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  1. It's listed on Apple Music right now. It comes out around February 15 or so.
  2. Did you see that they have a new live album "Werewolves of London," coming out in a couple weeks? It's apparently from 1998. Only You Can Rock Me is available for streaming now.
  3. They were really on a hot streak at that point. I can’t count how many times I listened to Lights Out and Obsession when I first got them.
  4. Possibly. I think Bill wanted to move on from Bledsoe (he was not a fan when he was the Jets DC) but Kraft loved him, so maybe without SB36 it would have been tough to push him out.
  5. Let me get this straight. Brady lost 3 Super Bowls single-handedly. He played on 7 teams that won Super Bowls in spite of him?
  6. Why? He went on to play in 6 more Super Bowls after that season.
  7. I've been powering through the UFO - Strangers in the Night box set the last few days. Schenker-era UFO is amazing.
  8. I saw Ozzy on the Diary of a Madman, Speak of the Devil, and Bark at the Moon tours in his heyday, and I saw him on No More Tours 2 a few years ago. Ozzy was an absolutely fantastic front man and live performer. If you missed seeing him, I'm sorry.
  9. When I was little, my parents bought me a pair of very cheap ice skates. My dad told me when I learned to skate he would buy me a pair of real hockey skates. I vividly remember running home from the MDC rink one day to tell my dad I could skate. We went back to the rink, and I showed him. True to his word, he took me to Marshall's, which sold discount everything, and bought me a pair of Bauer or CCM Bobby Hull skates. I think they were factory seconds. But I loved them. And Hull became an early hero of mine because of it. RIP Bobby.
  10. The Stones - Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones The Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (Mono) UFO - Phenomenon
  11. Actually I wasn't baiting you. I was thinking about the Golden Knights making it to the finals in their first year. The Lightning aside, who have been an anomaly, for the most part you have different teams in the finals every year.
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