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    The firing line.
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    Studying Scripture, movies, reading, military history, target shooting, drums and percussion, temperate, jungle, desert, arctic, and urban survival, saltwater fishing, playing with and training my dogs Sam and River, prepping and tactical training.
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    S&A Tour, Atlanta, Ga. Wednesday, June 13th, 2007.
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    'Something For Nothing'
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    'Moving Pictures'
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    Front row, Alex' side, R30 tour!
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    Dire Straits, They Might Be Giants, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police, Smashmouth, Steely Dan, ELP, ELO, The Flaming Lips, Yes, Iron Maiden, and many others.
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    Drums and percussion.

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  1. T. H. White's The Once And Future King.
  2. Happy Veteran's Day! I hope you all have an exceptional one! Salute!
  3. My wife got terribly upset and angry when she found all those letters. I doubt I'll ever get her to play Scrabble with me ever again.
  4. Did you know that absolutely nothing spelled backwards is: "gnihton yletulosba" which, ironically, means absolutely nothing!
  5. I was on a Zoom call the other day and I told a joke but no one laughed. It turns out I'm not even remotely funny.
  6. What goes "ninety-nine clump, ninety-nine clump"? A centipede with a wooden leg!
  7. Hello, Dear Dweezil! It's terrific to see you again and I have missed you a lot.
  8. It's so nice to have this revival of one of my favorite shows ever! I find I'm laughing myself silly over this new show and I am loving it. Truly, madly, and deeply! If only I knew what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs!
  9. Wes Anderson's Asteroid City. I absolutely love Wes Anderson and I think it would be the "bomb diggity" (as the kids say nowadays) if he were to collaborate with the Cohen Brothers on a project.
  10. I've never seen Titanic or The Godfather. The boat sinks, the boy dies, big deal! And I don't like Marlon Brando.
  11. 100% agreed! This downright grotesque AI "art" is still firmly entrenched in the uncanny valley.
  12. Right now I'm reading House Of Leaves (The Remastered And Full-Color Edition) by Mark Z. Daniielewski. I was intrigued by some reviews I stumbled upon as I was by it's description of "ergodic fiction" and decided to get a copy. I'm not too far in, maybe page 45, but it's good so far. I do recommend y'all look into it.
  13. What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
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