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  1. Totally agree HB Not a fan of that style of architecture - a lot of that here in NJ .. In the 1960s, it might have been different, but it gets old, quick .. Alex, dear, come in here for a minute .. I want to show you our new rug - it's made of ties x3
  2. Vital Signs or Natural Science
  3. CanCon! One of the perks of living in Canada and being a Rush fan. ;) You guys get most of the good stuff. MTV never played any Rush video before Moving Pictures. It would have been hard for them to do so since MTV didn't start until 1981.
  4. I love the songs Driven and Test for Echo. I especially like the lyrics for the song Test for Echo. It's spot on.
  5. What did one sagging boob say to the other sagging boob?"If we keep this up people are going to think we're nuts!!"
  6. Agreed. They really are entertaining, bringing the hip-hop generation IQ into a different light. Meaning, they may have brains. No seriously, they gave us the full monty on this one. I really appreciate it. There needs to be a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing their reactions. Brilliant! Well, do it man!
  7. It seems to me that George and Ryan have developed an ear for good rock and roll. Good for them to head into this venture of their lives with open minds. I'm a fan.
  8. After watching the video, I'm all for it. Like one person said, people are slowing down and driving slower. And quite frankly, the look of mediterranean is one of the better ones in the world.
  9. Leave out conditions Courageous convictions Will drag the dream into existence
  10. At the time in 1984, Grace Under Pressure. Good times............
  11. Who's that photobombing you, Mrs. R? Who's that photobombing you, Mrs. R? Nah. You out kicked your coverage Tony.
  12. Please tell me you are getting your fill of fresh seafood.
  13. I'm re-watching his series, Parts Unknown. Myanmar and Colombia were stellar. One of the cool things about his shows is the way they were produced. They knew when to let the pictures do the talking. Bourdain wasn't really that talkative. He just knew when to speak and what to say. His timing was really amazing.
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