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  1. I always thought the plot for the We Will Rock You musical was lifted from 2112…
  2. I think we need a Peart memorial concert no? I know there is an upcoming memorial, but I don’t think it’s a show. Also - I think this London concert is a strong indicator of a future Ged/Al/Dave collaboration.
  3. You need a super human voice to deliver at that high range and energy those songs demand. In the comments for the above video a user suggested that Jon never recovered from the Slippery and NJ tours. He’s prob right and the dye was likely cast way back then.
  4. So sad. I’ve been a huge fan since USA Up All Night, which made early 90s television bearable, along with Married With Children.
  5. can you elaborate? Do you think the mix on the drums is lacking? that's fine, I kind of wish the bass drum was more punchy and prominent, but who knows if this was even achievable. I don’t really think he hates Peart - but the drum mixes on the last 3 releases have been lacking, whereas everything else has sounded incredible.
  6. Well it has become obvious. Broon HATES Pratt.
  7. The weather is starting to warm up. Once you get your spring cleaning done the dust problem should be taken care of. Unless you change the vacuum bag and it breaks and the dust just goes all over the place! Hahaha
  8. I really dug Far Cry. And at the time I enjoyed the album.
  9. I’m just posting so I can get to the end of the thread using my phone.
  10. Ah Via Musicom just hits me in the feels and creates a wave of nostalgia. My girlfriend in high school made me a tape of it, and I would listen to it during late night drives from her house to mine. And really, it’s the songs he sings on that have stuck with me the most. Desert Rose especially.
  11. Looking forward to the new album. Love this band.
  12. Saw Taylor backstage at the Nokia for S/A. He was pumped to meet NP. He corralled Danny Carey, Brad Wilk and Chad Smith and said “it’s time to meet the professor!” - he didn’t sound boisterous though - he was nervous. He was a true artist and inspiring as a drummer - living the dream, as well as writing his own songs and performing them. I thought the Foo Fighters got pretty stale after Wasting Light - but every time Taylor was featured in any way it the group gained so much authenticity. He was the soul of that band no question.
  13. I respect Alex’s opinion but Phil’s a performer through and through. No reason to stop if he still has the drive.
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