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    I like listening to music, watch movies I think look, and are really good, exercise, read, and computers including learning more about them, and what to do.

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    The last Rush concert I attended, and went to was "R40 Live 40th Anniversary".
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    I have a favorite Rush song, and it's "Xanadu".
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    I don't have one.
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    I haven't, and don't have a best Rush experience. If I was able to, and meet "Geddy", "Alex", and "Neil", then it would be.
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    Other, than Rush, I don't have any. U2, is, and has been a close second.
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    I don't play any instruments, but if I did, they would be synthesizers, and keyboards.

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  1. I was going to say this before. When I watch the Toronto Maple Leafs' hockey games on Sportsnet, and CBC, there hasn't ever been any talking about only one hockey team, and not the other, and no prejudice in announcing hockey games, too. I don't know why the mention of that was a lot. There are some good announcers, commentators, and journalists, who are none biased ones including Ron MacLean, Elliotte Friedman, and Ray Ferraro. I'm glad, to see "Auston Matthews" won the "Hart Trophy", and "Ted Lindsay Award" as he did deserve them. For Colorado, if Andre Burakovsky, and Valeri Nichushkin, will be available, and in the lineup, I don't know about Andre Burakovsky, who will be a game-time decision from his upper-body injury, too, but is hoping Valeri Nichushkin from his lower-body injury, will be in tonight's game six of the Stanley Cup Final. For Tampa Bay, Brayden Point, won't be in the lineup from his severe, lower-body injury, but is hoping to be in a potential game seven. Congratulations, to Colorado Avalanche, for becoming the 2021-22 Stanley Cup Champions.
  2. "Happy 67th Birthday". I hope you are having an awesome, and amazing day.
  3. At the movie theatres, I watched "Top Gun: Maverick". I think it might be better, than the predecessor "Top Gun". I enjoyed it that much.
  4. "Happy 52nd Birthday". I hope you are, and were having a wonderful, and beautiful day.
  5. The last, and previous time Def Leppard performed four songs from their latest, studio release on its promoting tour was "X". It was in 2002/2003. Other, than their Diamond Star Halos/the Stadium Tour dates, I didn't, and wasn't going to say anything else about it because there might, and could be other people, who are, and were planning to see it. I knew the number of latest, current, and new songs they are going to perform were between two to four, too.
  6. With, and for "Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts the Stadium Tour", I would list the upcoming tour dates, and at them, the headliner. They are: Thurs. June 16 Def Leppard Atlanta, GA. Sat. June 18 Motley Crue Miami, FL. Sun. June 19 Def Leppard Orlando, FL. Wed. June 22 Motley Crue Washington, DC. Fri. June 24 Def Leppard Flushing, NY. Sat. June 25 Motley Crue Philadelphia, PA. Tues. June 28 Def Leppard Charlotte, NC. Thurs. June 30 Motley Crue Nashville, TN. Sat. July 2 Def Leppard Jacksonville, FL. Tues. July 5 Motley Crue St. Louis, MO. Fri. July 8 Def Leppard Chicago, IL. Sun. July 10 Motley Crue Detroit, MI. Tues. July 12 Def Leppard Hershey, PA. Thurs. July 14 Motley Crue Cleveland, OH. Fri. July 15 Def Leppard Cincinnati, OH. Sun. July 17 Motley Crue Milwaukee, WI. Tues. July 19 Def Leppard Kansas City, MO. Thurs. July 21 Motley Crue Denver, CO. Fri. Aug. 5 Def Leppard Boston, MA. Sat. Aug. 6 Motley Crue Boston, MA. Mon. Aug. 8 Def Leppard Toronto, ON. Wed. Aug. 10 Motley Crue Buffalo, NY. Fri. Aug. 12 Def Leppard Pittsburgh, PA. Sun. Aug. 14 Motley Crue Minneapolis, MN. Tues. Aug. 16 Def Leppard Indianapolis, IN. Fri. Aug. 19 Motley Crue Houston, TX. Sun. Aug. 21 Def Leppard San Antonio, TX. Mon. Aug. 22 Motley Crue Arlington, TX. Thurs. Aug. 25 Def Leppard Phoenix, AZ. Sat. Aug. 27 Motley Crue Inglewood, CA. Sun. Aug. 28 Def Leppard San Diego, CA. Wed. Aug. 31 Motley Crue Seattle, WA. Fri. Sept. 2 Def Leppard Vancouver, BC. Sun. Sept. 4 Motley Crue Edmonton, AB. Wed. Sept. 7 Def Leppard San Francisco, CA. Fri. Sept. 9 Motley Crue Las Vegas, NV.
  7. Blue (Becky), I wanted to say this. I haven't needed to buy another new t.v. I had a 27" Toshiba flat screen t.v., which I bought because my other t.v. I had the picture tube was worn. At the time, 27" Toshiba flat screen t.vs were coming out, and popular. My parents had a Sony Bravia t.v., and they gave it to me. They bought, and had a 55" Samsung, then after nine years, the t.v. was turning on, and off, automatically. They didn't know what part was wrong to be maybe, replaced, and the cost, so they bought a 65" Sony, recently. For owning t.vs, and what I know, now, I think Sony is a great brand to buy, and purchase.
  8. In two, or three days on d.v.d., and blu-ray, I watched "the Rainmaker", "the Client", "the Pelican Brief", "A Time to Kill", "the Hunchback of Notre Dame", "the Hunchback of Notre Dame II", "Platinum Edition: Beauty and the Beast (Special Edition)", "Frozen II", and "Disney/Pixar Turning Red".
  9. "Happy 48th Birthday". I hope you are able to be enjoying by having a great day. You're welcome.
  10. I'm sorry, to hear, see, and read this. Another well-known musician has passed away this week. What another loss it is. He will be missed, and remembered. My condolences, and sympathies, to his family, and friends. R.I.P., Ronnie.
  11. I've been sorry, to hear, see, and read this. I'm not a big, and huge "Depeche Mode" fan, but I respect the band, and group. He will be missed, and remembered. My condolences, and sympathies, to his family, and friends. R.I.P., Andy.
  12. At the IIHF 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, Helsinki, Finland, in the final for the Gold medal, Canada, lost 4-3 in overtime to Finland. For the Bronze medal, U.S., lost 8-4 to Czechia.
  13. At the IIHF 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, Helsinki, Finland, in the playoff semi-finals, Canada, had to play Czechia, and Canada, won 6-1. In the other playoff semi-finals, U.S., had to play Finland, and Finland, won 4-3. In the final for the Gold medal, it'll be Canada, and Finland. For the Bronze medal, it'll be U.S., and Czechia.
  14. At the IIHF 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, Helsinki, Finland, Canada, finished in third place in Group A after the Preliminary Round. In the playoff quarter-finals, they had to play Sweden, and Canada, won 4-3 in overtime. In the playoff semi-finals, they play Czechia.
  15. I'm sorry, to hear, see, and read this. He was a magnificent, and fantastic actor, who was in classic, and great movies. He will be missed, and remembered to the world, and entertainment industry. It's a loss, and sad. My condolences, and sympathies, to his family, and friends. R.I.P., Ray.
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