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    The Gorge, WA - T4E Also front row for S&A in Reno, R40 TRF meet-up & Luxury Box!
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  1. Hey, I played/sang that song this morning!
  2. Name that Schoolhouse Vid: "Put in on its side and it's a symbol meaning...infiniteeeee"
  3. I got to see him live last year and watching him play was mesmerizing
  4. These days, your song is likely considered less offensive than the Schoolhouse Rock video I quoted, as it features an Arab prince rolling up with spice- and oil-laden camels and a harem of a dozen wives with six kids each. And of course each of his fingers is covered in shiny diamond rings. "Hey kids, let's count!" I love the groove, though.
  5. I am finally getting around to watching season 6. What a return to form so far!!!
  6. Is this TRF'S first ever spunkmouth thread?
  7. Sheryl Crow was a hit machine and for that has earned a place, imo. Same with George Michael, I suppose. Warren Zevon is a great old hipster's choice. Lol if Maiden doesn't get in.
  8. This Seattle lawsuit: https://www.king5.com/amp/article/news/local/seattle/seattle-lawsuit-kia-hyundai/281-293d9e1b-bada-49bd-bebf-ad7f31ede361
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