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  1. "Making Movies", Dire Straits
  2. "Second Helping", Lynyrd Skynyrd
  3. Did you see Toyota has a GR (Gazoo Racing? wtf?) Corolla that pumps out 300 hp from a 3 cylinder engine?
  4. Maryland Terrapins up at the half over the Buckeyes who may be thinking ahead to next week. Maybe the Terrapins can run over them, slowly.
  5. I recently read a joke that went something like this. "My wife and I told our kids they were adopted and the first thing they wanted to know was who were their birth parents." I replied, "We're your birth parents. Your adopting parents will be here soon."
  6. There goes any chance for the Ducks to get into the playoffs. Their chances probably weren't that great to begin with but they're zero now.
  7. just got the first bluetooth ear buds I've owned and they sound pretty good from Sony
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl
  9. Drugdealer, "Hiding in Plain Sight" DEVO, "Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology," disc 1
  10. "Narrow Stairs", Death Cab For Cutie
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