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    Favourite bands:
    Iced Earth
    Judas Priest
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    Paradise Lost
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    After Forever
    Lacuna Coil
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    Never saw them 😭
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    Open Secrets, Second Nature and Sweet Miracle.
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    Hold Your Fire and Vapor Trails
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    The first time I played Moving Pictures(my first taste of Rush) in 2011. I had no idea classic rock could sound so timeless! Especially Limelight. What a catchy song...
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    Well...right now...Paradise Lost, The Doors, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, HIM, In Flames, Kansas
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  1. It's Kelly's best album...and sadly it's got filler. But some terrific songs all the same.
  2. Pearl Jam- Dark Matter Middling? I adore this album. It's going down really well with fans too. It's probably in my top six PJ releases at this point with Ten, Vs, Vitalogy, Binaural, Lightning Bolt and No Code competing. Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway These two albums have surprisingly similar energy.
  3. Their first three albums are not mom rock at all. Also I don't like that label, they are just a great easygoing rock band.
  4. Meh...she's basically a very talented pop star. Love her but there isn't anything too deep to read into her work. I just think it sad she's forgotten but Madonna continues to be seen as the finest of that era.
  5. Get Nervous, Tropico and Seven The Hard Way are my top choices.
  6. I reckon you could like her. Try the best of Ultimate Collection. Huge number of songs and it's just a great listen. Great guitar work throughout as well.
  7. Pat Benatar- Ultimate Collection Gonna just say...this is my fave best o I own.
  8. ... ... ... *flips table* Yeah, you can't get to me either. *flounces away desperationly*
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