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  1. I’ve used a rubber practice pad - I place that on the floor tom and the tambourine on top that so it absorbs the residual sound.
  2. When I’ve played this live I would set a tambourine on my floor tom and just strike it.
  3. Yes - I saw this post on DS and asked if it was legit. No one gave me a straight answer.
  4. I think that album’s pretty damn good!
  5. Wasn’t this the Glaswegian Chorus?
  6. Check it out! Extra drum fills/bars and longer instrumental section. The solo seems different and more legato as well.
  7. I remember that too! A gold edition remaster! I wonder if these new “up mixes” include that version!
  8. OK - so not a 5.1 mix, but a remaster where the wrong mix was pulled. the “5.1” mix down above is likely a homemade version, using the Van Dette remasters. Perhaps it never was in 5.1, but it still sounds worlds better than the original album. some clarification here. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/rush-hold-your-fire.686321/page-4
  9. I’m sure you’re right. I don’t own the Sectors sets. But I remember reading about HYF and Mission mix.
  10. The sector box sets include 5.1 mixes but I’m not sure if all the albums got the 5.1 treatment, but HYF did for sure. I remember reading about how the wrong Mission mix got used for the 5.1, and it included this stunning string arrangement that - in my mind - takes the song to another level.
  11. Ah ok then that makes sense, but is it remixed?
  12. On one of the Facebook Rush forums this dude has been posting links to stereo versions of Rush’s 5.1 mixes. Correction: these are not originally 5.1 mixes. This account created their own mixes, using software, and these uploaded tracks ostensibly can be played in 5.1 if you have a 5.1 system. Otherwise they play in stereo. I have never heard any versions of these so holy shit on my part. These are new mixes basically. The clarity is incredible. And in the case Mission, they chose a different mix, with a string section. Why the band never released similar stereo versions blows my mind.
  13. Watched The Marvels. It was a steaming pile. You could see Samuel Jackson just dying inside.
  14. I think he replicated so many of the sounds of the keyboard era perfectly.
  15. I think it was the Ged audio book that did it for me RD. It was so well done - and I found myself deeply reflective after I finished - thinking of the band and the tremendous positive influence it had on my young, loner-kid life. I had an opportunity to see Geddy with Jack Black in Los Angeles, but I was weirdly ok about missing it. I didn’t feel the need to go, and felt like it was covered so well in Geddy’s reading of his tome. And I know I’m one of them, but I don’t think I was ready to hang with a bunch of teary eyed, aging white dudes. God bless each and every one of them. Geddy’s book offered perfect closure, and was much better than what a farewell tour would’ve attempted to do.
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