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  1. We have the lower club seats. ENJOY THE STONES
  2. I'll be back too. Section 115C parking in section J-9. EZ exit to route 3 west after the show.
  3. Stones were fantastic on Thursday. The t-storms rolled through last morning but the weather was perfect for an outdoor show. Going back for more tonight. I've said this many times before but I think this will be The Last Time is see The Stones live.
  4. High school memories are brought out on this album The Rascals - See Opening track was my favorite
  5. Great album. Favorite song off this album. I saw this tour. STP opened and IMO, they blew the RHCP off the stage.
  6. Stones - Goats Head Soup ** in my top 6 Stones albums
  7. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxCv7_kjzPMVa4TTEixxG6ZtsbY8UT-n3k?si=a98b1z7vkHBPb2XO
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