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  1. Lately I've been listening to the "Essentials," "Next Steps," and "Deep Cuts," playlists on Apple Music.
  2. While you can get crab cakes on the Vineyard, they're not a big local delicacy there. Lobster would be a better example of something you would want to get there if you weren't from around here.
  3. Is this thread about a hurricane that has killed at least a couple dozen people and caused an enormous amount of damage to parts of Florida? Or the politics of Florida?
  4. Finally got around to listening to Ozzy's Patient No. 9. I'm an Ozzy fan, so I enjoyed it. Is it Blizzard or Diary? No. Is it better than anything between BAtM - Ordinary Man? Yes, but exactly where it falls I'm not sure yet.
  5. The debut album by this band called Van Halen is great. It hasn't been "tainted by overexposure," literally speaking. You couldn't play it enough to "taint," it. The original lead singer of Black Sabbath released an album by his new band, "Blizzard of Ozz," that was excellent. That same year, a prog rock band from Canada released an album called Permanent Waves that I love.
  6. I actually agree with the cell phone part. My cell phone in theory allows you to get in touch with me wherever I am. That's why mine is set so that except for a very, very, very limited number of people, if you call mine you go to voice mail. As the great Joe Walsh said, "Just leave a message, maybe I'll call."
  7. My post wasn't really directed at your posts here. It was more about the tendency to post a political opinion here and then objecting to people taking a different view.
  8. It does happen here, which, speaking for myself, I wish it wouldn't. SOCN allows us to freely discuss these types of issues with people who have signed up for doing so.
  9. Totally fair. @NoahLutz You should check SOCN out when you're eligible. That topic IS being discussed there.
  10. I've voiced my opinion on this a few times, so I won't bore everyone by restating it again. Everyone here is reasonably intelligent. You know when your posts are touching on a political subject. I would prefer those be kept in the subforum specifically designed for them. If you elect to post those opinions here, then you should be OK with people indicating they disagree with you.
  11. I wish that idea was more prevalent in SOCN. "Form over substance," and faux confusion are sadly all too common.
  12. Another one of those albums I can remember buying when it was "new," and practically destroying the family's turntable playing it over and over.
  13. You've actually already "heard" it, you just don't realize it. With the exception of 1 or 2 songs, any of their greatest hits packages include pretty much everything off the debut.
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