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  1. Happy Anniversary, Disco Demolition Night, 07/12/1979! Chicago White Sox forfeit the 2nd game of a doubleheader against the Tigers when fans swarm the field at Comiskey Park after the blowing up of a large pile of albums and other disco items. The fans tore out huge chunks of turf, damaged seats, and committed other acts of mayhem. The Tigers had won the first game 4-1. Disco Demolition Night was the brainchild of Chicago DJ Steve Dahl, who had previously spun records at Detroit "classic rock" station WWWW, aka W4. And to this very day, disco still sucks.
  2. Scrolling through and seeing this reminded me of: "Contrary to general belief, Damnit is not God's last name."
  3. Shelly Duvall passes away July 11 of "complications from diabetes. No more "Heeere's Johnny!" RIP Shelly. https://www.cnn.com/2024/07/11/entertainment/shelley-duvall-death/index.html
  4. A 35 year old pair of "Bose Factory Renewed" bookshelf speakers that Karen and I picked up at a Bose Factory Outlet store, somewhere in Orlando/Disney/Kissimmee area. Bwahaha, Bose won't even acknowledge the serial number, but fuq 'em, they still kick. BTO comp CD sounding good through them.
  5. The Cutthroat, by Clive Cussler & Justin Scott (Isaac Bell series).
  6. Red Wings sign Panthers FA Vladamir Tarasenko.
  7. I'll be home and the phone rings. I have a 2nd wireless hand set on the table next to my recliner. If the caller is unknown, or not in my Contacts, Caller ID displays as "Unavailable". Usually once my answer message kicks in an unavailable will hang up, and the answering machine function recycles. But lately some pricks will stay on the line past the "beep" just long enough to trigger the message recorder, even though it's dead air. This causes the phone to beep every 15 seconds until I play/delete the dead air answer. Ignorant fuqs!
  8. Just a couple of paisans having fun!
  9. A change of pace: Seal-Eponymous 1st Album Sade-Love Deluxe
  10. ...and once again, as usual on this date, HAPPY BOBBY BONILLA DAY!
  11. After bare!y an hour of coverage WSVN, the local Faux affiliate, switched to the national coverage of UEFA Eurotrash.
  12. Despite the rain, thunder, and lightning, people have been "camping out" in the Fort Lauderdale beach area since 4 this morning waiting for the 11AM start of the Panthers victory parade. Of course all 3 major TV outlets are covering this GO CATS!
  13. I get a monthly magazine in the mail from AARP with a few good articles and a lot of shite. Haven't opened it up yet, but I fear it's the latter-the slug in the cover photo is Jon Bon Jovi
  14. A couple of compilations converted to CD for use in the car: Stevie Ray Vaughn And Double Trouble Bachman-Turner Overdrive
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