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  1. Savoy Brown-Life's One Act Play "...and I need a little somethin', just to mellow my days, I'm getting tired of acting in life's one act play." Not really, just a cool quote.
  2. Bennett Omalu, the neurophysisist who did the breakthrough CTE studies on Steelers Mike Webster, said Tua should never have been allowed on the field after last Sunday's initial injury. Fook this independent doctor, somebody with the Fins needs to GO! I saw his fingers all spazed out and thought he was flashing gang symbols.
  3. Congratulations from the 954, and welcomee to The Federation!
  4. I am numb watching the damage in Ft. Myers and along the Gulf. The graphic shots of the Sanibel Causeway was heartbreaking. I had two tornadoes occur within 5 miles of the house. One smashed into Perry Airport, roughly 1.5 miles West of me, damaging over 40 planes and wrecking an above ground fuel tank. The storm then jumped the highway intovan apartment complex, bringing down trees and damaging cars and buildings. The second tornado caused damage in parts of West Hollywood. Somehow my immediate neighborhood dodged another bullet, showing minimal damage. I had one big palm branch blow over which needed to be cut from the trunk, and a few palm fronds blown off, along with some small (less than four feet) tree branches blown down. These have been heaped into two small piles, bundled and tied and placed by the street for pickup with the bulk trash in Saturday. A number of houses up and down the block have piles of trash by the street, bulk pickup going to be real busy Saturday.
  5. Things much calmer now. Water soaked into the ground, no flooding. Some palm and tree branches down, but a lot fewer than expected. Just need to cut things down enough to fit in the trash container (here yard waste and small branches are consiered garbage) and things will be cleaned up. Dodged a bullet again!
  6. Had two radar sightings of tornadoes, one about five miles away, the other two miles. No physical damage here, but a lot of rain. The swale (grassy area between street and sidewalk) is completely flooded, but that's fairly common during a sustained period of rain. If we have a few hours without rain, it will soak into the ground and disappear. All good so far. Edit: Small airport about 1.5 miles west of me was hit, some 17 planes damaged, above ground fuel storage tanks knocked off supports, spilling aviation gas. Apartment complex just North of airport has multiple trees down.
  7. I have friends in Hudson, North of Clearwater, and they're battening down the hatches. Prayers forallof them.
  8. Mark Sanchez you are not alone. Dolphins Thomas Morestead, punting from his endzone, punts low and the ball hits Fins lineman Trent Sherfield in the ass. The ball bounces backwards beyond the end line, resulting in a safety. From butt fumble to butt punt.
  9. The first feeder band of heavy rain sprouting from Hurricane Ian coming down now. While we are not in direct path of the storm the rain is to be expected, and continuous.
  10. When I was working for Uncle we were required to have a hardline. There were a couple of times when it was a needed communications source. When we got hit by Hurricane Wilma and lost power in the house for two and a half days, power to the phone lines was probably out for only four hours. My boss called us all to make sure we were OK, and advised us to keep checking our hotline for office updates. That was necessary since our data servers were seriously damaged; we were away from work for four more days until they were fixed.
  11. I get a call at home from my local Walgreens, saying a prescription refill is ready; one that i didn't order. I go to pick it up, and the customer keypad refuses input of my home number, to which my online account is registered. The pharmacy clerk says its now only accepting mobile phone numbers. I bite my tongue to avoid barking out "ftb" and enter the cell number. This shit chaps my ass. My cell number is your business only if I say so. As long as I'm breathing, I will have a hardline phone in my house, and I will use it! Sorry Frank, but I will not do what I am told, and the rights to me aren't for sale. f**k THAT BULLSHIT!
  12. Laughing Kenneth Copeland. Jeezuz K Reist, what an asse houle! Here's the metal version:
  13. Bwahaha, yeah. Wunderkind starting QB got pulled for the 2nd half. It"s going to take Mario (Cristobal, HC) a couple of seasons at least to get things right.
  14. All is not well in East Lansing. Sparty gets beatdown two weeks in a row, today by Minnesota, 34-7. Let's give Mel Tucker another raise, eh? Siddown, Sooner! Kansas State beats #6 Oklahoma, 41-34.
  15. Congratulations, Albert. You can retire in peace and glory.
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