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  1. Darn, I wish I had seen this earlier! I would have sent you mine! I enjoyed it a great deal, but I probably won't be reading it repeatedly. I hope you like it!
  2. You have my sympathy! Mrazek had a better October!
  3. Congrats, Pens! 4-2 over the Lightning and Tristan Jarry scores the first goal by a goalie in Pens history.
  4. Congratulations on retirement! This is helpful to read; I have seen good reviews of I drive. I knew I would get some good feedback from TRF!
  5. Thank you for the organizational plan! I have considered something like this as well. I like the different levels dependent on how frequently you work with them. Padded case for your drives, ready to go, is impressive!
  6. Ha! I took this seriously at the beginning and thought "I'll have to look these up, I haven't heard of them!"
  7. I would be interested in what has worked for others here. I have been digitizing/having digitized tons of stuff since selling my mom's house this fall- old movies, photos, etc. I know it's going to cost something, but am more interested in what works well when you want to get stuff back out, and who is reputable. Not real interested in Microsoft One Drive since I have had trouble with it in the past. Thanks in advance!
  8. I don't like Alabama, but wow, Auburn blew the end of the game big time.
  9. Yes, private eyes, they're watching you . . private eyeees . . ..
  10. Daryl, smile . . . Oh,, won't you smile awhile for me, Daryl .. . . I dunno, I got nuthin'!
  11. Thanksgiving madness! Getting ready to have all of the family here, it will be nice if we can survive the prep! I asked my husband to wipe off the table to get it ready for the tablecloth. Next thing I see is him using the Dustbuster hand vac on the tabletop! A new technique! Seemed to work well but looked pretty funny.
  12. Seriously thinking about Philadelphia, just to see Keef. (Still haven't quite forgiven a friend for getting married 18 years ago when they were in a stadium closer to us, a good place to see a show!).
  13. My husband's friends used to buy this in the 80's in the grocery store. It was really a thing for awhile. It was about as good as you can imagine! After awhile, they would say, "We'll bring beer!" and it was like, no, we got it. It didn't taste horrible, it just didn't really taste like anything! And I think it was 3.2 beer, Colorado grocery stores at the time. All you can say is that it was cheap. I'm also not real big on very hoppy brews, but that's just me.
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