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    Music, Architecture, Star Wars, RPGs and Magic cards, Notre Dame, reading, video games, talking to people about any of these subjects online!
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    R40 tour: 6/12/15, Chicago, United Center
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    Cygnus X-1 Book One: The Voyage
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    A Farewell to Kings
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    Seeing Rush for the first time ever in Chicago on the R40 tour from the back row with my dad. They played both his favorite Rush song and mine, plus so many more amazing songs on that madri-cal night. I will never forget it. :)
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    1. Queen (2. Rush) 3. Muse 4. Genesis 5. David Bowie
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    Saxophone, Singing, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Kazoo!

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  1. I thought CA was fantastic. Still do. It was also 11 years ago, so I hardly think it’s an accurate representation of what new music would sound like.
  2. Dude I was literally in high school when I first heard that, and even then I thought it was cringey. There are worse sins than being forgettable. I can’t tell you how OotC goes off the top of my head, but so know I wouldn’t shut it off if it was on because I know I enjoy it. Heresy and YBYL are endurance tests of annoyance and cringe.
  3. Well considering Presto is a better album than VT, I hardly find that surprising! No no, it’s the fact that Heresy and You Bet Your Life are more popular that has me confounded.
  4. Ooffff I love Baby Be Mine. Absolutely catchy little tune. Can’t fault you for being sick of thriller, just listen to Fall Out Boy’s song of the same name instead, lol. Never been super huge on the ballads at the back end.
  5. I’m glad you like them! I’m not always in the mood, but when I am this is one of the records of theirs I’ll always come back to. The other is Scheherazade And Other Stories.
  6. Renaissance is very beautiful music, glad you could enjoy it! Prologue is the record of theirs you should check out to get a bit heavier, or Scheherazade And Other Stories for more beauty and grandeur!
  7. Apashe - Antagonist (EDM heavily influenced by hip hop and romantic era symphonic music) Minutemen - Double Nickels On A Dime Soft On Crime - New Suite (80s influenced post punk from Dublin) Def Leppard - Hysteria Foreigner - 4 Foreigner - Agent Provocateur
  8. As a staunch defender of Madrigal, if his wife decided to divorce him over that, she has no taste in music
  9. I mean I could tell you or you could just look it up.
  10. I mean I’m only 25 but yeah this is a reasonable attitude
  11. Periphery - Periphery II Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Passion Pit - Manners Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal
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