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  1. Happy, happy birthday Nova Carmina! And you thought you were going to be able to sneak this by us! Best wishes to a great guy - hope you were able to enjoy a great day despite the heat! Cheers!
  2. Thank you for posting this! What a great photo! #retire21
  3. We lived in the San Francisco area for a few years when I was young, and one of my nicest memories is someone giving my dad Giants tickets for an afternoon game. My sisters were in school or babies, so I got to go with him. I remember the food the most but we did see Juan Marichal pitch and saw Willie Mays hit a home run in Candlestick Park. Thank you for the lovely memory, Willie! RIP.
  4. That's a great list! That Herb Alpert album is such a classic, my mom loved it. She had that Helen Reddy album, too, Helen had a great voice! My mom and dad tried to be extra cool once and went and bought the Sgt Pepper album but then they didn't like it, so that became a kid's album, too, kind of strangely
  5. Off the top of my head- no special order, I got started with most of these from an FM radio cut and then found the entire album was awesome, I am old. I still listen to all of these a lot except Superstar, kind of over played that one. Who's Next- The Who (blew me away, still a favorite) Machine Head- Deep Purple Tres Hombres- ZZ Top Fly By Night Rush Moving Pictures - Rush Jesus Christ Superstar- original cast, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple as Jesus (We had to spend one summer at my grandma's in the 70s and this was the only "rock" album were allowed to play, lol. The songs are pretty good and Gillan's vocals are great as you can imagine) Blondie - Parallel Lines was so fresh and different, I still love it The Cars - The Cars so good! Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers Rolling Stones- Let It Bleed Bonus album- Sittin In, Loggins and Messina I just really like the harmonies and never got tired of it, my yacht rock favorite Need some Beach Boys somewhere but I wasn't sure which one to pick. Pet Sounds is like a genius album but I didn't come across it until after some other stuff
  6. For me, it was between Scott Weiland and Eddie Vedder. Both have really riveting voices. I went with Scott Weiland, just because of his performance on Plush. (weird song I know, my brother in law used to play it all the time. ). Its about a kidnapped dead girl (kind of) and the emotion in his voice is really exceptional. Chris Cornell was definitely good looking though! There was a guy in college who had a similar look for many years. Then he decided to embrace the bald all at once, that was a change! We won tickets to see Velvet Revolver concert one summer and a meet and greet. Our toddler at the time woke up that day with a terrible fever so we gave the passes to someone else. Made the right call, but I would have enjoyed having a photo with Scott, Duff and Slash.
  7. Great thinking! With both Kobayashi and Chestnut out, it's an open field! Husband and I find this strangely riveting each year.
  8. I like the saxophone but he's leaning a little too much on the Freddie Mercury look! I've never heard of him but not sure I missed much!
  9. Rush had some good runs, there are a few different 7 years, depending on how you like to break it up?? I'm maybe tending to agree with LABT on the Beatles, or thinking of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin I to Physical Graffiti are all winners although my favorites are the first 3, personally. Deep Purple, 70-74 and a little beyond with In Rock through Burn ?? Stones, 69-74; Aftermath through Goats Head Soup? We were lucky to have so many to pick from!
  10. So many to choose from. Least favorite, not worst, right? Wonderwall - Oasis I've never liked Liam Gallagher's voice You Oughta Know- Alanis Morrisette Too much bitterness to absorb in one song; the Dave Coulier thing is creepy Can You Take Me Higher- Creed I'm a big Mark Tremonti fan, but not a Scott Stapp fan. As my dad used to say about that style of singing- "They're gonna bust a lung!" One More Time- Britney Spears Pushed into inappropriate songs at the age of 16 by family and management
  11. That's so sad! ESPN had a really interesting feature on him on 30 for 30 earlier this year- about 3 or 4 hours long. One of the original hippie type thinkers in the NBA. In the documentary, his kids were all laughing fondly at Walton's fondness for writing out John Wooden's quotes and motivational pyramid on poster paper and taping them all over the house. Walton could hardly walk in the present day scenes, though, the damage to his body was enormous. He was a really cool player, and so good. Most people probably know, he was a huge Grateful Dead fan for years and would sit on the side of the stage during concerts. I guess he will get to see Jerry again now. Cancer sucks. RIP to a great guy.
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