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    The firing line.
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    Studying Scripture, movies, reading, military history, target shooting, drums and percussion, temperate, jungle, desert, arctic, and urban survival, saltwater fishing, playing with and training my dogs Sam and River, prepping and tactical training.

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    S&A Tour, Atlanta, Ga. Wednesday, June 13th, 2007.
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    'Something For Nothing'
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    'Moving Pictures'
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    Front row, Alex' side, R30 tour!
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    Dire Straits, They Might Be Giants, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police, Smashmouth, Steely Dan, ELP, ELO, The Flaming Lips, Yes, Iron Maiden, and many others.
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    Drums and percussion.

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  1. Brother, that is beyond outstanding!! How'd you get involved in the survival gig?
  2. By the way, even tho we named him Baxley, we have decided his nickname is Butter bean. Don't ask me why, it just kind of happened! :D He answers to both now. Also, he has learned sit, shake hands, and rings a bell that hangs from the doorknob on the back door when he needs to go outside. We also recently found out that the two most prominent breeds in his lineage are German Shepherd and Rottweiler in spite of the fact he most resembles an Australian Shepherd!
  3. Have you heard? They're not making 12 inch rulers any longer. I asked my wife when her birthday was & she said March first. So I walked around the block & asked her again. My wife told me to put ketchup on the grocery list. Now I can't read it at all. Do they allow loud laughingt in Hawaii, or just a low hah?
  4. I watched "The Menu" last night. It was okay.
  5. An all-time favorite & an absolute classic.
  6. Here you go. First up are my 2 newest knives sporting lanyards, next is a keychain lanyard I tied for my niece Gabrielle just yesterday and last are a couple of bracelets with the black & tan one tied in thinner 325 cord (as opposed to the traditional 550 cord) and folks love that bullet toggle. The other bracelet is tied from 550 cord a sports a cobra buckle that folks also love. https://sharedalbums.b-cdn.net/43cfc9a7-fbd4-4c68-9e81-45d43ff03153.jpg?class=displayhttps://sharedalbums.b-cdn.net/17e7ae61-cd80-4389-a701-7fa18dda7654.jpg?class=displayhttps://sharedalbums.b-cdn.net/6a258d61-1366-4ae9-9a02-50cbe7b334fc.jpg?class=display
  7. For about the last 15 years, I've been supplementing my income by tying para cord bracelets & selling them thru the local Milsurp store. I was wondering if anyone else was into tying bracelets or lanyards or wrapping knife handles or what-have you. Also, if you happen to be interested in getting started in this great hobby, I can recommend the best place to buy para cord and can also recommend some good books on the subject. Give me a little while & I'll post some pics of a few of my creations.
  8. Agreed 100%! I also love that mutts have far fewer medical problems than purebreds.
  9. Ok, let's see if I can do this right: In the top pic, he looks a little bedraggled because he's had a bath.
  10. A darn good mob drama! If you still miss The Sopranos, then check this show out.
  11. I did all of my shopping online. They can keep those "Christmas Rush" crowds! I just no longer feel like dealing with those.
  12. (This was actually two weeks ago, but the day-making continues.) We got a new dog! He's a rescue and the vet's best guess is he's part Border Collie. We had his DNA sampled as it's part of his health plan anyway and we'll get the results in a few weeks. He's a smart little dude, that's for sure and has only had 3 "accidents" so he's catching on to house-breaking really well and he's also learned "sit" so now we're working on lay down and a come here command. He was skinny when we got him, just 15 pounds & you could see his ribs & pelvis so we're getting him up to a healthy weight. Finally, we named him Baxley, after the town in Ga. where my wife's family hails from. Funny story on that, by the way. They immigrated from up North about 150 years ago were trying to get to Alabama but wound up settling in Baxley and the reason listed in the official record? They got tired! I don'tknow why, but that's always made me laugh. I'll try to post pics of the new mutt butt soon.
  13. OUTSTANDING!!! I salute and admire your problem-solving abilities. I love all of the mavericks and badasses who simply roll up their sleeves and get it done, whatever "it" may be! Never lose your edge and be sure to teach as many as you can how to think outside the box in order to solve a problem. You done good, Buddy!
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