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  1. http://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02gXykNx15awyWPSUm1NV3oiQvt1TLG4i34Qz25LWYgASfRj7EGvwSyAFafMjudr6nl&id=100045799440907&mibextid=qC1gEa
  2. Nick Mason’s Pink Floyd book. very good so far.
  3. I think he was majorly influenced by Sting and Peter Gabriel. Many similar themes expressed among the three of them. Pete Hammill too.
  4. If you listen to Sparkle in the Rain by Simple Minds you can perhaps hear what GuP would’ve sounded like with Lillywhite. And you can see hear Lillywhite’s influence on Power Windows for certain.
  5. pretty much down to the band and their mixing decisions. Geddy attended just about every mixing session for every album.
  6. Traditionally, The Producer is the apartment manager, director, head of operations, Jack Woltz of the project. He budgets the recording project, pays the team, hires and fires, and makes final, cost based, executive decisions. The guy with his hands on the faders, setting up mics, and doing the physical recording of the band is the engineer. Like Kevin Shirley, who engineered Counterparts. The engineer makes gear decisions - what amps might be good. Or what drum miking technique is best. In some cases, the producer will also be the recording engineer. But that is in many cases a budgetary decision since both are full time jobs. Peter Henderson was a producer -engineer. Rush liked him personally but hated his approach. Couldn’t make command decisions- probably because he was too close to the project artistically. Rush absolutely loved working with Peter Collins - who was a big picture producer and let the guys he brought with him handle the little issues. Peter Collins helped Rush achieve their artistic vision by staying out of their way - and by keeping all manners of day to day non-artsy bullshit out of their sphere. Also, the producer will get points on album sales. This is why Bob Rock is worth 100 million bucks.
  7. Some great footage at the very end with some interesting cameos. And a little smooch that might’ve supposed to have been off camera. fascinating stuff. What a find this video is.
  8. I watched Sorcerer recently. f**k, what a good movie that is.
  9. I can’t get past some of the lyrics. The music is off the chain though. Virtuality is incredible musically - I wish they spent more time refining the words and vocal melody though. Carve Away the Stone and Totem are pretty great.
  10. Rumours is fantastic but it doesn’t have The Last Resort or Pretty Maids All in a Row on it.
  11. The debut is good in hindsight taking the entire catalog into consideration. But it’s not that great and sounds a lot like so many other 70s bands. But maybe not as good. I appreciate the drumming and John’s contribution, but they are not quite ready for prime-time in 74. I think the limitations with John became apparent when they finally put their songs to tape. And of course John deserves credit for pushing the band to write their own material. Fly By Night is a huge leap for the band, and they were already shaking off the bar band stink.
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