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  1. Totally irresponsible impulse purchase - just now! Custom made in honor of their great rookie, Jackson Chourio - #11.
  2. Hash browns with rotisserie chicken, peppers, onion, and sour cream.
  3. Brewers 8 Twins 7 One of the best games I've seen in person! We were in Row 2, left field bleachers. Prime home run territory! Brewers catcher Eric Haase hit a homer ten people to my left. Willy Adames hit one right at me, but it fell short and the Twins left fielder caught it at the base of the wall. Several lead changes. Brewers hit four homers and went up 8-5 in the 9th, but closer Trevor Megill just had to drive us crazy by almost blowing it. There were a LOT of Brewer fans there; so many that they were out-cheering the Twins fans!
  4. Brewers 8 Twins 4 (12 innings) First weekend series between Brewers and Twins in many years. What used to be a great rivalry has been decimated by switching of Leagues and frustrating scheduling. A record crowd at Target Field saw ten innings of a pitcher’s duel and then ten runs in the next two innings. Many Brewers fans left very happy!
  5. Financially, I'm set for life....provided I die next Tuesday. -- Stuart Francis
  6. A tried and true method of observing the passage of time....and our own mortality.
  7. Stupid solar system! Mars and Uranus are in conjunction. They are really close to each other, but we’re on the wrong side of the Sun! Can’t find the planets in broad daylight…..
  8. They played the anthem for the home run derby?
  9. I nailed some scrap lumber onto the shingles on each side of the ladder. I also secured the ladder's feet with four big concrete blocks. Even with all that, my fear of heights messed with me, but I persevered!
  10. My ladder and roof gave me a strong reminder that I am no longer 30 years old and fearless. It was unnerving getting onto the roof, but getting back on the ladder to come down was horrible.
  11. Breaking News: The Milwaukee Brewers have forfeited today's game against the Washington Nationals, as they really need to take an extra-long All-Star break. The extra day off will make a world of difference....
  12. He was an easy target for comediens and bigots, but he helped many people get off their lazy butts and exercise. He did a lot of good. 👍👍
  13. Big waves of severe thunderstorms! Trees are down all around town.
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