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  1. Huge homemade salad. Lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, red peppers, Greek olives, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, red wine vinaigrette
  2. San Joaquin Valley, CA: So far, THREE motorists have ignored the ROAD CLOSED sign and driven into the sinkhole.
  3. Las Vegas sportsbooks have just set the Over/Under for Brady's next unretirement announcement at July 30th.
  4. Breaking News: The Broncos have just announced that they will be trading two #1 draft picks to the Saints for Taysom Hill.
  5. Not clicking it....not clicking it....not clicking it.....
  6. Especially in the playoffs, the better team still has to prove it. Their poor pass blocking was the main culprit today. A game of inches, indeed. Milton's hand was an inch away from the ball thrown to Scantling sitting in the end zone. An inch!! As for that late hit call, meh....going by the book, the refs made the correct call. Mahomes had just stepped out of bounds, and the defender hardly pushed him, but it was just enough to put him on the ground. In a Championship Game, the refs will call that every time. The Packers know this all too well: You do NOT give the refs any opportunity to affect the game in the last minutes.
  7. Just another classic, "2-3 plays made the difference" game, fought by two evenly-matched teams. My friends and family down in "The Jungle" are crushed, but they know for sure that the WHO DEY will be back next year.
  8. Very impressed with the Bengals taking big shots from the Chiefs. They have to hit back. They have to get to Mahomes.
  9. A commercial for a new film….Cocaine Bear. Cocaine Bear?! A bear whacked out on cocaine?!
  10. It seems like there's more and more of that these days....
  11. On McCaffrey's TD, the one defensive back just rammed into McCaffrey and bounced off. No attempt to actually tackle him. So many of them do that these days.
  12. The reports of the phone's smartness were greatly exaggerated....
  13. MLB will wait until after he's dead to induct him. I would bet real money on it.
  14. The company that owns Bally Sports is near bankruptcy. My Brewer games may be in great peril!
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