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  1. It's still DISCO. It's not great Star Trek, but at least they seem to have gotten the memo that the Star Trek canon is a huge asset, and that they don't need to buck against it constantly.
  2. This is a totally random song from a prog/alternative band from the early 00s. When I was younger, I grew up on Country music (which I still love). But when I was in high school, I was just getting into bands like Rush, Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, and it all opened my eyes to another world of real music. This band, Oceansize, created some of the anthems of those years to me. I was always a little surprised that they didn't make a bigger impact than they did. Still, every once in a while, one of their songs pops into my head. Music For a Nurse or Trail of Fire... But this track, Amputee, remains one of my favorite songs ever. And now, 20 years later, I'm still spinning it from time to time. I love this song, and just wanted to share.
  3. Recent events have me thinking everyone should watch the TOS episode "A Taste of Armageddon".
  4. I love the 7th doctor. He was leaps and bounds better than 6, and Ace was a great companion for him. "Unimaginable power, unlimited rice pudding, etcetera etcetera!"
  5. There probably aren't a ton of fans of 90s and 00s country music here, but I grew up on the stuff. In that world, there aren't many more names with as many memorable bangers as Toby Keith. RIP to one of the true white hats and legendary voices in country music. I'll pour one out from my red solo cup.
  6. Maybe check out the episode Flatline. It's one from Peter Capaldi's doctor, and it was the episode that got me into Doctor Who after I caught it at random on BBC America. It's a solid stand alone episode with a fun Sci Fi premise, and a lot of good companion/doctor characterisation. It typically doesn't make lists of all time great episodes, but to me, it was my favorite kind of Doctor Who episode.
  7. It's all pretty campy. I got pretty into it during Peter Capaldi's run though. He and Clara were great together.
  8. Sad to hear the SRX series is suspending operations for 2024. I just bought tickets to the Cedar Lake race in August, so I'm really disappointed to miss out on it. In recent years I've found more excitement from that format than from NASCAR... I guess that kind of old school racing is doomed.
  9. Today's episode felt like classic Frasier. Probably the best of the new series, very funny.
  10. Hell yes! Dream Theater hasn't been the same since he left, and honestly I've sort of lost touch with them as a result. Meanwhile, MP has been on fire with Flying Colors and his other projects. For the first time since their self titled album, I'm actually pumped to hear what they come up with next!
  11. The first two episodes of the new Frasier revival launched on Paramount Plus today. I've heard a lot of negative rumors about this series, and read one particularly scathing review this morning before watching. So I had fearfully low expectations. But I'm a huge fan of the original Frasier, and committed to giving it an honest look. And I found myself pleasantly surprised. It had some hokey moments, and the new characters need a bit of development, but the show has the heart and wit of the original. While the original cast is irreplaceable, you can enjoy this show as a truly new chapter in Frasier Cranes life. I'll gladly continue to watch, and I hope this revival continues to exceed expectations and defy the negative press.
  12. The plot was silly, but the character moments were fantastic. It was a fun movie to watch, even if a lot of it doesn't make sense. It was the best kind of bad Star Trek.
  13. I have felt this way for years. It's honestly one of my least favorite episodes of TNG.
  14. This being an in-canon conspiracy theory makes me so happy. It warms my heart that, even in utopia, people distrust power.
  15. This is a great moment to nightlight, because the point of Star Trek VI is to let go of outdated, meaningless divisions and to embrace peace when it offers itself up. "You've restored my father's faith." ... "You've restored my son's."
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