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  1. What is the ideal sequence of tracks on an album. How many, what kinds, where do they go? Maybe it’s best to use examples. I think my platonic ideal of album design right now is this:
  2. Another Sky - Beach Day Oo, glad I decided to turn the page backwards and check out some records from earlier this year that I missed. This one should place high on my year end list.
  3. Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There Deftones - White Pony
  4. I’ve never connected with her. I think I heard Lemonade in full once on a long car ride with friends, and I was super impressed, but didn’t decide to go back and listen on my own. Not that I think that’s a failing on her part; I’m sure I’d just need to give her a proper chance, but I guess the weird part for me is I feel like I’ve never heard a single (solo) Beyoncé song in the wild that stuck with me. Single Ladies would be the one that did but I think that’s a Destiny’s Child track right?
  5. Jacob Collier - Djesse Vol. 4 I must be insane, because this just shot straight to the top of my 2024 aoty list. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s totally beatable, but I had no expectation of loving it out of the gate. He’s got the flavors of James Taylor, Coldplay, and 100 Gecs all mixed together in my ears and somehow balanced in a way that totally works for me.
  6. Woah wow! I just stumbled on the album she put out last year at the start of the year and it’s meant quite a lot to me! So cool that you have that connection :)
  7. yesterday Weezer - Weezer (Green Album) U2 - War Ornette Coleman - This Is Our Music Gabriel Aplin - Phosphorescent Ornette Coleman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come
  8. I don’t hate any of Rush’s most popular songs. That said, Faithless always irked me just a little. But I don’t really care about it much.
  9. Mine too. My dad and I just gush over Voices for instance
  10. Weezer - OK Human Mmm, needed this. Katy Perry - One Of The Boys Maybe a hot take but I feel like Olivia Rodrigo learned a lot from this record, which is way older in 2024 than seems reasonable.
  11. Sick! I guess I’d just never seen you mention them before.
  12. Oh I haven’t spun that one in years. A-Punk and Oxford Comma are classics I do remember!
  13. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City Vampire Weekend - Contra
  14. I like to keep it next to your mis en scène, :p
  15. Still haven’t got around to MM or OHM yet, but after revisiting all of these records I have heard recently a bit of a rerank is in order: 1. BSSM (still tops) 2. BTW (just so pretty) 3. Californication (if it were mastered better it would be number 2) 4. ROTDC (they put all the weirder stuff on here rather than UL) 5. UL (nearly as good as the follow up, just a little more “stock” as Metallica would put it) 6. The Getaway (yes I really do love this one, even the production… John’s specific presence is missed though, nothing against Josh, it’s just different) 7. SA (Too much does too little for me, even with lots of good thrown in, and overall the vibe is much more clinical than any other Chili’s album)
  16. That’s probably true, but I also don’t really listen to much Dead/Allmans/Phish type stuff, so idk for sure.
  17. Of course that’s all just *my* criteria. Please use your own :)
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