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    Listening to "Limelight" on the radio when it was released. I was just married and had moved 3000 miles from home and something about it was reassuring to me. I have enjoyed so much Rush before and since then, but that song has always stuck with me!
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  1. Take my money!! This is awesome!
  2. Yes, it's about time! They have had the Phish Food flavor around forever! What could it be? Flavor 2112? I dunno, my brain isn't working tonight
  3. Wow, hats off to your sister! That is very admirable. Our church is sponsoring an Afghan family whose dad was a military translator for the US troops. You're right, there were a lot of details to deal with; that is so great your sister's family and community are pitching in. Our Afghan family is doing well though and are grateful to have gotten out.
  4. Happy, happy birthday custom!! I hope today was a great one for you! Best wishes to a great guy!
  5. Hey, it's a parent's duty to pass on this important knowledge! Seriously!
  6. Never saw this but Steiger is usually really good!
  7. I agree about Doc Emerick! I miss him. It's not quite the same without him.
  8. For me it's usually Paul over John, this is no exception. I've always thought Maybe I'm Amazed is just a gorgeous song. I think we were in elementary school when it came out. Thought that Paul and Linda were so romantic, moving out to their farm etc etc. Was surprised just a little to read years later in Linda's book that Paul was having horrible depression after the end of the Beatles when they first married and went there. A beautiful song came out of it though!
  9. My sympathies! My father in law dealt with them a few times. They are nasty things.
  10. Happy Birthday, hi_water !! I hope it was a wonderful one for you and that you're doing well!
  11. I've never seen it, but my mom loved Dana Andrew's. Surprised I missed it.
  12. That is what happens in our family also! My husband is always like,"I don't care about critics, what do normal people think of it!"
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