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  1. If I were single with no kids I'd be living in South America. Uruguay or Paraguay
  2. 90 seconds later... ANDERSON PUTS THE FLAMES BACK ON TOP 7-6. Hope you all took the over, lol.
  4. Holy smokes what a contest so far! Calgary comes out hot with three goals in the first six minutes, then builds it to a 6-2 lead. But Edmonton battles back. Seven combined second period goals makes it 6-5 for a slim one goal lead for the Flames.
  5. goose

    I Need...

    I need to just keep doing what I'm doing. What do you need
  6. Good N Plenty These were a childhood staple, but I haven't had them in ages
  7. Draymond is a man possessed so far vs Dallas. If Golden State wins, he will be why. Splash Bros are 1 for 10 so far Wiggins also had a great first half for GS, though I can't hear his name without thinking of the Carol Burnett Show.
  8. Played nine holes Monday and got a hole in one. I had made birdie on the par 4 hole one by hitting a 135yd gap wedge two feet from a tough back pin. Followed that with a weird double bogey after a great drive was followed by a strange bounce on my approach, leaving me in a bunker. Hole three measured 137yds to a middle pin on a saddled green. We could only see the top of the Flag. When I hit it, I liked the line. Arriving at the green I wondered if I'd gotten another crappy bounce, but as I walked past the hole, my ball was in it. Made a 6 on the tough par 4 hole four. Lol. Settled in after that to card a 38.
  9. Bands like Talking Heads, DEVO, Pretenders, B52s, Echo and the Bunnymen, Oingo Boingo...
  10. Angel Hernandez, lol https://www.google.com/amp/s/thespun.com/.amp/more/top-stories/mlb-world-reacts-to-angel-hernandezs-performance-sunday
  11. Miami defense looked strong last night, especially during the 3rd quarter beat down the Heat laid on the Celtics. Will Boston bounce back?
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