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  2. They have 1 loss as does Alabama and Texas but the SEC gets preferential treatment. If Florida St and Michigan both win they should definitely be in as should the Huskies since they're undefeated. After that, who knows.
  3. Poland's playmates at EURO 2024, should it qualify, France, Holland and Austria. Might as well stay home.
  4. Yeah, no need of contraception after walking in front of all those planes.
  5. Watching this right now. They haven’t gotten to EVH’s Beat It solo yet. Steve Lukather is in this documentary as well for interview segments.
  6. Quentin "What's Going On here????" Tarantino
  7. The FOGO guys sure make it sound like it's something special.
  8. Top tier teams shouldn't be allowed to schedule themselves bye weeks
  9. So, is Georgia out? IMO they should be. Win you're in, lose you're out.
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  11. Breaking news! Ohio State is claiming they have found evidence that proves Ryan Georgian cheated in the Dr. Pepper Challenge.
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  13. Thanks for sharing that - I found it pretty damn insightful.
  14. Weather, I often wish I chose to be a mechanic.
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