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  1. Nothing but a little bit of the Acts of the Apostles from time to time. I made the very stupid mistake of purchasing the entire series of The Walking Dead on sale, followed by the dumber decision of watching the first couple of episodes. I’m on season 7 now. I also decided to take an 8 hour course on the Assyrians (who were the original evil empire, by the way). Apparently, "just the tip” doesn’t work for much in life.
  2. Invisible Man. I think I read this in high school or college, but I can’t remember a thing about it. Other than that it is about a man who is invisible.
  3. Business trips slowed me down, but I’m almost through the Doors of Perception. It seems like it was written by a very smart person with eclectic but limited knowledge, forcing an idea to fit into an experience.
  4. Crime and Punishment was excellent; better than what I remembered. I’m now reading an anthology of Cicero’s writings on rhetoric. It’s interesting to see how much of his advice still works over 2000 years later. He borrowed a lot from the Greeks, but he borrowed the good stuff and abandoned the garbage, and it’s tough for me to see him as anything other than a genius. At 17 he was writing about psychology, philosophy, and linguistics in a way that few can even now.
  5. The Pendragon Cycle ended much better than I thought it would, and I’m glad I stuck with it through the end. I’m now reading Crime and Punishment as I’m still working very slowly through the Thrawn Trilogy with my son.
  6. I'm on the fourth book of the Pendragon Cycle and I didn’t like the third and am not liking the fourth as much as the others simply because there is too much focus on the battles and less on the people. The books still do focus on growth and development, but I just don’t enjoy the battles as much as I enjoy seeing characters grow. Still, I am enjoying the books. I’ve also dived more deeply into the second book of the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy (the canon one, not the legends one which I’ve already read). It’s all good so far.
  7. I finally finished Taliesin and started the second book in the Pendragon Cycle: Merlin. Having primed the pump I hope to go a bit faster now. We also finished the Dragon Warrriors series, which was just ok. Now I think we’ll return to the world of Star Wars with the second book of the new Thrawn trilogy. Apparently there is also a 6th book in the Percy Jackson series, so the kids will be starting that as soon as I buy it. And, as blessings and curses come in threes, the book is supposed to be a start to a new trilogy.
  8. I’ve been horrible on reading for the last two weeks. I’m on the 4th book of the Prince Warriors series with my son, and I’m at the Gospel of Luke in my study Bible, but I am going through both slowly and have basically stopped reading Taliesin. It’s not for any fault in the book as I have found it interesting, it is just laziness. I need to get myself going again. Rhyta, where are you at?
  9. Taliesin, the first book of the Pengragon Cycle.
  10. I’m finishing Alice in Wonderland with Through the Looking Glass.
  11. Something for Nothing What You’re Doing
  12. I’m reading the Gospel of Matthew and A Secret History of Christianity, which is an examination of the idea of consciousness throughout history as seen through the lens of the philosophy of Owen Barfield.
  13. The Trees A Farewell to Kings
  14. Natural Science A Farewell to Kings
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