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  1. Better odds of that than winning the Power Ball.
  2. Gapplebee's...LOL, been a while since I've seen that one.
  3. EV has gone way past niche concept cars. It’s time to let the free market take over.
  4. The clap seems like a good venereal disease.
  5. Natalie Teeger has aged like fine wine.
  6. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight - England Dan & John Ford Coley
  7. California 33, Hagerty Road of the Year.
  8. 10,871 steps of high density urban living today. After almost a year the boy and his dog moved out, housing is expensive ya know! He moved to Jersey City, got a nice deal on a brand new 1br for $1,995 per month. We walked the river, had ice coffee at the Water's Soul sculpture, tapas and cocktails at Lokal. We didn't take Hudson-Bergen Light Rail because we had to drop shit off at the boy's apartment. You can't really make it out in the photo but they put an inflatable dragon atop the Empire State for new episodes of House of Dragons on MAX.
  9. Brah, extensions take decades. Look up 2nd Ave subway.
  10. It’s fine if their desires match TOG’s plans otherwise it’s off to a high density re-education camp.
  11. There are many areas of the outer boroughs where the subway just don’t go, the bus service isn’t all that great. Plus the history of these large parcels of land, was it industrial/manufacturing? Many people don’t wanna live in some of these places, these parcels of land need environmental impact studies that take decades for some reason. Super fund sites don’t clean up quickly. On the Jersey side of the river housing is going up rapidly.
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