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  1. I don't remember either but it doesn't really matter if it's based on his principles (whatever they are) or not, it's still wrong.
  2. Certainly a proper progressive society shouldn't cater to the needs of useless eaters. Controlling the temperature is paramount, if only to ensure there are enough ice floes for them when it's been decided that the time is right.
  3. Pay Tua now. If the history of this franchise should tell you anything its that getting an above average QB is not easy. I'm tired of the shit QBs they've brought in just to go 8-8 at best.
  4. people who are sanguine about other people dictating how they should live should meet the people who would gleefully do so just to know what they really think of them
  5. I know you've pulled the "this discussion is over and I win. Yay me, I'm undefeated" card, but what's the fatalities to miles driven ratio for the US vs those other paradises? Feel free to ignore the question, you've already declared yourself the victor, and who among mere mortals would dare to disagree? After all, you're you.
  6. Compared to the number of cars, this is next to nothing. And in the downtown area, where there was a ton of gridlock prepandemic (and pre George Floyd) this was extremely annoying trying to get out of downtown, even on the one version of public transportation that actually worked, express busses. But hey, what's a few minutes of the days of probably thousands ofbpeople vs inconveniencing the sainted few for just a second. These days downtown is desolate so it really doesn't matter too much.
  7. Saw this and thought it was pretty funny. https://x.com/BrownieAthletic/status/1803460507816566872
  8. They did these in Minneapolis downtown a year or two before the pandemic. I don't think I've ever seen anyone use them.
  9. I've heard the same. Tom Yawkey is the owner in question, and the Red Sox were the last team to have a black player, Pumpsie Green, in 1959.
  10. Willie with Vin Scully in 2016 https://x.com/korkedbats/status/1803238532951024052
  11. mommy mommy someone has a different opinion than me. and they're saying it out loud and everything!
  12. Then with their mismanagement and corruption, they make it even less palatable for sane people to want to stay. This is what the Democratic Party refers to as a virtuous circle.
  13. My theory is that it tends to be that minorities, who think the Democrats are going to help them lol, and idealistic young people who have little life experience make up the majority of the electorate in major cities, and those who do age out of their naivete and/or become more successful, and importantly, have kids they have better aspirations for than city public schools, move out of the city proper into more suburban areas.
  14. virtually every post here if not all of them have been made on stolen land and on devices created by someone with more money than they need
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