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    Cygnus X-1 Book One: The Voyage
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    Seeing Rush for the first time ever in Chicago on the R40 tour from the back row with my dad. They played both his favorite Rush song and mine, plus so many more amazing songs on that madri-cal night. I will never forget it. :)
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  1. So I just spent the last hour compiling a list of contenders for my list… I have 140 of them… I’ll see you next week, lol.
  2. Totally agreed. They reached a limit on what they could do with epics and fantasy and out playing everyone else in 78. Honestly, if it weren't for La Villa I don't think that album would have the adoration that it does compared to the four around it. So happy they heard The Police, lol.
  3. I seem to recall you citing it as your favorite album of all time at least once. Honestly that's fair though. I rarely spin my favorite album, even when I'm going through Queen phases.
  4. That's one of the beautiful things about them that kept them going for so long. If they'd just stuck to their favorites from when they started, they would've stagnated after Hemispheres (arguably they were already stagnating at Hems, but that take would get me in trouble here). It does make you wonder if they had been a bit more prolific in their later years what other inspirations might have shone through in their music.
  5. This is an awesome thread idea! And what a great OP, Segue! I'm going to think about this and try to give a well thunk answer! Of course, little on my list I'm sure will be a surprise to anyone once I do have it, lol.
  6. I wouldn't dare argue against any one of them being a ten. Especially not the PJ record considering, you know... lol
  7. Twenty One Pilots - Clancy Might not be my final aoty, but definitely feeling like my album of the summer. Holiday Death Tribute - Holiday Death Tribute
  8. Thank you :) Yes!! 100% It’s why Limelight works so well on so many levels, because it’s not a ham fisted rocker about fame not being all it’s chalked up to be, but a layered and measured confession about the feeling of isolation and almost like imposter syndrome that comes with the territory. It’s honest, and the music reflects both the grandeur and the loneliness of the spotlight.
  9. I get this argument, it definitely feels much more indebted to like Aerosmith than any of the Seattle bands did. Still I think it’s a bit bloated. Scott’s the best thing going on here imo.
  10. There are just too many. I’m lying here thinking and all that I’m concluding is that Rush are among the most emotional bands I’ve ever heard. That probably sounds silly to non fans given their reputation as nerds, but the whole reason the band is great is because all that intricate complicated heady music has actual tangible human meaning. Heck, even The Necromancer has high emotional value for me. Al’s guitar solo at the end just feels so euphoric and triumphant and victorious, I can imagine him beaming in the studio. Even Fountain Of Lammeth for crying at loud! No One At The Bridge just kills me every time, the way Geddy shrieks in disbelief that he’s been abandoned. Ugh. That’s how incredibly emotional Rush’s music is, that even at their nerdiest and most complicated, it’s the heart that shines through.
  11. Stone Temple Pilots - Core I just don’t think this is of the same caliber all the way through as the other breakout grunge albums, but my understanding is they got better and weirder later on. Some highlights for sure though. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine anger is a gift
  12. A compliment for each: Kurt’s natural singing voice is very inviting and friendly to me, despite the dourness. It’s a sarcastic kind of friendly, the cool kid in school who gets into trouble a lot but has a good heart. Also he could scream his larynx out. Layne’s voice was a concentrated embodiment of pain and anguish that few have ever rivaled. He could hold a note for ages without sacrificing power or tone, and he had a masterful understanding of harmony with Jerry. Chris is my personal favorite. His power and range are just unmatched in the bunch, and that he could be even more haunting and mesmerizing softer and lower is endlessly fascinating. Eddie is the most unique of these voices, though as a result also the most imitated. I think he actually has the greatest range of expression amongst the group, equally fitting in calmer, stranger, more chaotic, and more anthemic contexts. And the way he shapes syllables gives them whole new meanings. Scott was the combination of ounces of the best elements of the rest of the group, plus the added weapon of a very strong baritone none of the others seemed to possess. He had a great ability to embody other characters in his songs, leaning into the more sinister sound of that lower register to make it convincing.
  13. Oof, those are not issues to me man. All I hear is the professor at work. His timing is exactly what he wants it to be.
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