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    Comox, B.C.
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    I like listening to music, watch movies I think look, and are really good, exercise, read, and computers including learning more about them, and what to do.

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    The last Rush concert I attended, and went to was "R40 Live 40th Anniversary".
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    I have a favorite Rush song, and it's "Xanadu".
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    I don't have one.
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    I haven't got, and don't have a best Rush experience. If I was able to, and meet "Geddy", "Alex", and "Neil", then it would be.
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    Other, than Rush, I don't have any. U2, is, and has been a close second.
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    I don't play any instruments, but if I did, they would be synthesizers, and keyboards.

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  1. In "Laverne & Shirley", and "Happy Days", she was hilarious. I was a daily, and regular watcher of both "Laverne & Shirley", and "Happy Days" t.v. series' shows. She will be missed, and remembered. My condolences, and sympathies, to her family, and friends. R.I.P., Cindy.
  2. Dog & Butterfly - Heart Crimes of Passion - Pat Benatar
  3. He was one of the best hockey players. He will be missed, and remembered. My condolences, and sympathies, to his family, and friends. R.I.P., Bobby.
  4. "Happy Birthday". I hope you had a wonderful day. You're welcome.
  5. This might be early to say because the concert isn't until July, but last week, for presale, V.I.P., and public tickets went on sale. Madonna, is going on tour for promoting her 40th Anniversary called "the Celebration Tour", and in Vancouver, there is one, which is the first stop. I've been seeing if tickets would sell out, and prices get cheaper. I haven't seen her perform in person before. On the Canadian Ticketmaster website, for a cheaper price, than what a lot of them have been, I bought a verified resale one. It's a good seat, and not anywhere on the floors.
  6. "Happy 55th Birthday". I hope you have an enjoyable day. You're welcome.
  7. "Happy 54th Birthday, Librarian (Jennifer)". I hope you have a great day. You're welcome.
  8. "Happy 8th Anniversary, Blue (Becky)". You're welcome.
  9. When he was in, and with the band, and group "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" including Neil Young in 1970, he had a recognizable, and distinguishable voice. He will be missed, and remembered. My condolences, to his family, and friends. R.I.P., David.
  10. "Happy 7th Anniversary".
  11. At the movie theatres, I watched "Avatar: the Way of Water" in 3-D. I think it's a very good sequel to "Avatar".
  12. "Happy 61st Birthday". I hope you had a wonderful, beautiful, and relaxing day. You're welcome.
  13. From me, I would try a top ten list of solo c.ds, and albums from artists, who have released them, and artists, who were in bands, and groups, but were taking time away from them, and weren't in them anymore I enjoy, and like a lot. In no particular order, they are. Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley Steve Perry - For the Love of Strange Medicine Lou Gramm - Long Hard Look Phil Collins - No Jacket Required Peter Gabriel - So Robert Plant - Now and Zen, Manic Nirvana Don Henley - the End of the Innocence Sammy Hagar - I Never Said Goodbye David Lee Roth - Eat 'Em and Smile Honorable mentions: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Madonna, have been four of my favorite artists, and for Canadian artists, Kim Mitchell, and Lee Aaron, but I wasn't able to decide, which studio c.ds, and albums to include of theirs because I like all of their studio releases, and they've remained solo a lot. Two other artists I wasn't able to decide on studio releases because of having great ones are Stevie Nicks, and Sting like some of the ones I've listed.
  14. I've finished this one before. With, and for it 2023, I'll do one. (1950) the Thing - Phil Harris (1951) the Hot Canary - Florian ZaBach (1952) the Glow-Worm - the Mills Brothers (1953) the Typewriter - Leroy Anderson & His Orchestra (1954) the Little Shoemaker - the Gaylords (1955) the Great Pretender - the Platters (1956) the Fool - Sanford Clark (1957) the Stroll - the Diamonds (1958) the Beak Speaks - Bill Haley & His Comets (1959) the Class - Chubby Checker (1960) the Girl of My Best Friend - Elvis Presley (1961) My Kind of Girl - Matt Monro (1962) No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile - the Everly Brothers (1963) Blowin' In the Wind - Peter, Paul and Mary (1964) Borne On the Wind - Roy Orbison (1965) the Word - the Beatles (1966) I Am the World - Bee Gees (1967) the Lantern - the Rolling Stones (1968) Wake the World - the Beach Boys (1969) the Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin (1970) Aubade/and I Am Not Like Other Birds of Prey - Supertramp (1971) Let Me Be the One - the Carpenters (1972) I Saw It In the Mirror - ABBA (1973) Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) - Yes (1974) the Colony of Slippermen - Genesis (1975) Top of the Bill - Scorpions (1976) the Millionaire Waltz - Queen (1977) Always Crashing In the Same Car - David Bowie (1978) Until the Night - Billy Joel (1979) Thunder In the Night - Elton John (1980) I'll Get Even With You - Foreigner (1981) Still They Ride - Journey (1982) A Minor Prelude/All the Way - Triumph (1983) I Got the Six - ZZ Top (1984) Between the Wheels - Rush (1985) Run to You - Bryan Adams (1986) Dream With Me - Lee Aaron (1987) On the Edge - Great White (1988) Saved By the Dawn - Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (1989) the Great Embrace - Kim Mitchell (1990) Battle Hymn/One Shot At Glory - Judas Priest (1991) Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (1992) Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden (1993) Fear - Sarah McLachlan (1994) Only A Broken Heart - Tom Petty (1995) Home Ain't Where His Heart Is (Anymore) - Shania Twain (1996) Home - Sheryl Crow (1997) Honesty - Alannah Myles (1998) Day After Day - Def Leppard (1999) After Tonight - Mariah Carey (2000) Music - Madonna (2001) Entering Your Heart - Roxette (2002) Stare Out Your Window - Boston (2003) What You Never Know - Sarah Brightman (2004) Sometimes, You Can't Make It On Your Own - U2 (2005) I Want You - Janet Jackson (2006) O Mary Don't You Weep - Bruce Springsteen (2007) You Are the One - Elliott Yamin (2008) Don't Let Go - David Archuleta (2009) Can't Let You Go - Adam Lambert (2010) You Don't Know Me - Allison Iraheta (2011) Crawling Back to You - Daughtry (2012) A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart - Coldplay (2013) Your Body - Christina Aguilera (2014) In Your Hands - Jessica Sanchez (2015) Round Your Little Finger - Katharine McPhee (2016) Catch Me When I Fall - the Corrs (2017) I'll See You In My Dreams - Diana Krall (2018) End Up With You - Carrie Underwood (2019) My Babe - Sass Jordan (2020) Propulsion 1 - Kansas (2021) La Foret Harmonieuse - Saga (2022) 100,000 Years (Live) - Kiss
  15. "Happy 54th Birthday". I hope you were able to have a beautiful, and great day. You're welcome.
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