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    The first time I played Moving Pictures(my first taste of Rush) in 2011. I had no idea classic rock could sound so timeless! Especially Limelight. What a catchy song...
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    Well...right now...Paradise Lost, The Doors, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, HIM, In Flames, Kansas
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  1. Jimmy Eat World- Chase This Light Sometimes I rate this album low, yet only in comparison with the rest of their discography. However this is, when all is said and done, a near faultless collection of pop rock anthems. Start to finish, not one skip. To say it's a lesser JEW release is to be incredibly picky. And that includes bonus tracks, because they are awesome as well.
  2. Pearl Jam- Backspacer Pearl Jam on autopilot gives me the horn.
  3. Pearl Jam- Gigaton I didn't love this when it came out. It was around lockdown and it just was too intense and slow paced for me at that time. Now? Whilst not a favourite, this is really great stuff. Some truly beautiful moments throughout and it's great to hear them experiment. Never too late to rediscover an album.
  4. Pearl Jam According to my Spotify stats, they are my most played band this year. Makes sense!
  5. Pearl Jam- Pearl Jam (2017 mix) Much like Brendan O'brien's remix of Ten, this is a MASSIVELY improved remix of their 2006 self titled album. Now I always loved this album, but felt it suffered from some shoddy production, which was unfortunately typical of releases at that time. This remix is fantastic! It comes alive with a ferocity that's exciting to listen too, and some songs I sort of ignored really come into their own here.
  6. I agree, it has never been a fave of mine from his discography. Its kinda tuneless, and so forced
  7. I waaaay prefer Monica and Brandy's This Boy Is Mine from the nineties
  8. In Flames- Clayman 23 years on, Only For The Weak remains an era defining anthem. You can hear exactly where US metalcore began in that one defining moment. Gosh, I undervalued this album. I get now why it's such a beloved record. In Flames- Reroute To Remain And this album was panned by many. Odd how metal fans will tell you this is where they killed their status as big hitters, considering it launched them into European metal titans. Nothing else sounds like this. Fair to say In Flames tick every box for me. Two decades I've been a fan, and I only love them more with each passing year. J2112YYZ, I recommend this band highly.
  9. Sophie B. Hawkins- Whaler Pearl Jam- Ten (Redux) The Goo Goo Dolls- Dizzy Up The Girl Third Eye Blind- Third Eye Blind Taylor Swift- Lover Everclear- Sparkle And Fade
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