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  1. Au contraire. In southern Illinois we had a grand view.
  2. Daily bathing isn't really necessary unless there are reasons such as hyperhydrosis or you've been working at a job that leaves odors/residue.
  3. You know, that guy from the Hertz commercials who jumped over stuff in the airport.
  4. That was with an actual camera with a proper filter. I also tried my phone with the lens from the eclipse glasses and got squat.
  5. Ended up having a great eclipse viewing day. It's so strange watching the dark approaching. It looks like a storm is headed your way and then when it gets to you, it's crazy how dark it gets. One of my pictures.
  6. The woman playing center for SC with all the reddish hair looks like a drag performer.
  7. There must be something about that head jerking back that players think works because they all, men and women, seem to do it. IMO, college basketball players, at least the men, are some of the worst actors in the world. The get hit, fall to the floor and writhe around like they have a compound fracture then go out for 1 play only to get back in and play normally. Frauds.
  8. This seems like it should be something from The Onion, or The Babylon Bee, but it is not. Are you the type of person who will still hold open a door, come to the aid of a neighbor, or Help an elderly person across the street? Are you the type of person that's prepared to defend yourself, your family, or even a room full of strangers? We have the beer that is as bold and brave as you. American Rebel - America’s Patriotic Beer.
  9. I can only speak to what I see on the local news but most of the pedestrian deaths in our area are homeless people. They usually cross wherever they think about (not at a marked crosswalk) and/or are under the influence of drugs or having a mental health issue. Do other countries have a similar homeless concentration in their cities?
  10. As of now my chosen area is supposed to be sunny but it's still 4 days away so things will probably change. *fingers crossed* they don't
  11. like a hotdog thrown into a hallway
  12. Hearing a guy in the waiting room congratulating another guy for being married for 49 years saying, "That's more than all 3 of my marriages combined".
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