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    Iced Earth
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    Never saw them 😭
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    Open Secrets, Second Nature and Sweet Miracle.
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    Hold Your Fire and Vapor Trails
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    The first time I played Moving Pictures(my first taste of Rush) in 2011. I had no idea classic rock could sound so timeless! Especially Limelight. What a catchy song...
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    Well...right now...Paradise Lost, The Doors, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, HIM, In Flames, Kansas
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  1. I wish you'd give it up, I think they are grotesquely overrated, but I like them. Lol
  2. I skip lots on PG, but I listen to it more than ANATO. ANATO is the most consistent of the two, but interests me less. I'd vote for both but that's not an option If this was Sheer Heart Attack Vs III, I'd cry
  3. I'm in a power metal mood (to my ears it's all just heavy f***ing metal, but never mind): Angra Blind Guardian Rhapsody Of Fire Masterplan
  4. Angra- Temple Of Shadows Last year I asked myself why it took so long for me to get into Blind Guardian and Rhapsody. Both bands were always coming up on my radar, and it was nearly two decades of knowing their names before I fell head over heals for them. Well, now we have Angra. Bloody hell! This band is phenomenal! This album in particular, of the two I've listened too, has knocked me off my feet! It really shouldn't have taken me this long to check them out. In the end though, it was worth it. Masterplan- Aeronautics Now until recently I had never heard of this band. Featuring former members of Helloween, fronted by one of the greatest singers I've ever heard in metal Jorn, this is power metal with a hard rock slant, and I love them.
  5. For me I was captivated by Stevie first. But the live version of I'm So Afraid knocked me off my feet.
  6. I never really connected with Eagles music until my friend showed me live things. Same thing happened with Fleetwood Mac. I loved them, I really did. Then I heard The Dance live album and I was blown away, especially by I'm So Afraid! Some bands really deserve a closer look, studio material isn't always the best sell.
  7. I'm excited! My favourite moments on this album were when they used what sounds like Brazilian music as a texture. I'm eager to dig into the three previous albums. Normally I start at the beginning of a bands discography, but this album came highly recommended by a friend.
  8. Angra- Rebirth My first time listen to, I think, the biggest metal band from Brazil (although that could still be Sepultura). This is great! They have been on my radar for many, many years, I just never gave them a shot.
  9. Rush- Clockwork Angels I can't believe how incredible this album is. Eleven years since it came out, and it is easy to now see how high up the list it really is of their best albums. Definitely in my top ten, nestled comfortably next to my top five. Just a really adventurous, exciting album with a lot of heart and great lyrics.
  10. Blind Guardian- A Twist In The Myth Great songs, terrible sound mixing. If any album deserves a remaster, it's this one. Unfortunately typical of 2000s releases.
  11. I could never applaud behaviour like that. I find it revolting, honestly. Why gather in a crowd to watch that band if you don't like them? Dickhead behaviour.
  12. I could never applaud behaviour like that. I find it revolting, honestly. Why gather in a crowd to watch that band if you don't like them? Dickhead behaviour.
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