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  1. Meh, everyday I'm more and more becoming Old Man that Yells at Clouds. I'll be dead in 25 years and I don't care about the future.
  2. Progress being made as depicted below. California HSR is Capricorn One?
  3. He interrupted the 3 hour premiere of Battlestar Galactica around 10:30 on a Sunday school-night. I had to beg my mother to stay up, fuck that guy.
  4. Cop out, bruh. Make the hard choices like I had to do.
  5. In no particular order. 1. The Spirit of Radio 2. Freewill 3. Entre Nous 4. Limelight 5. Subdivisions 6. The Big Money 7. Marathon 8. Driven 9. Time Stand Still 10. Tai Shan
  6. Probably, I'll give him that one. He still sucks worse than Jimmy Carter*. *Carter in office.
  7. I can't remember the last time I used a drive-thru window.
  8. infection of the perineum, do not Google image search.
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