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  1. all money tied up in bitcoin and beanie babies, otherwise I'd be right there
  2. Big Alice fan but he has an uneven discography. Of the Hair Metal albums - Constrictor - Raise Your Fist and Yell - Trash - Hey Stoopid my fave is Raise Your Fist and Yell, only one clunker (Give the Radio Back). Side 2 k of that record is about as good a side of vinyl that Alice ever released, and that tour was bloody great. the next period The Last Temptation Brutal Planet Dragontown I enjoyed much more than the Hair Metal years
  3. Tom Waits - Ol' 55 Primus - Over the Falls Zappa/Mothers - Po-jama People The Groovaholics - Pull the Trigger, Sunshine Nick Cave - Red Right Hand UFO - Rock Bottom Tool - Schism Sweet - Set Me Free The Diodes - Shapes of Things to Come Nazareth - Somebody to Roll
  4. Wild Man Fischer - Frank Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers Trooper - General Hand Grenade Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt Lou Reed - Heroin Foreigner - Long Long Way From Home Evan Johns - Madhouse Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance Blue Oyster Cult - ME 262 Queen - Ogre Battle
  5. Just listening to YYZ from the 40th and thinking how this should have been Exit.. Stage Left. A nice triple album set with perhaps a slimmed down double album alternative for the budget conscious people like myself. Anyway have been playing this a lot and loving it. Using the limitations of vinyl and in keeping with the idea of no material repeated from ATWAS, I think my imaginary double album version would look something like this Side 1 The Spirit of Radio Red Barchetta YYZ Side 2 Closer to the Heart Beneath Between and Behind Limelight Natural Science Side 3 Broon's Bane The Trees Xanadu Side 4 Freewill Tom Sawyer La Villa Strangiato
  6. my no theme/rhyme or reason compilation last 10 tunes Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters Bad Company - Bad Company Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation Deep Purple - Burn Doom Squad - Burnin' Up April Wine - Cat's Claw William Shatner - Common People Motorhead - Dead Men Tell No Tales XTC - Dear God Blue Cheer - Doctor Please Foo Fighter - Down in the Park
  7. The Alice Cooper Group Killer - Halo of Flies Love It to Death - I'm Eighteen Billion Dollar Babies - Generation Landslide School's Out - My Stars Easy Action - Return of the Spiders Muscle of Love - Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) Pretties For You - Fields of Regret Alice Cooper Welcome to My Nightmare - Steven Goes to Hell - Go to Hell From the Inside - Serious DaDa - Scarlett and Sheba Special Forces - Who Do You Think We Are Zipper Catches Skin - Make That Money Flush the Fashion - Pain The Last Temptation - Nothing's Free Raise Your Fist and Yell - Roses On White Lace Brutal Planet - Eat Some More Dragontown - Sex Death and Money Constrictor - Life and Death of the Party Trash - Bed of Nails Hey Stoopid - Wind Up Toy Lace & Whiskey - It's Hot Tonight The Eyes of Alice Cooper - What Do You Want From Me Dirty Diamonds - Dirty Diamonds Along Came a Spider - Wrapped in Silk Welcome 2 My Nightmare - A Runaway Train Those last 3 album albums on the list are so dreadful, I've pretty much given up on listening to new AC records. I bought Paranormal and listened to it once It's actually better than those last 3 iirc, but just too disheartened with his latest works to give it more listens. Didn't buy the last album
  8. Mutiny Up My Sleeve - Beyond the Moon High Class in Borrowed Shoes - In Context of the Moon Max Webster - Toronto Tontos A Million Vacations - Research (At Beach Resorts) Universal Juveniles - In the World of Giants
  9. I love those Black Out albums including SF. A real regret of mine back in 1981. I went to see Ozzy, Saga and Black Sabbath on the Mob Rules tour, in the same month and just didn't have the money to see the SF tour. All three other shows were excellent but would really have loved to see him as Apocalypse Alice. What added to my bad luck in seeing Alice was I went to his show in Toronto on the Flush the Fashion tour and he was a no show. A riot ensued, a year later I miss the SF show and then he doesn't tour again until 1986. Before Constrictor came out, it looked like he was done. I was in rock and roll heaven when he came back in '86 and I finally got to see him live. Went to every tour after that up to Along Came a Spider - haven't seen him live in a few years and have to admit most of his records since Dirty Diamonds are pretty boring imo.
  10. I don't know if one is better than the other. I can think of more examples of starting off more experimental and then going poppy. Which is understandable, going ther Beatles route you likely need to be wildly successful first to be able to bankroll your experiments. Beatles and The Beach Boys come to mind but I guess an exception would be David Bowie - very conventional in his earliest work, a little more edgy shortly afterwards and then his most experimental coming in the Berlin trilogy I guess as long as the change happens for authentic, artistic reasons and not contractual obligation reasons
  11. Billy playing Battle Scar with his old band Apparently he's this close to getting DLR to cover Kim Mitchell's "Kids in Action" would love to here a demo of that if it got to that stage
  12. A Passage to Bangkok (Offenbach, May 29, 1979)
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