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  1. Flew from Chcago to Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday. We flew through part of the huge storm front that pummeled Nashville and other towns. A very bumpy ride. We were tossed back and forth for a while. Definitely not one of my funnest flights….
  2. Jon Rahm: Should I join LIV or shouldn't I? Jon Rahm: Yes, Master....
  3. In all my years of eating this and that, fast food and homemade food, enjoying great meals and surviving nasty meals, I can say with certainty that I have never been disappointed by a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich. Skippy Creamy and Smuckers blueberry preserves on white bread!
  4. ForGed about it! Duplicate posts happen fairly often. They get posted within minutes of each other.
  5. The entire NFL media machine would organize against the Bengals making the Super Bowl. Shady men in black overcoats would be visiting the homes of game officials, making them offers they can't refuse.....
  6. A truly national treasure, Lear dominated U.S. pop culture with his brilliant productions.
  7. I would not go see them under any name. I am content with my 10 live concert experiences and all their albums and concert films. I have the same mentality regarding seeing The Who, the Rolling Stones, Brain May's Queen, Black Sabbath, et al. They're all done.
  8. Bengals 34 Jaguars 31 Game of The Year so far? 10-point underdog Bengals with their backup QB at Jacksonville. IMPRESSIVE.
  9. Horrible break for the Bengals. Their d-back had the ball in his hands, but it slipped through. And now a STUPID trick play that went horribly wrong. Stupid play call, Coach. The Bengals’ offense was doing great. There is NO need for those stupid trick plays. These younger head coaches should get a big kick in the ass. They are not playing video games!
  10. Packers 27 Chiefs 19 One of the best games of the year....until the last two minutes, when the officials turned really DUMB. They screwed the Packers and the Chiefs big time. Every team knows the Doctrine of Winning: You do NOT let the officials help determine the outcome of the game in the last minute or two. They can and will screw up so badly that you will think they're taking bribes. You don't allow a last-minute drive beat you. For the most part, the Packers played great. That last FG drive was way too passive and inept, IMO. On that last play, where Love got sacked, there were NO short range receivers. They only needed 6 yards for the 1st down. If they score a TD, there is no chance for the officials to "do their thing". p.s. Collinsworth, SHUT UP. If you're not drooling over the Chiefs, you're babbling about the Packers' last two QB's. SHUT UP.
  11. I will bet my IRA that I will curse the Packers very loudly at least twice during the game. My IRA is safe…..
  12. Lions 24 Saints 21 (3rd quarter) Well, I guess the Lions aren't mad anymore......
  13. Lions 21 Saints 0 (8:15 left in the 1st quarter) Methinks the Packers made the Lions mad last week.
  14. **CRINGE** This is why I never watch any interviews with mainstream news channels. They ALWAYS drag up the old stories that we've heard a million times.
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