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    Moving Pictures, Hemispheres, or Permanent Waves
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    My first Rush show, getting Moving Pictures on vinyl
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    Night Ranger, Young Culture, Wage War, Every Time I Die, Silverstein, With Confidence, Four Year Strong, Taking Back Sunday, Stand Atlantic, State Champs, Belmont, Sum 41, Offspring, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, Motion City Soundtrack, In Her Own Words, Dance Gavin Dance
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  1. Since yesterday: In Her Own Words - Brand New Me EP In Her Own Words - Everything I Used To Trust EP In Her Own Words - East and West EP In Her Own Words - Bad Weather EP Be Well - The Weight and The Cost New Found Glory - Sticks and Stones I'm seeing New Found Glory next month, and they're playing Sticks and Stones in full. Be Well is one of the openers. I'm very familiar with the other opener, Four Year Strong.
  2. This Wild Life - Pop Shove It (EP) This Wild Life - Heart Flip EP This Wild Life - Clouded This Wild Life - Low Tides This Wild Life - Petaluma This Wild Life - Ever Blossom
  3. Since yesterday: Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate Tiny Moving Parts - Swell Tiny Moving Parts - Breathe
  4. That will always be one of my favorite music videos. It's so iconic.
  5. Tiny Moving Parts are a good example of Midwest Emo. My bandmate and I are seeing them live next month with This Wild Life and In Her Own Words. https://youtu.be/9L-_mhyCZwc
  6. I really enjoyed the new song. I'm so glad they're back
  7. State Champs - Kings Of The New Age Moon Tooth - Phototroph Belmont - Belmont
  8. I forgot one! I saw Moon Tooth live Tuesday night (opening for Dance Gavin Dance), and they were selling copies of their new album, which actually comes out today (Friday). I got it on vinyl. So when I got home from work on Wednesday, I sat down and listened to it. I really enjoyed it.
  9. Since Tuesday: Aly & AJ - Insomniatic Aly & AJ - Ten Years EP Aly & AJ - Sanctuary EP Aly & AJ - A Touch Of The Beat Gets You Up On Your Feet Gets You Out And Then Into The Sun Belmont - Aftermath Belmont - Bowser's Mixtape EP Belmont - Reflections EP
  10. They're one of my favorites! They're a very fun band to listen to. They're usually pretty upbeat and energetic
  11. I think Stand Atlantic, State Champs, and The Wonder Years would be good picks for you. Stand Atlantic just released a new album. For State Champs, I'd reccomend their album "Around The World And Back", and their new album comes out Friday. For The Wonder Years I'd reccomend either "The Upsides" or "Suburbia, I've Given You All, And Now I'm Nothing"
  12. You probably would! I listen to a lot of pop punk, post-hardcore, and metalcore. I also really like pop.
  13. Memphis May Fire - This Light I Hold Memphis May Fire - Broken Aly and AJ - Into The Rush
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