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  1. Also one of the bright spots in TMNT 2 - Secret of the Ooze Here is is starting at 0:47 seconds in And Lovejoy, in "Titanic"
  2. If you're at a live Rush show, where's the best seat in the house?? And I do mean Rush specifically! - For other bands, you may want a different kind of seat, and that's fine! I'm going off of a pretty standard "sports arena sectioned off for a rock show" arrangement, as can be seen in this diagram (from rateyourseats.com) (Stage in black, everything behind it closed, most fan seats in blue, maybe the suites are open to those with extra cash) And no cop-out super hilarious "The best seat is MY HOUSE lol!" answers either The touring days may sadly be done, but we can still reminisce and discuss!
  3. Here we go yet again! Is Geddy Lee your favorite rock singer? The caveat, yet again - "favorite", not necessarily "the best" He's boombastic on the bass, but is he a superior singer as well? Do you venerate his vocals? Does his voice vanquish the competition? What say you??
  4. Once more unto the breach! Is Neil Peart your favorite lyricist? We know that he dazzles with drumming, but does he wow with words as well? Key distinction time yet again! - "favorite", not necessarily "the best" What say you? Is The Professor the top of the class when it comes to lyrics?
  5. Here we go again! Is Neil Peart your favorite drummer? Key distinction yet again! - "favorite", not necessarily "the best" What say you??
  6. Here comes yet another FAVORITE poll! Is Alex Lifeson your favorite guitar player? Key distinction once again! - "favorite", not "the best" What say you??
  7. Here comes another FAVORITE poll! Key distinction! - Not "the best", but "your favorite" What's your take??
  8. We have come to the knockout round of the "Battle of the decade"! (Early 70s) Sadly, we must say goodbye to the lowest vote getter! 1972 had some votes, but it just couldn't hang in against such fierce competition. We still love ya, 1972!! Now the one on one matches commence! First up, we've got a battle between the top vote getter (1971) and the scrappy underdog (1973) 1971 dominated the preliminaries, but could 1973 pull off an upset here?? Which year wins this battle?? Have at it!
  9. Looking back, what years or seasons in sports were the most memorable? Not just for individual teams either...let's talk about the entire league!
  10. Tally updated! A clear leader so far, but maybe fans of the other years can give their faves a boost! Keep the votes coming!
  11. Same concept as my previous thread, with a little re-tooling Five years enter, one will reign supreme! What is the best year for music from the early 1970s? We're talking albums, live shows and live recordings - what year rules the roost?? Nominate THREE years from this timespan by giving the following number of points #1 best year (first best) - 5 points #2 best year (second best) - 3 points #3 best year (third best) - 1 point An example ballot would look like this My #1 vote - 1972 (5 points) My #2 vote - 1974 (3 points) My #3 vote - 1970 (1 point) After enough votes are cast, I'll tally up all the points and pit the top four vote getters against each other. Least number of votes from preliminary five is automatically eliminated The four remaining will be seeded a la the NHL playoffs (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3) head to head. Winners of that head to head round will face each other in the Final Round, with one year being declared the victor! (I will keep a tally of current points at the top of this post, editing as needed)
  12. The Niles vs CC battles were definitely a draw for the series, as I recall. I'll say YES, it holds up but strongly dependent on the above. Without it, I doubt the series would be remembered as much. Next series up for discussion: Coach
  13. I did this one some time ago. It'll be interesting to see if anything has changed
  14. Don't forget to show some love for season collapses too! Here's a compilation from NFL Films https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OILuF8Tvo8
  15. Wow. There's "outside the strike zone" and then there's "in a different area code"
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