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    I like listening to music, watch movies I think look, and are really good, exercise, read, and computers including learning more about them, and what to do.
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    The last Rush concert I attended, and went to was "R40 Live 40th Anniversary".
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    I have a favorite Rush song, and it's "Xanadu".
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    I don't have one.
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    I haven't got, and don't have a best Rush experience. If I was able to, and meet "Geddy", "Alex", and "Neil", then it would be.
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    Other, than Rush, I don't have any. U2, is, and has been a close second.
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    I don't play any instruments, but if I did, they would be synthesizers, and keyboards.

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  1. Rhyta, I'm making a correction to you. The Dallas, and Edmonton series was tied 2-2, and on Fri. night, game five was in Dallas. If either team won, then they would've been ahead in the series 3-2, which Edmonton, did. Last night, it was in Edmonton, and they won 2-1 to win the series 4-2. Overall, you've liked, cheered, and rooted for Colorado, and even though you haven't liked Dallas, you haven't liked Vegas, in the same way, too. For wanting Edmonton to win the series against Dallas, why feel weird about it, when you liked, cheered, and rooted Colorado? If it is including not liking Peter DeBoer, Dallas' head coach, then it might be not worthwhile wanting to see either team win, who you haven't liked, cheered, and rooted in a Conference Final. I would think that a lot of people including hockey, and none hockey sport's experts weren't expecting a Florida, and Edmonton 2023-24 Stanley Cup Final. Two more unexpected N.H.L. teams. I for one wasn't, and didn't, and don't want to see it.
  2. Before the New York Rangers', and Florida Panthers', and Dallas Stars', and Edmonton Oilers' series' started, if I had a choice, I think maybe, New York Rangers, but it might be a pick 'em, and Dallas Stars.
  3. Invincible Shield (Deluxe edition) - Judas Priest Senjutsu - Iron Maiden Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live In Mexico City - Iron Maiden
  4. Firepower - Judas Priest the Book of Souls - Iron Maiden
  5. Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe edition) - Judas Priest Battle Cry - Judas Priest the Final Frontier - Iron Maiden En Vivo! - Iron Maiden
  6. Nostradamus - Judas Priest Epitaph - Judas Priest A Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden
  7. Painkiller - Judas Priest Angel of Retribution - Judas Priest Rising In the East - Judas Priest Brave New World - Iron Maiden Rock In Rio - Iron Maiden Dance of Death - Iron Maiden Death On the Road - Iron Maiden
  8. Pat Benatar's "In the Heat of the Night" to "Wide Awake In Dreamland" without including 'Live From Earth" because it is a live c.d., and album are, and have been a run of great studio c.ds, and albums. From "Precious Time", and "Get Nervous", the songs "Promises In the Dark", and "Shadows of the Night", have been classics, and timeless ones, too.
  9. Turbo - Judas Priest Priest...Live! (2001 'the Re-Masters' edition) - Judas Priest Ram It Down - Judas Priest Maiden England '88 (2013 Two c.ds) - Iron Maiden No Prayer For the Dying - Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
  10. "Happy 27th Birthday". I hope it was a nice, and enjoyable one. You're welcome.
  11. Point of Entry - Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith - Judas Priest Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden Seventh Son of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
  12. Unleashed In the East (Japan 7-inch EP/2001 bonus tracks) - Judas Priest British Steel - Judas Priest Powerslave - Iron Maiden Live After Death (1998 remastered) - Iron Maiden
  13. Goose (Allen), it's the second time you did that this week. One Eastern Conference series, has been New York Rangers, and Carolina, and one Western Conference series, has been Vancouver, and Edmonton.
  14. Sin After Sin - Judas Priest Stained Class - Judas Priest Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather - Judas Priest the Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden
  15. I'm doing a Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden listening marathon. Rocka Rolla - Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny - Judas Priest Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden Killers - Iron Maiden
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