. Newer vehicles are only safer for occupants inside of them. Bitching about transit funding? You should see how much highway widening and upkeep costs. It's unreal.
  5. Proven fake. It's an image from the Hugh Syme book. This guy is a real douche.
  6. Fire of Unknown Origin - Blue Oyster Cult
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  8. The track record suggests a healthy dose of skepticism is called for. I remain dubious.
  9. So, yeah, take this with a grain of salt as it was posted by Tim Edick who is one of the admins of the Different Stages of Rush FB group. He's the one that previously posted that fake AI generated cover of the supposed 40th Anniversary set. When I questioned him on it, he blocked me. HOWEVER...someone I know that has a little bit of a relation to the folks in the Rush/Anthem orbit shared the pic of the ant/egg with me many months ago. It didn't have the Grace Under Pressure wording or the tan background. He told me the ant/egg was Hugh Syme art from the forthcoming boxset. I dunno what to think. I hate to get my hopes up. As I said, I'm blocked from that group. A friend screenshot this and sent it to me. I haven't read the responses. If there are any interesting ones, please post them here!
  10. Oh my, I really needed this laugh today! Thanks!!
  11. Devil in Disguise - Judas Priest
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