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  1. Received a post from my niece on my Messenger page stating she took my sister to the E.R. late yesterday afternoon due to severe stomach pain. Turned out to be appendicitis, and she was scheduled for an appendectomy today.
  2. That's predatory bullshit. I'd also consult with an attorney.
  3. An outstanding weekend. Landscaper came by, did a major improvement to my backyard. Neighbor's plants and vines were overgrown onto the property and intruding into my power and phone lines, and the palm trees along our fences and back wall, planted in the late '80s when we had an above ground swimming pool, were over propagating. Angel and his crew opened things up, clearing the vines back to the property line and removing half the palm trees down to their bases. Yard looks a hundred times better. Dinner and beers at The Funky Biscuit, followed by an incredible concert by YYNOT. A good Sunday recovering, concluded by a good Stanley Cup finale.
  4. Yeah, wtf is up with how the refs conveniently missed that one. Even more telling after watching "Unrivaled", the 30 for 30 documentary on the wars between the Av's and my beloved Red Wings in the '96-'97 and '97-'98 seasons. They had Buttman on there talking chit about enforcement has been improved. Yeah, right. I was rooting for the Bolts, but Marroon should have been sent off.
  5. YYNOT was a blast Saturday despite the craziness and problems. Started with seating. I arrived early as I wanted a beer and dinner beforehand. They scan my e-ticket at seat me at the bar forward of stage left. After downing a fried shrimp po' boy and getting into my second beer, I'm asked to have my ticket rescanned, after which they ask for my name. On checking its "oh crap, we put you in the wrong area, you're supposed to be stage right bar" (seating only). They advise the bartender to transfer ny tab to one of the waitresses, and I'm moved, with apologies. No biggie, Billy is just of to my right. The Funky Biscuit is a wide arcing room, much shorter from front to back, with little or no echo. Stage is sparse, and due to "problems" Billy only has Les Paul, a Strat, and an Epiphone acoustic mounted on a guitar stand. Tim has 1 Jazz Bass, a small keyboard and a Roland PK-5 midi pedal bass. Aside from a single amp, Tim's other sound reinforcement equipment is mounted in what appears to be a Leslie speaker cabinet. 10 minutes after I'm reseated YYNOT hits the stage. After a short instrumental intro they blast into "Bastille Day", and the rollercoaster ride is on. Very loud throughout, although Patty could have used more volume on her mic just counter the instruments. During song breaks Billy has adjusments to electronics he is wearing, problems with his in-ear monitor system. But the band plays on, two solid sets including "Body Electric" Digital Man", "Free Will", and some original instrumental pieces. During a number of songs I am not only hearing these roaring bass notes, but actually feeling them vibrating in my head and up and down my spine. They're coming from Tim's pedal bass unit, amazing tones! During the 2nd set Patty comments on the current state of affairs and requests we all sing along as the band plays "Closer To The Heart", and we all join in. The show closes with "The Spirit of Radio" and a mash-up of "By-Tor And The Snow Dog", and "2112-The Grand Finale". Afterwards the band conducted a meet and greet outside the venue, with apparel being sold. Patty had announced a problem prevented CD's from arriving and advised any online orders with a code word would be shipped for free. I query Tim about the vibratory tones from the pedal bass. He breaks into a huge smile and says "That was Jeff, my tech. He tuned that thing perfect tonight!". We shake hands, and I head off into the night, and home. All in all a good night-LOUD, but good. I would love to see YYNOT playing a proper auditorium or hall to get a better picture of their performance. The Funky Biscuit didn't seem to do them justice. Perhaps others can comment further.
  6. Xfinity Series at Nashville on USA, with The Screaming Mimis of NBC. They got in about 5 seconds before I hit the Mute and engaged the CC. Line the lot of them against the wall and finish it-especially that insufferable turd Rutledge Wood.
  7. YYNOT tonight. Looking forward to it.
  8. So God only knows who the Red Wings will hire. I say it's time for Stevie to lace em up and hit the ice.
  9. What's this business Cooper is barking about the Av's having too many men on the ice when the GWG was scored?
  10. 6 teams are petitioning a Federal court to force the discrimination lawsuit of former Dolphins coach Brian Flores to arbitration. A ruling will be made in July. If successful the case would be arbitrated by NFL Chief Idiot Commissioner Roger Godell. Talk about hiring the fox to guard the hen house.
  11. Well, at least Katie Ledecky needn't worry. FINA bans most trans athletes from women's events, including the Olympics. https://nypost.com/2022/06/19/sanity-returns-to-trans-madness-fina-bans-trans-swimmers/
  12. Kucherov "likely", Point "doubtful" for tonight. Vasilevskiy will really need to step it up a notch. GO BOLTS!
  13. 2023. Not so much for DeShaun's sake, I just want to see Cleveland drop the brown after the comedy of The Baker Mayfield Show.
  14. Another lovely six mix this weekend, courtesy of Total Wine: Bell's Amber Ale Dos Equis Ambar Modelo Negro Sam Adams Summer Alle Shiner Bock Yeungling Traditional Lager.
  15. Automatic messaging devices on phone call systems. The ones that start up when your answeing machine message starts, ignoring the "wait for the beep" request. And of course, these morons show up as "unavailable" or blank on caller ID. If I don't know who's calling, and you can't show some common courtesy to identify yourself, get stuffed!
  16. Lakers, meh. Until they acknowledge their past and retire #99, fuq 'em.
  17. The Invisible Boy, 1957, featuring Robby the Robot.
  18. ESPN could have pulled it off, but blew it in choice of personnel, particularly for pbp. Sorry, but Sean McDonough is boring af, and the diminishing role of Steve Levy and refusal to bring in Gary Thorne, who expressed a desire to call games despite his advanced age (74), were telling. I watched very little of the between period commentary, but anything has to be better than Eddie Olnyk-even my nemesis Criscohead, who at least has a functioning knowledge of the game.
  19. Yep, didn't screw around this time. Won't screw around for the finals either. Bolts threepeat in 6.
  20. Uneasy about tonight. If Tampa doesnt close this out tonight, Rangers will jack them up big time in The Garden Tuesday. Imho Bolts would smash the Avs for the threepeat; Rangers not so much.
  21. Various Artists-Narada Decade (Narada Records 10 year compilation-2 disc set) Andreas Vollenweider-Behind The Wall, Behind The Garden, Under The Tree.
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