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    Sci-fi/fantasy shows and books, reading, hockey and Rush of course!
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    Met some TRF fans from Portland before SLC CA concert, they gave me a cool glow in the dark bracelet.
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  1. Amen, I didn't realize he was in his 90's. RIP
  2. Thanks for starting this thread
  3. Happy Belated Birthday! To an Oldie but a Goodie (from another one ) Hope you had a fun day
  4. Great one, I am in withdrawal and been watching re-runs of games on NHL network.
  5. Love this one! Thanks Ducky
  6. Thanks so much everyone! I had a fun day, met with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile for lunch. Got some super surprise gifts! My hubby is taking me to Santana in August as well as a performance of Hamilton. Have wanted to see that forever. Then my sister is taking me to a pre-season game this fall between the AVS and Utah Hockey Club. It is so nice to be so spoiled.
  7. He had a very sad childhood and struggled so hard with his weight. He was such a kind person and his fans knew he understood their plight. It was also sad how he just disappeared and became a recluse. I hope he had some sense of peace and knew he made a difference. RIP
  8. Sorry to hear this, keeping you in my thoughts and praying for a successful surgery. Take care Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. That's a good pick, Brossoit played some in the 2023 Cup Finals So who is Rick Ball? Heard he's going to be announcing for the Hawks this year
  10. Guess Trouba is getting a lot of flak from Rangers fans for refusing to go to Detroit. Guess he negotiated his no trade clause to not interfere with his wife's career, she's a doctor. My opinion of him just went up, hope it works out for them. Avs re-signed Kirivanta which is good and they are keeping Drouin for another year, yay!
  11. Utah picks up Sergachev from the Bolts? Didn't see that coming. Armstrong is loading up on big D guys, Marino from New Jersey as well. Avs got 3 goalies in draft, which they need. Free Agency Monday will be a busy day.
  12. On a side note, the Utah Hockey Club has picked Tij Igilna as their first draft pick.
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