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  1. Top tier teams shouldn't be allowed to schedule themselves bye weeks
  2. So, is Georgia out? IMO they should be. Win you're in, lose you're out.
  3. Any guesses as to what mine would be?
  4. Gotta love selective use of replay in one of the most important games of the year
  5. The lightening of the capitol, the kids' chorus singing, crowded streets...
  6. Always made me laugh. "It's just a thriller...scary Michael Jackson...!" That's how I sang it, anyway
  7. Not just the influence, but the music itself. After seven years retired I am back in the classroom, and daily I hear my 14, 15 & 16yo students discussing music. The most mentioned among those that play an instrument...RUSH
  8. Shit. Belief in the curmugeonity of the Fridge was the last thing I was holding on to...
  9. A wild game, for sure. Congrats to the Cowboys, and here's to them taking the Eagles down. What's with teams like the Seahawks? So many teams this year are completely unpredictable in terms of offense or defense showing up week to week.
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