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  1. It's either 762* or 755. He has virtually no chance to get there, especially with his injury history. I'd say he has about a 50% chance to get to 500.
  2. Jason Hey ward has played his last game as a Cub. 8.8 wins for $184 million, killing cap flexibility, and popping up ton3rd more than seemingly humanly possible. Too bad, he's a great guy in the clubhouse and the community, but it was well past time to cut ties.
  3. No, but I had a cousin who managed a Successories for a while. In case they don't have those over there, it's your kind of place. https://www.successories.com
  4. Don't smile because it's over, cry because it happened.
  5. Try to get through this without tearing up.
  6. Or get it up front then use the money to supplement prizes for the PGA Tour.
  7. Not his fault though. The right fielder got out to his position a little late and his timing was completely disrupted. Can he really be expected to be at his best under those conditions?
  8. The greatest baseball announcer ever has died. RIP, Vin.
  9. Nah, I'm already too bored to post video of the Yankee fan throwing a ball at Verdugo. I would have had to stop at 27 anyway because that's the highest number any Yankee fan knows. And deep down you know that most Yankee fans are frontrunners, bandwagoners or both.
  10. Interesting strategy employed by the White Sox, employing outfielders when their team was at bat.
  11. I suppose it's on point if you just completely ignore the gaping hole in the logic.
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