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    Seeing Rush for the first time ever in Chicago on the R40 tour from the back row with my dad. They played both his favorite Rush song and mine, plus so many more amazing songs on that madri-cal night. I will never forget it. :)
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  1. They don’t really care about the artists they induct being rock anymore. That’s my take on the recent country inductions.
  2. I hate the rock hall, just in general, but if there were a good music hall of fame, all of these acts would definitely belong.
  3. Peter Gabriel - Car Peter Gabriel - Scratch Peter Gabriel - Melt Car is bursting with ideas but there are moments when you can tell Peter hasn’t yet changed all that much from his Genesis days, just hired some different musicians to play behind him. Scratch feels very much like a reaction to and enthusiastic embrace of punk, though those proggier tendencies still shine through in places, and he’s trying to figure out how to mix the two aesthetics. Melt is that fusion, fully formed. Plus the songwriting kicked up a notch. Taking notes from Bowie and and Eno, Melt finds the common ground between prog and punk, an experimental sound palate built on restrictions and simplifications, and lyrics which speak to the mind as much as the heart. His best thus far.
  4. They are all fantastic. I just wish that Brand New wasn’t problematic, or at least that the lyrics didn’t make me think about that fact.
  5. Save Face - Another Kill For The Highlight Reel The Used - In Love And Death Chevelle - Wonder What’s Next Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me
  6. Tedeschi Trucks Band - I Am The Moon, Pt. 1: Crescent Wow, the liner notes are really good.
  7. This may have been my favorite one so far. The live cuts are astonishingly good. Hearing Alex's PeW tone on Xanadu is transformative.
  8. Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Wet Leg - Wet Leg Liz Phair - Exile In Guy Ville Weezer - Weezer (Green)
  9. Eh, but Muse are bigger in Mexico than the US. I bet all four of those shows were sold out.
  10. That’s the way to do it! Bargain bins and gifts!
  11. On the other hand, they’re opening for Muse, which puts them at the same level of current relevance to booking agents as The Warning.
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