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  1. In 7 games at Wrigley, the Cubs have outscored the Pirates 47-15. The Pirates have won 4 of the 7 games.
  2. Oldie but goodie from the Onion after prime career Brady got his ass shipping at the hands of Flacco and the Ravens in 2009. FOXBOROUGH, MA—Following a 33-14 drubbing at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted that his team deserved to be booed, but said that "to suffer jeers from shortsighted brainless front-runners like Patriots fans was both laughable and pathetic." "The Ravens outplayed us here today, but I'm sorry, f**k all of you," Brady said to the Patriots' fan base, noting that the concept of a true Patriots fan was "barely even existent." "There's no doubt we could have executed better, just like there's no doubt those 68,756 slavering fair-weather pieces of shit in the stands have less right than anyone else to point that out. And if they have a problem with that, they should feel absolutely free to go f**k themselves." Brady added that, next to Pats fans, the Boston fans cheering for the Celtics' gang of johnny-come-lately mercenaries were the saddest f***ing thing he'd ever seen.
  3. When I became a Dolphin fan they were still two years from their first winning season. Some bandwagon.
  4. Nah, switching teams, whether it's because you're a band Wagoner or whether you're more a fan of a player more than a team is something I'd never do. Given the "advantages" they had, the Patriots probably should have won more. But in 100 years, those "advantages" will have been lost to history, so there's that
  5. Get used to it? You mean like after the opponent scores after the first six drives you get used to it the seventh time? Nice job on holding Trubisky to -2 yrs in 3 attempts on that last drive. #risetotheoccasion #neverquit
  6. Two Cubs made their MLB debuts tonight. The pitcher, Brandon Hughes, struck out five of the six hitters he faced. The hitter, Christopher Morel, hit one 417' for a home run in his only AB. The biggest shock of the night? A Dan Vogelbach triple.
  7. Technically, 4 months and 2 days this happened. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/202201150buf.htm#all_pbp Outstanding extra point defense!
  8. Voting with someone who thinks Air Supply needs to slow it down at times is uncomfortable....
  9. Not changing my vote to Zep no matter how hard you try to make me.
  10. I might choose a Floyd album or two after the Blaze albums. Not Animals though, that's interminably tedious and turgid. Worse than Snakes.
  11. Spain had the biggest empire in the world at one point. Your former team's halcyon days are well behind them. Even the "advantages" they had in the past are no longer enough.
  12. I like and have respect for you, and agree wholeheartedly with your third sentence.
  13. Nice bit of history, there. It took 25 years, but the Pats got the ultimate make up call for the Sugar Bear Hamilton call. I guess that depends on a number of things... If he starts his announcing career, how much time does it provide for him to get away from his wife and kids (and ex-wife and her kid, for that matter, though he seems like he's got that handled)? How much he truly enjoys getting coaches fired The continued efficacy of Dr. Guerrero's "treatments" I do feel confident that the next Dolphin playoff win will occur before the next one your former team gets. Even with the league office running cover for you guys. Oops, your former guys.
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