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    marxism, hate, subjugating the individual to the state, the Great Purges, the Holodomor, the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, the New York Times

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    attending the MN State Fair concert 8/27/10 with my wife and the 9/24/12 and 8/4/13 concerts with my son, and, even better, the 5/12/15 show at the Excel Center and 7/9/15 at Sprint Center KC.
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  1. #1 vs #2..gotta go with #1 Natural Science Anagram (for Mongo)
  2. Meanwhile in the NBA... Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose
  3. Nothing that half the league's quarterbacks couldn't have done. 5 for 8, 53 yards, three of the completions were dumpoffs to running backs, a 6 yard throw to a tight end, and one pass for 23 yards to a wide receiver. Fortunately for him, Scott Norwood was not the kicker attempting the 48 harder to win the game. Then again, if even after fumbling to lose the divisional playoff game, his kicker wouldn't have made a kick with as high a degree of difficulty as possible, he wouldn't have even been in this game. The QB that won the year before had a better playoff run.
  4. Don't forget that Bledsoe led them to the Super Bowl after Brady led them to 0 points in the AFC Championship game before leaving with an injury. Then Brady had less than 100 yrs passing in the first 58 minutes of the Super Bowl.
  5. The list of people who bailed Brady's ass out in Super Bowls or that got him there in the first place is lengthy.
  6. I used to but I honestly don't remember. I think it was him doing an imitation of Eagle fans or something on one of the early Manningcasts iirc. I actually kind of like Eli, it's just that he's very overrated and made his name on two throws, a great one and a lucky one.
  7. So is SF. In fact, that hit may have already occurred.
  8. Ozzy with a permanent residence in Vegas. That's what we all predicted in 1970, right?
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