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  1. Since I've been told since forever that the Beatles are a "boy band" and "pop," the correct answer to the first question is She Loves You. To the implied question of which is better, the correct answer is The Reflex.
  2. May 30 at Gillette. I'm going to make a run at getting seats because, "this could be the last time," although I said that in 1989, and 1994, and 2003 and . . .
  3. There's a place the next town over from us that serves a Big Mac pizza. It's as great as it sounds. I can't remember if it had the shredded lettuce though. Of course, the fact that I had a couple of beers before the pizza probably plays a role here.
  4. No apologies needed, my friend. The wishes are always welcome. And your mom is in my thoughts.
  5. And then what? You discovered Giuffria and your mind was opened?
  6. Totally agree. We went to the Boston College hockey game last night. They play Switch 625 coming out of timeout to fire the crowd up.
  7. Dweezil does a good job too. Makes you appreciate how incredible EVH was because he CREATED it.
  8. This guy does the best EVH imitation I've ever heard, tbh. The singer is Hal Sparks.
  9. Thanks Duck. But here's my favorite performance of one of Sammy's tunes:
  10. Thank you, my dear friend, from the great Vacationland.
  11. Did you see the logo? Why is it all of a sudden the Best of Both Worlds Tour when he’s been playing that basic setlist for 5 years or so?
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