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  1. Ah, relief. Nothing some warm water and soap couldn't fix.
  2. Says the guy from Michigan...LOL.
  3. Top singer/bass player combo he enters Top Ten maybe even Top Five category. Vocals alone, that's a hard no.
  4. "I wear glasses even though I don't need them. Cause they make me look smart and hot", Kat Timpf.
  5. This man ate Kevin Bacon's testicles. https://nypost.com/2022/09/23/cannibal-mark-latunski-admits-eating-man-named-kevin-bacon/
  6. To be fair the vast majority of RS whiny progressives don’t behave that way. That is the m.o. of Invisible Airwaves, they snap way too easily best use the ignore function. I’ve had them on ignore for months, it’s relaxing*. *Use of the pronouns they/them is an attempt to not assume one’s gender and be labeled a f***ing transphobic.
  7. I think having a landline these days is silly, but I will righteously support your right to have one. I get indignant with constant asking for email addresses when it’s not really necessary.
  8. Yes, we do discuss this annoying habit amongst journalists. When someone on the right commits something like vehicle homicide their politics is noted, their affiliations noted, the person is responsible for the crime. When a progressive commits the same offense the vehicle commits the crime, that is how it’s presented in print, radio and on TV by people who supposedly know words matter.
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