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    I'll say Camera Eye today. Could be something different tomorrow.
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    Two nights ago but it's close. They were great every time I've seen them.
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  1. Geddy but also Tony Levin, Chris Squire (RIP), John Wetton and Greg Lake. Many others too.
  2. Actually it is considered by many (especially by hardcore prog fans) to be the greatest prog album ever made. It's been the number one album on the progarchives website for as long as I can remember and I definitely think it deserves the reputation it has.
  3. Apparently, Roger Dean (the artist) wanted the main focus to be the new logo. I don't mind the cover actually. I think relayer and tales are better covers but as far as covers go it's better than the Beatles white album for example.
  4. https://www.loudersound.com/features/total-mass-retain-how-yes-made-close-to-the-edge This is often considered to be the best prog rock album of all time.
  5. YYZ (currently listening to Moving Pictures)
  6. Wow. Heavy but no energy. Little did they know Judas Priest was just around the corner.
  7. I'm really surprised so few people posted on here which means not many people on here know who he was (I'm not sure it would make much difference if Alan White of Yes was posted in the headline). Anyway, I hope more people who see this can figure out that he was the drummer for Yes. Anyway, a lot of people feel Bruford was the best drummer for Yes and I agree he was the better drummer but I think Alan fit in better with the band. Anyway, one final RIP.
  8. HYF was the first Rush concert I saw but it was so long ago I forgot what they opened with. I know it wasn't SoR. Big Money sounds about right. Thanks.
  9. I forgot about looking at setlistfm. This is usually my goto place for all things Rush so I figured someone on here would know. Anyway, thanks for the responses!
  10. Terrible news. Yes is probably my all time favorite band (Rush is a close second) so this hit hard. I actually even met him once (when he toured with Circa with Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye) and he was very friendly and down to earth and even asked my name and shook my hand. RIP Alan.
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