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  1. the spectre within, awaken the guardian, and no exit are all awesome
  2. bit too obscure for most of the TRF poser brigade, but they had some great records any fan of rush or iron maiden would be able to appreciate
  3. in fact, I'd say anyone who doesn't like mindcrime is quite retarded, and a poser. quite
  4. their 80s run takes a huge stinky shit right in the mouths of def leppard, motley crue, etc
  5. the first 6 are pretty much 5 star records, then theres a pretty big drop on technical ecstasy but its still better than def leppard or one of those gay bands
  6. master of reality paranoid sabotage vol 4 debut sabbath bloody sabbath technical ecstasy never say die dont really dig 13 a lot, its not bad but it seems like kind of a nostalgia/cash grab thing
  7. I was at the ATL show. people were quite triggered, some folks in our section left a few songs in and never came back. personally, I'm not into a super political musical event of any kind, but musically and visually everything was cool.
  8. actually not a terrible list. I was expecting a bit more enuff z'nuff, zebra, quarterflash
  9. costco's a great place to crash
  10. happy birthday! I wanted it to be a surprise, but I got us two plane tickets to portland
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