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    Iced Earth
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    Never saw them 😭
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    Open Secrets, Second Nature and Sweet Miracle.
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    Hold Your Fire and Vapor Trails
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    The first time I played Moving Pictures(my first taste of Rush) in 2011. I had no idea classic rock could sound so timeless! Especially Limelight. What a catchy song...
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    Well...right now...Paradise Lost, The Doors, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, HIM, In Flames, Kansas
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  1. Who knows? At least you have a rich discography to discover, and they still rule live!
  2. I like what they tried with the second disc, but the sin is that even if you love instrumental music, nothing sticks out. It's just music for Disney nature documentaries.
  3. Dark Tranquillity- Damage Done This band is phenomenal. Seven albums deep into their discography and they keep getting better. Masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece. This one is very heavy and I can really hear it's influence on US metalcore. It's not far removed from the likes of Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall or KillSwitch Engage, minus clean vocals. The acoustic elements are sublime. Definitely a new top tier band for me.
  4. It is glorious! I now understand why they are so highly revered. I've taken to them harder than I anticipated!
  5. Yeah, it felt heavy handed. There was a level of preachiness and, dare I say it, smugness to the last album that really put me off. Normally, Nightwish can captivate me with barely any effort. The last album felt like "hey, we are cleverer than you, look how profound we are", and whilst the album was fine, moments within songs shone brighter than the actual songs themselves. I can pinpoint moments I love, but not many songs I can say the same about. To make matters worse, Eleine and Epica came out with new albums soon after that just blew Nightwish out the water.
  6. Dark Tranquillity today. I have been aware of them for decades, have listened to one album (and loved it) in the past, but I'm gobsmacked how brilliant their discography is. They are like the missing link between Paradise Lost and In Flames, which for me is a match made in heaven.
  7. Dark Tranquillity- Haven The band and the fans regard this as their worst album. If this is the case, I have clearly stumbled on my new favourite band.
  8. In Flames- Reroute To Remain I know the death metal days of this band were amazing, but they rebooted their sound on this record with signs of unlimited potential. It's overblown and seemingly preposterous, and for all the complaints fans have that it was too commercial, it doesn't change the fact this record is a lot to take in. And it's for that reason alone that it might just be my favourite.
  9. Deftones- Around The Fur I thought the debut was amazing, but wow, Deftones knocked it out the park on the second album, leagues ahead of their first! It's impossible to describe this band. It's just... otherworldly
  10. I've noticed lots of things a bit off about them lately. I mean, all good things must come to an end. But these days, I hate saying this, but Nightwish feel more like a brand than a band.
  11. I miss Marko terribly. I know this sounds crazy, but it seems less like Nightwish now he's gone. He became one of my favourite aspects of the band, and vocally he's the singer who has lasted the longest, so his presence ties all eras together. Between the less than exciting last album, and Marko leaving, I'm a little nervous about their future.
  12. My list would be: 1. Iron Maiden 2. Judas Priest 3. In Flames 4. Thin Lizzy
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