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  1. Rush - A Farewell to Kings 40th Anniversary Edition Rush - Hemispheres 40th Anniversary Edition
  2. I disagree with you for a different reason. I often hear people argue that The Beatles were great songwriters and singers, but not great musicians. I think John and especially George are underappreciated as guitar players.
  3. Rush - Fly By Night Rush - Caress of Steel I probably hadn't listed to Rush since the Permanent Waves 40th anniversary edition came out before last week.
  4. I always thought the guitar he's holding in the Permanent Waves jacket photo was cream colored, not blinding white. Is that not right?
  5. I'm sure there are lots of kids from Indiana born between 1985 and the present that are die hard Dolphins fans. But the Bears, (Baltimore) Colts, and Saints weren't all that good in the 60s and 70s for the most part. The Patriots weren't either, but of course I don't root for teams I have no connection to because they win.
  6. I like and respect you as well Chica, so I'll make one last point. I've also never suggested that overturning Roe would not impact the availability of abortion anywhere. What I did say is that it will be up to the people in their own states to decide what policy best suits their sensibilities. The voters of Alabama, including women, do not necessarily view the issue the same way voters, including women, view it in Massachusetts.
  7. You got me. The Patriots did not play well in the playoff game against Buffalo. But they did make the playoffs. Something Miami didn't do. Again. If the Patriots go as long as Miami has gone without making it back to the Super Bowl, I probably won't live to see it. If they go as long as Miami has gone without winning it, I definitely won't. I'm glad I got to see them play in 11 Super Bowls and win 6 of them. Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick have really done an amazing job getting there 9 times this millennium. Of course, having the greatest QB in history for 20 seasons made it possible. You can probably change your allegiance to the Chiefs at this point. They're usually pretty good. And they're physically closer to you. Certainly closer than the Dolphins were to Indiana.
  8. Better to be sent home immediately after the regular season. I suppose after a while some fans just get used to it.
  9. For me the term VJ in the context of MTV refers to the law firm of Quinn, Blackwood, Hunter, Jackson and Goodman.
  10. But you’re saying the team who was playing golf by then will win a playoff game first. Which they won’t. Because they haven’t this millennium.
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