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  2. What do you think of this whole series overall so far?
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  4. Jar of Flies -- Alice in Chains
  5. I made this mistake too. I rank III much higher than I used to. If nothing else, it has what IMNSHO is their best acoustic song (That's the Way). Plus, is there any better concert opener ever besides Immigrant Song?
  6. Christmas Pick-Up Lines for Adults: “Can I take your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.”
  7. I saw Brian Wilson perform the whole record in a nice theater a few years ago. It was a really fun show. I don't rank the album nearly as high as Sgt. Peppers but it's still creates a lovely mood.
  8. Rush- 2112 Iron Maiden- Powerslave Led Zeppelin- III All earlier yesterday, forgot to post
  9. Why didn't the melons get married? Because they cantaloupe.
  10. I've got a great idea. Why doesn't Lancelot go?
  11. Oh, sir! Why don't you ask Derek 19? He's a gynecologist.
  12. Al Pacino’s presenting at the video game awards? 2022 bingo is ending with a blast!
  13. You will be put to the test by the Guy de Loimbard hordes tomorrow... Padon the French accent.
  14. Well, I think you'd better be selected to play for the boys team in the rugby match against the MASTERS this afternoon!
  15. In Absentia - Porcupine Tree
  16. The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds I don't get how you could take issue with this albums reputation. It's a beautiful album, it set a benchmark in its time of what the album format could be if the artist truly sought to achieve something beyond hits.
  17. Hard to explain. First of all, it is an early classic example of an album made to be a experience, not just hits and fillers (which, let's face it, was BB's bread and butter before this). Hugely experimental songwriting, production, vocal arrangements, huge lashings of melancholy. The album went on to massively inspire The Beatles to only further explore their ambitions, as well as many other bands. Personally, the album is revered but has never been a massive seller. It's beloved by many musicians and producers. It has some classic songs but the albums deeper cuts are rarely played. It is not an in your face album, it's not overplayed, it's a wonderful record full of charm, very of its time, though stillbursting with infectious creativity. I think people who hate on it are missing the point. It paved the way for many musicians to explore their craft further, subsequently directly pushing rock and pop production ahead many notches. But whatever, you can dislike it but it's definitely not derivative or formulaic. It's been borrowed from so much it's hard to hear it today with a fresh perspective. However, I grew up with Beach Boys singles. Discovering this album was a real joyful surprise. It's worth noting this wasn't a blockbuster smash when it came out. Commercially it was something of a setback for them, and critics weren't massively fussed either. But fellow musicians of the era admired it and it slowly found a cult fandom. It's only grown in stature over time. I think it has appeal for music fans. No songs about surfing here. In fact it's a very introspective pop recording, and it's interesting that indie/emo/post-punk bands often cite this as a major influence. In Flames even said that the last albums closing number, Stay With Me, was written after the frontman spent some time with this record and absorbed it. Bear in mind this was the mid sixties, most bands and artists were chasing big hits, bops, instant smashes. These are some of this albums lyrics, which are the antithesis of all music listeners expected of them back then: I know perfectly well I'm not where I should be I've been very aware You've been patient with me Every time we break up You bring back your love to me And after all I've done to you How can it be You still believe in me I try hard to be more What you want me to be But I can't help how I act When you're not here with me I try hard to be strong But sometimes I fail myself And after all I've promised you So faithfully You still believe in me I wanna cry . . .
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