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  1. Alex DeBrincat had two goals for the Sens, including the winner in OT. Looks like he's going to fit in nicely Avs beat Stars 3-1. And this is the new mascot for Seattle....dare I say it oh buoy thought Gritty was awful, this is pretty strange
  2. Hope this is the worst of it for you, take care!
  3. Well that nerd got angry, it just hit Cuba with 125 mph winds! Hope it slows a bit before hitting Florida
  4. It's become a bit of a gray area, seems since the pandemic began more political posts were appearing in this thread. Many think these posts should be in SOCN since that's what they discuss there. It is a sticky situation to be sure.
  5. So pre-season games started Saturday. For those who were bad mouthing the Senators, they beat the Leafs 4-2 Will have a rematch on Sept 30th. Sunday there are 4 games scheduled. I will be watching the Avs vs Knights. Hockey season is here!
  6. Got to see Craig Johnson last night at our local library, he's promoting the new Longmire book of course but I have seen him once before and he tells some fun stories about how he comes up with the characters. Hell and Back is the 18th book in the series, we got him to sign our copy. What a nice guy. So since I seem to be stuck and not reading much, I decided to start the Longmire series over again. So I downloaded the audio book of first one, Cold Dish and will be starting it tomorrow on laundry day. Boy howdy, looking forward to it
  7. YES to the Avs repeating, got Mac signed to a new contract and they are ready to go. #2 Maybe, bet Steve Dangle thinks they won't. I will give the Sens the benefit of the doubt, they have signed some good players so they could be a surprise. Yotes are toast, wish they would just sell the team back to Canada . No and No on the last two. Bowness is shaking things up in Winnipeg, no captain. Will it help? Happy trails to Chara, Subban and Yandle
  8. That seems to be their M.O., we just got one for my MIL the other day from the local JW's
  9. Love that, I can see why she would say that. ELO is one of my faves
  10. It has been since April that he posted, he was real active here. As far as his health, I think the heart problems were a while ago. Let's hope he checks in soon, we miss you The Cat 3
  11. A bit belated but glad you are here! Time flies doesn't it? Congratulations Babycat
  12. Overall he's written some fabulous songs, some stinkers that other referred to here. Still can't beat Lennon/McCartney completely and Sting has a claim on my admiration for some beautiful and catchy songs. Still love that Neil quoted Shakespeare in the lyrics for Limelight, it is a perfect song IMHO.
  13. I missed this post so just commenting now. NPR had a nice piece on him Tuesday morning. I didn't remember Dobie Grey (Drift Away) had a hit with The In Crowd, Lewis decided to record it and that's how it came to be. Also Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire was one of his early band mates. Jazz got a bit of a boost from his songs, think of Hugh Masekela a few years later, good music. RIP
  14. Yes, that is just like Neil, not wanting everyone to know what he was up to, nice to know he didn't do those things totally unnoticed. Bob has some other Rush related episodes that I am going to check out. I didn't know who he was until earlier this year and one day as I was watching him talk I noticed he had a bunch of albums framed on his wall. Got to looking closer and saw it was Power Windows, Signals and GUP so I thought he had to be a fan Also I found Donna's blog too, she's been doing it for quite a while, read a few good posts there as well, it's called Dialogue and Discourse.
  15. I found a podcast of an interview with Donna Halper right after Neil died. It is so nice to hear her take on the band and how much she cares for them. The interviewer is a political podcaster so take that with a grain of salt, he sticks to the subject because he's a huge fan. I share this because I enjoyed it and wanted to pass this on. If someone else has already referred to it before, my apologies. https://www.bobcesca.com/the-bob-cesca-show-interview-donna-halper-on-neil-peart-1-22-20/
  16. One of my favorite photos of Neil
  17. I have good memories with that one, driving down the canyon at twilight with it cranked up loud
  18. I'm just sad that he wanted time with Olivia and that was taken from him. Would relish seeing him happy with Carrie, enjoying life. He left us with such an incredible body of work and he didn't owe us anything more. RIP
  19. Just saw some posts on FB about Neil's birthday, still miss him. Here's to you Professor
  20. I did a re-listen and I don't find it as bad as some do. I will agree Tai-Shan was a dud, even Geddy says that. I enjoy High Water, the drumming is great. There are a couple of others I skip, Second Nature and Lock and Key. Overall I liked it because I came to Rush after listening to Grace Under Pressure so I wasn't as familiar to their early recordings. Turn the Page has some of Geddy's best bass so I would rate it higher than say Test for Echo, they seemed to be phoning that one in.
  21. That's a good idea, they need lots of fresh water in this heat. I have a stray that I take care of and fill her bowls (keep one on the porch and in the garage) with clean water each day. C'mon rain, we need you!
  22. Ok, so I have to post this..The Queen and Wayne Gretzky. He was beaming the whole time walking out on to the ice with the Queen. I also loved the comment by the Sharks captain Mike Ricci that he put in his teeth in her honor
  23. Hope that helps some with the fires
  24. Watching the new King of England give a speech, it is so sad to think Queen Elizabeth is gone.
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