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  1. This is a Super Bowl caliber defense and Micah Parsons (if he stays healthy) is the next coming of Lawrence Taylor.
  2. We need to line him up sixty yards away for extra points. For whatever reason, he's accurate from that range. Kidding........ sort of
  3. I didn't realize Philly's secondary was that good. That's a good football team.
  4. Chicken Verde Pozole with a garnish of raw cabbage, radish, jalapenos, lime and oregano. I'm sweating right now.
  5. I suppose it's his giant ego. It's just never going to work with him.
  6. Take a look at the very first post in this thread! That was long time ago!!!
  7. We probably won't even win that joke of a division.
  8. I've got a bad feeling this year. The loss of Tyron Smith is going to be a huge problem. Our offensive line and receiving corps are awfully thin. We will never get back to the promised land until Jerry is six feet under. It's a circus.
  9. Totally agree HB Not a fan of that style of architecture - a lot of that here in NJ .. In the 1960s, it might have been different, but it gets old, quick .. Alex, dear, come in here for a minute .. I want to show you our new rug - it's made of ties x3
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