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  1. Rhapsody- Rain Of A Thousand Flames Rhapsody- Power Of The Dragonflame Rhapsody- Legendary Tales Yup. Rhapsody/Rhapsody Of Fire and Blind Guardian have smashed their ways into my top ten metal bands of all time. Saxon and Testament are getting very close as well.
  2. I'm so varied and eclectic in my tastes. Meanwhile: Blind Guardian Rhapsody Of Fire
  3. Trivium- In Waves Trivium- The Sin And The Sentence Trivium- What The Dead Men Say Trivium- In The Court Of The Dragon Now I love Vengeance Falls and Silence In The Snow, but these four albums sound like a natural evolution without those two in the middle.
  4. Anathema- We're Here Because We're Here Fleetwood Mac- Mirage Two exquisite albums that I just love to play at night. Beautiful. Mirage is hands down my favourite FM album.
  5. Beyoncé- Lemonade Rush- Moving Pictures Testament- The Gathering Rhapsody- Power Of The Dragonflame Love all four
  6. Anathema- The Optimist Stellar album, likely the last Anathema album for a long while.
  7. Mastodon- Leviathan Flawless masterpiece. I remember the shockwaves the album sent across the metal world back in 04/05, and even now, it's impossible to not feel awed by this.
  8. Rhapsody- Legendary Tales Rhapsody- Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Rhapsody- Dawn Of Victory Rhapsody- Rain Of A Thousand Flames Rhapsody- Power Of The Dragonflame This band is phenomenal. Like Blind Guardian, how a band as talented and brilliant as this, in a style I love went by unnoticed by me for decades is a mystery. Oh well, I know them now, and they are just...*shivers*...the exact sound I'm loving these days.
  9. Rhapsody- Legendary Tales This band is exceptional. I love them almost as much as Blind Guardian. Terrific, OTT symphonic power metal.
  10. Tbf, that binge is something grand. No complaints from me! You've reminded me I still have more Journey to explore
  11. First few listens of Mindcrime, never noticed the female vocals 😂😂😂
  12. In my opinion, the best of the big league concept albums. Ever.
  13. Mariah Carey- Daydream Mariah Carey- Emotions Mariah Carey- Butterfly Mariah Carey- Rainbow I love her, don't even care 😂
  14. Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand I'm bloody loving this album, I've played it every day for over a week now. Odd how it never hooked me in the past.
  15. Same here. I'm also very partial to the self titled, which I know isn't for everyone.
  16. Mastodon I am gobsmacked but I finally got into Emperor Of Sand, and I'm obsessed with it. It might even be my favourite album of theirs now!
  17. It's still very, very good. In fact, any BG album has the potential to be a good starting point. Just have fun with it, they are extremely talented AND nerdy.
  18. Oooooof...erm That's regarded as the worst, and it is 😂
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