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  2. Well if you look a bit further in the thread you'll see that already have. And yes it's a really good show, funny and informative. It was made in the 80's but it's totally relevant now too.
  3. Nigel has tripped, and he's under and Simon fails again, er, here is Gervaise, and Simon is through by accident.
  4. I`ll guess another South American country. Chile is easily the longest and thinnest country with the most coastline so they should get it . However, FIFA can be a bit weird. A classy option would be Ukraine.
  5. Ha! That's the only era of Bon Jovi I like. I do think Cooper did that style better then a lot of others. Motley Crue was a gateway band for me when it came to the metal sound. Once I discovered how many bands did it better I stopped listening to them and never looked back. I guess Bon Jovi was like that for me too. Poison is just a good time party band. If I was out somewhere and one of their songs started playing I wouldn't object at all.
  6. Who is going to take Ecuador's place at the World Cup? Peru, Chile...Italy?
  7. Aren't you worried jumping twenty-six miles across the sea?
  8. Nah, switching teams, whether it's because you're a band Wagoner or whether you're more a fan of a player more than a team is something I'd never do. Given the "advantages" they had, the Patriots probably should have won more. But in 100 years, those "advantages" will have been lost to history, so there's that
  9. Tampa definitely the hot team out of the gate! It also seemed that for a playoff game the Panthers crowd was on the quiet side too? I don't know if TNT muted out the crowd or they were just not into it? Maybe I'm just spoiled by the atmosphere in Amalie? It's a loud arena during the regular season but during the playoffs it's literally full throat! Game 2 tomorrow night!!! LET'S GO LIGHTNING!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
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  11. What do you think of it. Will you move on to yes Prime Minister?
  12. I like and respect you as well Chica, so I'll make one last point. I've also never suggested that overturning Roe would not impact the availability of abortion anywhere. What I did say is that it will be up to the people in their own states to decide what policy best suits their sensibilities. The voters of Alabama, including women, do not necessarily view the issue the same way voters, including women, view it in Massachusetts.
  13. You got me. The Patriots did not play well in the playoff game against Buffalo. But they did make the playoffs. Something Miami didn't do. Again. If the Patriots go as long as Miami has gone without making it back to the Super Bowl, I probably won't live to see it. If they go as long as Miami has gone without winning it, I definitely won't. I'm glad I got to see them play in 11 Super Bowls and win 6 of them. Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick have really done an amazing job getting there 9 times this millennium. Of course, having the greatest QB in history for 20 seasons made it possible. You can probably change your allegiance to the Chiefs at this point. They're usually pretty good. And they're physically closer to you. Certainly closer than the Dolphins were to Indiana.
  14. ok maybe offensive is strong BUT......i do have an inexplicable some would say unfair aversion to that style of "metal" (these days i hestitate to even call it metal......it's closer to pop rock) yea...Dokken Ratt, The Crue, Poison......ugh. it turns my stomach. like Segue keeps saying like try this band......i'm like you don't understand it makes me physically kinda ill, lol i like bon jovi but that early period is my least fav period as well Mick
  15. is this some game i watch a tv series loosely based on a game
  16. Panthers get their butts kicked by the Lightning, 4-1. No other way to put it. After their second goal was waved off (and rigntfully so, play died after puck hit the netting), the air went out of the Cat's baloon and they were done.
  17. Yep! If I dont hit the bars, it's Yeungling tallboys, microwave nachos, and the comfy recliner.
  18. I'm a big Met and Pete fan, and I'm so curious as to how this came to be.
  19. Anyone going, not to buy, but just check it out?
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