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    Sci-fi/fantasy shows and books, reading, hockey and Rush of course!

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    Met some TRF fans from Portland before SLC CA concert, they gave me a cool glow in the dark bracelet.
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  1. Yeah, 2019 Zombies? They had a few good songs but not RRHOF calibre IMHO
  2. It seems we are losing actors/musicians we grew up with so fast lately.. Laverne and Shirley was a funny show RIP Cindy
  3. Saw this yesterday but didn't get online until now. Watched lots of tributes to him, Trottier and Chelios among them. First player to score 50 goals in a season and continued to be a force on the ice. RIP to a great hockey player
  4. Avs 4 Blues 2. Newhook scores for the second year in a row on his birthday Welcome back Nieto, scores open net goal. Good to close out the home stand before the All Star game.
  5. Must have been some kind of weird alignment in the stars Thursday, Coyotes, Ducks and Blackhawks beat teams that should have had no problem getting a win against them.
  6. Wishing you a wonderful day and enjoy it to the fullest. Cheers!
  7. Could be, I was going from their website, tried to catch a snippet of it but couldn't make it out. The Oilers have an annoying one as well.
  8. Avs 3-2 over Capitals, too bad they let Ovie score though...Funny fact Aube-Kubel has a new tattoo of the Stanley Cup on his leg and he had the dent drawn in as well
  9. It's a local band so there's that. I think the Wild's song is the most irritating, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard
  10. Another year here and we are so glad you are! Best wishes to one of the nicest people around
  11. This is along the same lines, Google thinks that it is imperative that I give them my date of birth at least twice a month since I signed on in 2018 for my phone. It ticks me off they won't leave me alone, they only want it to send me more ads and crap I don't care to see.
  12. I'm a bit early, but wanted to say it has been great to have you here these last 7 years Happy TRF Anniversary Monday. Cheers!
  13. I'm late to this thread but wanted add my wishes for a good 2023 for everyone. Hope you are feeling better Zepphead. I can relate somewhat, have been very fatigued lately with vertigo coming back again. It stinks to get tripped up by Mother Nature. At least we have been getting lots of snow in the mountains, so a better chance of having better water supply this summer.
  14. Avs still winning without Makar, 2-1 in Shootout against an impressive Kraken team Saturday.
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