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  1. Integrity Blues I find a lighter and breezing album, so odd how we hear it so differently. I love it, buuuuuut it has some low moments. Damage is now a real favourite, and Surviving is right there for me.
  2. Oh and i recently binged this bands discography. Within Temptation: 1. The Heart Of Everything 2. The Silent Force 3. Resist =. The Unforgiving 5. Mother Earth 6. Hydra 7. Enter/The Dance EP
  3. Today I'm all about Jimmy Eat World. Oof...one of the best bands ever. Eat my ass if you disagree
  4. Surviving has MASSIVELY grown on me. Its one of those albums that sneaks up on you. Thought it was fantastic but the more I listen the more wonderful it is. I will say I think Integrity Blues has the higher highs, but Surviving is far more consistent. (As a pet peeve i hate the cover art...I know you don't care lmao)
  5. As Lions- Selfish Age I STILL LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! The frontman is the son of Bruce Dickinson. His voice is terrific, and this pop rock album is outstanding. Wish they flourished. I saw them live and he has an amazing voice, but the crowd was dead.
  6. Lonely The Brave- The Hope List Beautiful album. f**k I forgot how much I loved this scene a few years back!
  7. Mallory Knox- Asymmetry I haven't played this short lived British band in ages. They had four albums, three truly great ones, and this one *might* be my favourite. Pre-Covid, British rock was exciting. Mallory Knox, Young Guns, The Blackout, Fatherson, Lonely The Brave...take me back please.
  8. My current rankings of Jimmy Eat World: 1. Futures =. Invented 3. Clarity 4. Damage 5. Surviving =. Integrity Blues 7. Bleed American 8. Static Prevails 9. Chase This Light 10. Jimmy Eat World
  9. Passenger- Passenger No, not the wimpy band of the same name. This is the 2003 debut (and sole album) of In Flames lead vocalists side project. It's brilliant.
  10. AFI- Sing The Sorrow This was a huge album back in 2003. Odd how overlooked they are these days, but in my teens this band was everywhere, similar to My Chemical Romance or Green Day. I far prefer AFI to both those as well.
  11. I was so bored when I listened to this I couldn't even finish it. I normally listen to any album of any band I admire at least once, but this was...impossible. Sonata Arctica's last was utter shite as well.
  12. AFI- Black Sails In The Sunset Paradise Lost- Shades Of God Lacuna Coil- Unleashed Memories
  13. The Juliana Theory- Understand This Is A Dream An emo classic. Just glorious.
  14. Still enjoying Paradise Lost (particularly their more commercial era). Throw in Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and The Goo Goo Dolls. Loving me some nineties rock and alt.
  15. Played earlier today: Foo Fighters- In Your Honor A better album than people give it credit for.
  16. Pearl Jam- Ten (Redux) I love love love love this version of the album. It's actually made me consider Ten as my number one album of the 1990s. Sorry Third Eye Blind.
  17. Paradise Lost- One Second Paradise Lost- Host Paradise Lost- Believe In Nothing Paradise Lost- Symbol Of Life Paradise Lost- Paradise Lost
  18. Taylor Swift- Lover Taylor Swift- Reputation These two albums are superb. However, I still feel Reputation is her best work.
  19. In Flames- Come Clarity Still a favourite album of mine. Is it perfect? Nope. In fact, I'd say this album has some rough spots. But I happen to enjoy all the tracks, and I especially love its grit balancing the commercial elements.
  20. Yeah both pretty flawless to me. The Killers have a spotless discography for me. My two least favourite albums are probably their first two. I've always felt they got better over time. Brandon Flowers two solo albums are immaculate as well.
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