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  1. You'd be surprised, I think. I have learned quite a bit from many regulars. LABT, for example, understands mathematics and statistics in a way I never could. Sure, we have a few folks who don't contribute much of substance, but they're outnumbered by the people who do.
  2. I live in a one party state myself. It’s very frustrating to watch people claim they want moderation and bipartisanship, only to have politicians like Scott Brown lose to polarizing extremists. Still, we’ve been able to periodically elect governors who represent the center of the state’s body politic (which is not the center in general, but is preferable to what we could, and are about to, get.). My point about stare decisis was that many people seem to be claiming that overturning Roe and Casey was bad because overturning a decision is itself evidence of impropriety or extremism. But they don’t believe that, so I wish we’d stick to arguments people truly support.
  3. Watching the news last night, it seems to me many people are being misled about what the U.S. Supreme Court actually decided yesterday. They ruled that the regulation of abortion is not a subject addressed in the federal constitution. That doesn’t mean it’s not a significant issue. It means that Alabama and Massachusetts don’t have to have the same regulations. A state can provide for abortion up to birth if it’s citizens so choose. But the federal constitution is silent about it. if you are passionate about this issue, turn your attention to your state legislative races and your governor’s elections. Finally, a word about stare decisis. When the Supreme Court decided that “separate but equal” facilities were legal they were wrong. If a case challenging “separate but equal” facilities had come up on appeal in 1897 (the year after Plessy), the court would have been right to overturn it. It is to America’s shame that it took more than 50 years to do that.
  4. An underappreciated part of their discography, IMO. I saw them on this tour (with Saga opening I believe). Great show.
  5. Paul had Maybe I'm Amazed framed out as early as the Get Back sessions. It wasn't until John and Yoko appeared on TV performing Instant Karma that it was driven home to Paul that John was serious about the divorce he asked for when they signed their new contract in September 1969. He promptly buttoned up his chinstrap and prepared Maybe I'm Amazed, That Would Be Something, and Every Night. Whenever the studio version of Maybe I'm Amazed comes on the Beatles' Sirius channel and my daughter is in the car with me, I get her to roll her eyes when I ask her, "Who's singing this song? Who's playing all the guitars on this song? Who's playing bass on this song? Who's playing drums on this song?"
  6. An ode to the saving power of love vs. a simplistic paean to socialism? C’mon man!
  7. Paul McCartney - Flowers in the Dirt Paul McCartney - Press to Play Paul McCartney - Off the Ground
  8. The number of people in the media, and elsewhere, who have come to the realization that the president alone doesn't control every aspect of the economy by him or herself. Don't get me wrong. I am glad people are reaching that somewhat obvious conclusion. But if you didn't offer measured observations in 2008 or 2020, some might question what's changed for you.
  9. The friend with whom I'm seeing this show in August and I went out for lunch last week, and we were talking about the show. We saw them with Journey a couple of years ago. We agreed that they wiped the floor with Journey and are likely to do the same to the Crue. For the Crue's sake, I hope they play before Def Leppard.
  10. I have to say, I think this album is an excellent late career effort.
  11. Paul McCartney - Tug of War Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace Wings - Wings at the Speed of Sound
  12. Wings - Wild Life Paul McCartney & Wings - Red Rose Speedway (Double album version) Wings - Back to the Egg Paul McCartney - Kisses on the Bottom: Complete Kisses I love the story about George Martin agreeing to work with Paul on Tug of War. "Stop with the 'band' silliness."
  13. I was supposed to see Ringo's All Starr Band this Friday, but it's been postponed to September due to COVID. So much for my hope that Paul would show up at Ringo's concert since they were in the same general area (last week my hope that Ringo would show up at Paul's was dashed).
  14. Two literally pathological liars.
  15. My nephew recently finished treatment at Dana Farber Cancer Center for Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 13 when he was diagnosed, and he was healthy before that. My paternal grandparents both died of brain cancer, although neither smoked and my grandfather was out of the military about 25 years when he got sick. I asked because parents of children who were killed in action who met Biden were very critical of Biden for bringing up his son's death during their meeting. Their complaint was that he seemed to be doing it to suggest he sympathized with them, as if he too lost a son because of his military service. Biden has a history of adding elements to already tragic circumstances for what some might say are cynical reasons. His first wife and daughter were killed in a tragic automobile accident. They were not killed by someone who "liked to drink his lunch," as Biden said. The officers investigating the accident said there was no evidence the other driver was intoxicated, and the other driver's family has been very critical of Biden for suggesting their father was drunk. To be honest, I inferred that the point of your original post was that Trump's kids are bad people, as compared to Biden's "heroic," children. Which, as I'm quite sure you know, is an odd point to make, particularly with regard to one of Biden's sons. I agree that people who serve the country honorably deserve respect for that sacrifice. And, as I said, Beau Biden's death isn't less tragic if he got cancer for the same reason my grandparents did. Full disclosure, I don't like Joe Biden. Not because I like Trump, I've never voted for Trump. Because he's the kind of person who lies about being admitted to Annapolis so he can be, "one of the gang," (which sort of explains why he might do things like claim his son died in action when speaking to parents whose sons really did). Because he's the kind of person who has a granddaughter he refuses to recognize because he doesn't like her mother. Because having been aware of him since about 1988, I think he's a dishonest blowhard who was repurposed as "good ole Uncle Joe," to defeat Trump, although that is not who he is.
  16. As is often the case in the playoffs, Shesterkin is going to have to carry the Rangers on his back if they're going to come back from this. A coach always said that when the goalie makes a mistake it shows up on the scoreboard, and that's the difference. Shesterkin unfortunately has to assume that if he gives up 2 goals his team will lose. It's not fair, but that's how it is.
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