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  1. Is he the guy that discovered that deviled ham in those small cans?
  2. The governor of South Dakota who is a very vocal family values person has been having a long affair with one of Trump's ex-campaign manager. They're both married.
  3. My wife and I were just talking today about this asshole. It's taken too long for this to happen but I'm glad it finally did.
  4. She appears to have a nice set of cans.
  5. This guy has a pretty good take on the latest Boebert thing and he mentions Green too.
  6. Some women claim that if you don't have a uterus you shouldn't speak about abortion. Won't someone think of the trans men?
  7. Reports are that the CEO's of Ford, GM, etc have gotten huge pay increases (20-30%) over the past couple of years while the people actually putting the cars together have not. Should they get a similar increase, or at least enough to keep up with inflation that the CEO's and other company heads has caused?
  8. I had a guy tell me quite a few moons ago that in Japan Mazda was thought of as Honda is here but he was also trying to sell his.
  9. Good point. I'd guess a musical in a theater would be a different matter. I know I've never seen nor smelled anyone smoking anything at shows I've attended in a theater.
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