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  1. For TOG. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a40395176/stop-telling-me-i-dont-need-a-pickup-truck/?src=socialflowFBCAD
  2. LOL...gender equality. Stupid RBG, men can get pregnant now.
  3. There are options short of abortion for every scenario you posted above. Apparently NY & CA will bus the mother in if she can’t afford the ticket.
  4. There was an annoying 15 year old girl who was really into Cheap Trick. I think she turned 17, got a driver's license and a life. She hasn't been back.
  5. Gently Falling Rain often felt like a hamfisted hatchet piece. It appears there was a lot of carnedge in the rescue operation. I hope this isn't some lose thread to never be resolved. While at the same time I don't want The Orville to be a constant war with the Klingon Krill each episode. SNW continues to be brilliant yet I'm in agreement about the major story arch you mention.
  6. We used to do a lot of polls where we'd pick a band then eliminate their albums through voting rounds.
  7. RBG famously remarked on Roe’s flimsy foundation. The reality is this court’s decision made getting an abortion inconvenient for some women. So when the pro-abortion side ask “what about” my answer is what about the unborn child.
  8. Eventually, I imagine most states will have abortion laws more inline with what most Americans support. The extreme states on either side of the issue will wind up over time with more moderate laws/regulations on abortion.
  9. Yes, sad day. Now some women will have to buy a bus ticket or road trip with their friends to abort their baby. All this decision does is remove the fictional right that abortions shall not be infringed. It should take the abortion issue out of national politics back to the state legislators.
  10. You now have zero credibility with me, good bye.
  11. The price of a bus ticket from Oklahoma to Colorado?
  12. Oh the tweets from these leaders in Europe with no sense of irony.
  13. The finale was pretty awesome. The mini-series could have benefited from making Leia 10% less annoying and 10% more realistic of a ten year old child.
  14. I'm glad to have more Orville, I'd be pissed if it was canceled after season two. With that said I'm not loving season three like the way I'm loving ST:SNW...maybe it's the edibles.
  15. "I never want to leave my house, I don't want anybody to know my name", appears on TV with name card.
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