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  1. Guess this should be on the What made you sad topic. Just noticed in the new format it shows top posters on this thread and two of them are Orfie and Lorraine...
  2. My understanding of why so many are bringing up stare decisis is because the judges who voted to end Roe stated that they believed it was settled law and established precedent in their confirmation hearings.. Some feel this was a bait and switch to get on the Court and then throw Roe out the window. Some think it was willful deception. It is ironic to me that by saying Roe was wrongly decided, the Court is throwing out decisions by conservative judges. Just seems overly punitive and tone deaf IMHO.
  3. Even a blind hog finds a few acorns Perry is now 0 for 3 but then he had one with Anaheim so who knows why some really good players never get a Cup and others luck into it.
  4. Nichushkin was but not Burakovsky but you probably know that by now. Glad to see Burakovsky on the ice for the celebration as well as Girard and others. SWEET
  5. AVS WIN!!! Stanley Cup Champions after 20+ years So so happy for the team, this has been a fantastic year for them and kudos to Joe Sakic for building this roster up over 5 years. Fantastic job. ALL HAIL CALE Conn Smythe winner as well. This is just fabulous and I am going to enjoy this, I needed some good news after a lousy Friday.
  6. Or Maroon for breaking his stick after slashing Manson's leg?? GOAL!!
  7. I find the phrase "make it inconvenient" very telling. This decision will affect those who can least afford tickets to other states, the middle class and rich will still have access because they have money. Those who can't afford to raise more children will be punished because they are poor and those who want them to have those babies will not be there to help support them or provide medical care for them. Yes, what about the unborn child? Is it better to force a woman to have a child and resent it, how will that provide a loving home? What about the woman who already has 2 children and if she dies in childbirth for a 3rd she can't support, was it fair to make those two children orphans? There are also contraception failures, partners who don't want a bigger family or cannot afford one. Is it better to put that family in financial hardship? It isn't a simple choice but I think those women and their partners should be allowed to make that not some moralistic politicans. RBG thought Roe was focused on the wrong argument, how it was that restricting access to abortion violated a woman’s privacy. What she hoped for instead was a protection of the right to abortion on the basis that restricting it impeded gender equality. She felt it would have been better to address it under the equal protection clause. (NYT 10/21/2020). But she supported abortion access for women.
  8. The state I live in is a lost cause, they have succeeded in creating a supermajority which pretty much ends much that can be changed locally, I know, I have been involved with groups here trying to enact change for years and always voted in every election I could. We managed to get an initiative passed to form a Redistricting Commission. They did their work and offered up several maps. Our Legislature threw them in the trash and drew new ones that ensured this will continue to be effectively a one party state. In regards to Roe, the Legislature enacted a trigger law last year so they would be ready for this decision. So as of 11 pm MDT abortion is illegal in my home state except in a few instances. I have often been glad the Federal government was there to equalize some of the narrow minded actions our State leaders forced on us. Now that is a moot point. There are other reasons for my anger about this issue but I will not elaborate since it is personal. We live in this state because we love the beautiful scenery and have family here, so moving is not an option at this time. I know what stare decisis is and know that it has been overturned before. Plessy was one that ought to have been overturned. I do not think that is the case with Roe and that is my opinion and I vented my frustration here.
  9. I have been watching the ABC broadcast and they cut back to the ESPN studio between periods. I distinctly saw Messier and Chelios say how the Bolts were slowing the Avs down in both intermissions. I think the Avs are getting a lot of praise (for good reason IMHO) because they have had a rebuild over the last 5 years and have been getting better each year. That said ESPN has been building up the possible 3 Cups in a row quite a bit with a lot of fanfare. So I don't see them being slighted but that's my take on it.
  10. What season of B5 are you at? I just started Season 2, it has been good to see it again.
  11. Sadly this is crux of it, nothing anyone else says is going to change your mind but it doesn't prevent you from looking down on them and their opinions because you think you are right. This is a sad and dark day for our country, especially when we now see that our institutions are failing us. A cruel decision by "Justices" (there's an oxymoron...emphasis on moron) who promised to uphold stare decisis and promptly trashed it the moment they could. Using 18th Century jurists as authorities, what the hell have we become? Telling half the population that they can't be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies? I never thought I would see this day and I am royally pissed. A pox on those Justices who went along with this travesty. p.s for those who says this will save lives, I say whose lives? Women will be the victims here and that is just wrong on so many levels.
  12. Very disappointed but we still only need one win, with Avs road record that's doable. Nice to know his whining was heard and noted. Funny how Vasy's helmet just happened to fall off at a crucial time? Yes I am being snarky so I better leave it there...
  13. But you missed Messier and Chelios raving about Tampa
  14. Sounds like they are looking at Luke Richardson. What? Another coach with only AHL experience, haven't they learned from the Colliton experiment?? King would have been better to keep on for a while longer IMHO. Plan on more disappointment for years
  15. I can't say I know the answer, it was New World Women when I joined in 2011. My guess would be to reference a Rush song, instead of New World Man..change to Women. All the other forums follow this, like One Little Victory for sports and Roll the Bones for games..and so on. Hope there is someone out there who has more information to add, this is just a guess on my part.
  16. Avs got their split so it is back to Ball Arena up 3-1. Game was very tight at the beginning, Tampa out shot them and the flukey goal when Kuemper's mask came off was concerning. Yet Kuemps came back and made a bunch of saves to keep it 1-0 by the end of the period. Glad to see MacKinnon get a goal and of course for Kadri to be in the game. Can't believe he was playing, figured he would be out for the rest of the series. Avs come out and tie it up early in the third, they have won a lot of games by coming back in the final period. Avs finally started to pick up the tempo and by the OT, it was making a difference in time spent in the Bolts end. Beautiful goal by Kadri, really happy for him. GO AVS!!
  17. He has a Vezina and a Conn Symthe award. His stats were not as good this year so he missed the cut.
  18. No Olczyk in the Finals. Sean McDonough, Ray Ferraro and Emily Kaplan on ABC. Steve Levy, Brian Boucher, Mark Messier and Chris Chelios in the the ESPN studio. ESPN+ had Kenny Albert with Olczyk and Keith Jones during the regular season. Can I just say it doesn't seem the same without Doc Emerick in the Finals I really enjoyed him. Also miss Patrick Sharp, he did a great job too.
  19. All Hail Cale Norris Trophy winner tonight!
  20. Spare me the tears, the gruesome twosome Maroon and Perry did plenty of cheap shots the last two games. There were several times tonight where Avs got punched by Bolts and silence from the refs. I expected the Bolts to win one but concerned about the letdown on Avs defense. Still 2-1 Avs so let's see what Wednesday brings.
  21. You must have missed the first part, he showed up in Tampa because he wants the Bolts to win...need to stop trying so hard to find things to blow out of proportion.
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