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  1. Xfinity Series at Nashville on USA, with The Screaming Mimis of NBC. They got in about 5 seconds before I hit the Mute and engaged the CC. Line the lot of them against the wall and finish it-especially that insufferable turd Rutledge Wood.
  2. YYNOT tonight. Looking forward to it.
  3. So God only knows who the Red Wings will hire. I say it's time for Stevie to lace em up and hit the ice.
  4. What's this business Cooper is barking about the Av's having too many men on the ice when the GWG was scored?
  5. 6 teams are petitioning a Federal court to force the discrimination lawsuit of former Dolphins coach Brian Flores to arbitration. A ruling will be made in July. If successful the case would be arbitrated by NFL Chief Idiot Commissioner Roger Godell. Talk about hiring the fox to guard the hen house.
  6. Well, at least Katie Ledecky needn't worry. FINA bans most trans athletes from women's events, including the Olympics. https://nypost.com/2022/06/19/sanity-returns-to-trans-madness-fina-bans-trans-swimmers/
  7. Kucherov "likely", Point "doubtful" for tonight. Vasilevskiy will really need to step it up a notch. GO BOLTS!
  8. 2023. Not so much for DeShaun's sake, I just want to see Cleveland drop the brown after the comedy of The Baker Mayfield Show.
  9. Another lovely six mix this weekend, courtesy of Total Wine: Bell's Amber Ale Dos Equis Ambar Modelo Negro Sam Adams Summer Alle Shiner Bock Yeungling Traditional Lager.
  10. Automatic messaging devices on phone call systems. The ones that start up when your answeing machine message starts, ignoring the "wait for the beep" request. And of course, these morons show up as "unavailable" or blank on caller ID. If I don't know who's calling, and you can't show some common courtesy to identify yourself, get stuffed!
  11. Lakers, meh. Until they acknowledge their past and retire #99, fuq 'em.
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