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  1. Definitely more of an aesthetic than a sound. They didn't look like Poison, and with the exception of Cornell at times, didn't have high register vocalists. They didn't sing about partying and sex. At the time, I referred to them favorably as being distinct from "Bon Leppard Snake." TM By that point, faceless bands that Jackie loves had overwhelmed the industry. I remember buying Facelift, Nevermind, Ten, Core and Badmotorfinger within a couple of years and thinking of them as a type of music.
  2. Have you ever listened to Chris Cornell's Songbook? Great acoustic live album.
  3. They're all great, because all of those bands are great. But Cornell had the best range by a wide margin. #GenXRules
  4. This thread motivated me to go back and spin UYI I and II today. I love them as well.
  5. Appetite, as a self-contained album, is better than any single self-contained Maiden album. Di'Anno's albums come closest. Dickinson's albums always have a Quest for Fire or a Where Eagles Dare (a song that repeats a section 477 times ). I think people get wrapped up in what a sh*tshow GNR became. Appetite is a just a flawless hard rock album.
  6. The guy from Dukes of Hazzard? Wow. I figured he’d be much older.
  7. I've said many times that IMO the first few Dickinson albums are about as good, but definitely not better, than the debut and Killers. The Di'Anno albums don't have any clunkers like Quest for Fire or The Duelists.
  8. This is a good question. They're pretty tough to compare sonically. Maiden obviously has a deeper discography to work off. And to Jackie's point about Chinese Democracy, let's throw it out because the Bayley era albums from Maiden's discography are bad. Appetite is a better album than any single Maiden album. I don't agree that the Illusions are "bloated," any more than I think the White Album or Exile on Main Street are (the White Album being my favorite album of all time and Exile being my favorite Stones album). Between Maiden's Best of the B-Sides and GNR's The Spaghetti Incident?, I'll take Spaghetti, but it's close. Maiden Japan and Live After Dark are almost a wash with Live Era. If we take Maiden's depth out of it, I have to say I prefer GNR's material. As much as I admire Maiden's continuing to put out quality albums, the 7+ minute epics have never been my thing. I'm going to see Maiden live for the first time in about 40 years this year. GNR was great in 2017, iffy in 2022, great in 2023. I'm interested to see how a Maiden show comes across now.
  9. The early run of Dickinson albums are, at best, as good as these two. Not better.
  10. I’m surprised that STP would still be opening around 1999-2000. Lucky you.
  11. They did. When I saw them, it was at the old Boston Garden (RIP). The city gave them some pushback because there was concern that the noise from the cannons would damage the Garden structurally. I don't know if it did, but I suspect it did some structural damage to my 14 year old ears. I didn't see them again until the Rock or Bust tour in 2015. That show was outdoors at Gillette Stadium. Didn't matter. My ears were ringing when I left that show too.
  12. My guess is that, for the most part, you interact with fans who weren't already fans when that first came out. I don't mean that to be patronizing. I mean that to really get the full "real fan," effect, you have to watch the band go from relative obscurity to the "it," band in real time.
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