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    holidaying in Cambodia
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    marxism, hate, subjugating the individual to the state, the Great Purges, the Holodomor, the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, the New York Times

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    natural science
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    permanent waves/hemispheres
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    attending the MN State Fair concert 8/27/10 with my wife and the 9/24/12 and 8/4/13 concerts with my son, and, even better, the 5/12/15 show at the Excel Center and 7/9/15 at Sprint Center KC.
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    iron maiden, black sabbath, judas priest
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  1. Congratulations to Albert Pujols, who hit his 700th HR tonight. The way he played for about the last five years and even the first half of this year, I never thought he'd make it.
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