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  1. Maybe they are going to follow what Pink Floyd and others have done and start to release old bootlegs, officially. I think Zappa was the first to do this with his "Beat the Boots" series Volume 1 and 2
  2. Whatever makes this technically a 2112 tour show, this is a CoS show. not one 2112 tune played and virtually the same set list as the previous tour (from available sources) Regardless of where ITIGB fits in the oeuvre, it's fantastic to hear this one and only example of it being played live. This unearthing ranks up there with the Northampton broadcast and all the others that people have mentioned. Really hope to get a copy of the full show. If anyone snags it, I would love to get a wetransfer of it from some generous member
  3. Yes - Awaken Styx - Blue Collar Man Max Webster - Astonish Me
  4. Cool - that is a bit of Rush history I wasn't familiar with. I even saw one of those shows where Red Rider opened for Rush
  5. Loved Dan's voice and seemed like a cool dude. Left behind a great body of work Sad news
  6. Finally got around to listening to this and on first listen I'm very impressed, will do an a/b/c comparison of the early 70's US vinyl, the Ryko and this.
  7. When I saw the title my mind went to they're re-issuing Archives, which wouldn't serve any practical purpose but I would actually like a spiffy new copy, mine has been around the block a few times
  8. Yeah I will revisit Promised Land and see if I was just in a transitional phase. I was getting into other heavy bands at the time like Corrosion of Conformity and Cathedral which had a very different feel from QR. I haven't played Promised Land since it's release so I will try it out over the next week see if it was just me.
  9. Bought the EP when it first was available up in Canada and then bought every album when it was released up to Promised Land. That one I just hated for some reason. Never bought a QR album after that Operation Mindcrime/Empire are my faves but The Warning has great nostalgia for me, kind of my biggest metal obsession period for me. It was tough for me to hold on to Rush back then because I loved the metal so much in 83/84/85
  10. Not familiar with any of these albums and the fonts are hilariously impossible to read so I don't know the bands. But there's this genre that always has a thistlely logo and artwork. Like if I picked up the album I would need protective gloves
  11. Well I stand corrected - you sound like your right
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