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  1. Lamb Of God- Lamb Of God Saxon- Wheels Of Steel Machine Head- The Blackening
  2. The last few days: Mastodon Machine Head Lamb Of God Trivium These bands are my personal Big Four of US metal!
  3. SDRE are one of my all time favourite bands. I rarely play them these days, but they were a huge part of my life from around 2004-2012. You could argue they aren't a fave now, but they impacted my tastes in an extremely major way.
  4. Toto- Mindfields Wasn't feeling it today. So I put on: Mastodon- Leviathan Masterpiece. 11/10
  5. I'm a bit embarrassed these days to admit I still bloody love Iced Earth 😂
  6. I'm so glad! In my honest opinion, they are one of the greats. I KNOW THIS OS BLASPHEMY but growing up THIS was myetal, not Metallica or Slipknot. A foundational band for me. Ascendancy hit my UK generation the way Puppets did the eighties. It's really hard to explain just how impactful they were on 2005.
  7. This really is an amazing little debut. Just a bunch of teens, no budget, small German indie label, ambitious songwriting and world class musicianship. I sometimes see this as the demo version of Ascendency. All the pieces are nearly in place, in perfect order. You can see what attracted Roadrunner records to them.
  8. The Sin And The Sentence is fuckinf flawless. It's overtaken Shogun for me. I'd put it second to Ascendancy.
  9. Rush- Presto I recently put this album second to last. This means nothing, because I think of Rush as a band who have 19 albums in my top ten 😂
  10. Iron Maiden- Powerslave I used to think this was was a step down from Piece Of Mind. These days, I find this one one of the more fascinating and quirky Maiden albums, and I love it a lot.
  11. Rush- Roll The Bones Rush- Vapor Trails Okay so I think VT is once again a major favourite of mine. Used to love this one intensely. OOPS! I still do 😂
  12. I think I've seen FYS live, supporting Twenty One Pilots. I might check them out EDIT: I saw them supporting Don Broco
  13. I was never a fan, ever. But I know they have broad appeal and that's awesome for those who like them
  14. Megadeth- Rust In Peace Mariah Carey- Butterfly Yes, that's my Mariah. Needed a lil relief from metal 😂 J2112YYZ, I dedicate this entire post to you.
  15. Me and you would likely be the only two at the front for both chanting every word 😂
  16. Machine Head- Unto The Locust I always forget that that's the album's full title. Not played this in a long while, it's definitely a treat!
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