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    Met some TRF fans from Portland before SLC CA concert, they gave me a cool glow in the dark bracelet.
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  1. Accidentally came across this video. Not an AC/DC fan but know the song. This is so clever and hilarious...had me crying from laughing so hard...Enjoy!
  2. May be trivial but got a gift card with $100 on it to finally work. Had tried to use it a few weeks ago but the register wouldn't take it. The guy at the store said it's probably been scanned and emptied. Got online and registered it and the funds were still there. Just in time for Christmas
  3. Geddy seems to think it was a great album, I think it was a great one to go out on IMHO
  4. RIP Always have enjoyed the Moody Blues, I remember that song Go Now too...Sad
  5. That's kind of hard not to do, poor kid can't play by himself. Cale out for another game, here we go again with the injury bug.
  6. I remember seeing clips of Neil on Bill's show and he was very rude to him, but that's his style. He has just morphed into old man yelling at the sky now, he's been unwatchable for 4 years now, IMHO. I have to say I don't listen to much radio anymore, podcasts have taken up that space for me.
  7. I love audio books, some series are really better in audio (for me) with the right narrator. I use them to make mundane chores go by faster and it has been a lot of fun over the years, I started listening from cassettes checked out from the library . Audio doesn't always work as well as print, especially in complicated plots but I am glad I have had them to listen to. Some recently I bought just because the author was reading them (mostly non-fiction) like Geddy.
  8. Went Sunday and had a ball. Laughing so hard I was crying before the opening credits were over Even though I have seen it so many times, I can't help but laugh. My sister and nephew came along as well..Even had a guy show up in a Tim the enchanter outfit
  9. To a great Rush fan who loves hockey Hope you are having a great day!!!
  10. Getting a bit concerned Bednar is wearing out his top players, now Makar is hurt again...not helping
  11. He just keeps on scoring, he's fun to watch on tv and bet even better live.
  12. Once Lucic shows up in court, that will be front page news again.
  13. I was a fan of Bill Maher but over the years he hasn't aged well for me. At least I found out that the guy I was referring to is going to still be employed by the network but his shows will not be renewed. Still a bummer though.
  14. Cable new programs are getting so irritating, just heard a guy I really like had his show cancelled. I won't go into detail since it will devolve into political sniping but I am so sick of executives making tone deaf decisions.
  15. The rumors about Bedard and his family really are over the top, now many are sniping and saying he might leave. I bet that is what got Davidson so upset. At least Perry apologized and is seeking treatment. Still a very puzzling situation.
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