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  1. I saw ASOH in a record store and bought it because I thought the album art was awesome. There was mystery to this band. Force 10, Time Stand Hill and The Rhythm method. Insane. I think I got Fly by Night next - that was weird!
  2. He has some absolutely brilliant moments. The Pass is brilliant - his lifting of Oscar Wilde’s passage is beautiful. Vapor Trail is another moving piece. So much of his 80s work is really inspiring. Between the Wheels, Time Stand Still, Red Barchetta. Just evocative and almost illustrated. I think he burned out around Presto - while the Pass is gorgeous, we see an abundance of pablum on that album. It really got bad at Test 4 Echo. Every track was cringe. Even the best song “Totem” seemed like he was singing about his dick.
  3. Not great. Some really interesting moments at times but overall nothing really memorable.
  4. Holy shit was that awesome. WVH and Rush being major highlights for me, but goddamn everyone was sensational. Even Grohl’s daughter managed to rise above that atrociously out of tune guitar.
  5. I love the band. Love them. I saw them live in 1991 and the show literally changed me right then and there. Amazing performance. Over the years they’ve altered their musical approach and that’s fine-Similarly to Rush in the way new releases would initially disappoint and then just grow on you. The new songs are cool enough. Doug sounds absolutely great. The drum sound is pure shit though. Overly compressed and so loud and high endy in the mix. Ogertones and XV - both have excellent songs- suffered from similar issues but not as badly as they are on these new recordings. Rock drums are getting f***ed by digital mastering technology - or perhaps these engineers don’t know how to mix them anymore. If this is a pure analog recording, then they mastered it so shittily that it’s almost unlistenable.
  6. I was there. Incredible moment.
  7. I think Patty is a great replacement but Rocky has such an interesting voice. The new album is on Spotify. Pretty damn good.
  8. Hahaha! I love your idea of having NP crossing the bar in half time. That shit would rule.
  9. Everything the same except NP playing in half time in 7. Would be heavier and almost danceable.
  10. Superconductor would be so much better if they half timed the main riff.
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