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  1. Prime Mover for me is a top 5 song. I may be rare in that assessment, but clearly to me you have that song far too low. Territories similarly is top 20 for me, possibly top 10. Again, for me, you have this far too low. Vapor Trail I like more each time, but this spot is fine for me. Same for Test for Echo. Presto is a great song, without flaw, but in a style that as Rush goes will never lift it terribly high, so you have it well placed. Roll the Bones is a song that is diminished by the rap. I like rap- I have favorite artists in the genre and I listen frequently. I think Rush's version fails. The humor has diminished returns, of course. But more importantly it sounds like they were writing in someone else's voice. Using slang that isn't theirs in a misguided effort to be current. As humor that might work, but then the humor is a mistake, distracting from the song. If serious, it's worse. It's just a total mistake. I took it as humor. So those returns are gone for me now, diminished to nothing and hurting the song. Because it has good parts, your rating is probably about right. Losing It is my favorite Rush 'slow' song. During the period of Neil's overall best writing. Their musical experimentation pays off here as well, unlike in Roll. Should be higher. Time Stand Still is another strong lyrical song. Neil's brush was wearing thin on this album, but he still had (like every album) some strong work. This one is strong. It's poppy, but it's very good. Should be higher. I'm getting the impression I'm going to be feeling a lot of your true favorites are way too high. I love your list, it helps prove the band's diversity in writing is a strength, with some great work for everyone.
  2. The Analog Kid is WAY too low. All are good songs, but of these I'd put Time and Motion lowest I think. You're top 100 is coming soon, I have a very strong feeling you've got songs up there far too high based on how many great songs didn't make your top 100.
  3. Scars is a song that I have mixed feelings on. I love the music, a very interesting departure that in my opinion works. But then the chorus shifts away from that and back into 80's special effects. It's a bit heavy handed as well. But musically it's solid and the point is a good one. War Paint is a very good song that is a bit "after school special" in its outro. But even so I enjoy it. So both of these Presto songs can rise and fall for me dramatically on any given day depending on how I focus on them. Emotion Detector is in a good spot. That's a top notch album. This may be the weakest song, but it's still great. Red Lenses you have way too high. I just can't get past some of the lyrical presentation. Forced rhymes to accompany an excellent funky sound. People who love it point to the music. Unfortunately for me the lyrics and the lyrical presentation drop it quite far for me.
  4. Anthem for me is down the list for FBN. BB&B is far superior, I love that song. But as Anthem is the classic I imagine most forum folk have Anthem much higher, so you and I are fairly close in that sense on Anthem. Chain Lightning is by far my favorite song off Presto. That song was written by Neil inspired by watching sun dogs with his daughter, and as a father that song has always resonated with me. Superconductor I don't think much of. Musically it's okay, but I am no fan of the chorus. Cold Fire is very nice musically, and it features the wordplay Neil was really into during this time (like Anagram and Face Up among others.) But for some reason it jumps around a lot in my rankings. It moves up and down more than most songs. So I guess this is a good spot for it. Virtuality is an odd one for me. Usually what drops a song quickest for me is when Geddy chooses a singing style I dislike (S&A, VT are the major culprits.). This one is elevated by Geddy's singing. Not a great song and the lyrics are dated, but it's nice to listen to. I'm fine with this ranking. Keep 'em coming!
  5. Well, maybe they are for me. One has Madrigal, afterall.
  6. It's not so clear for me as Goose, but I have both albums pretty neck and neck
  7. You're either combining BU2B2 with Wish Them Well or forgetting about it I'm guessing? At first I thought maybe you didn't count it as a song at all, but you're still counting 12 songs on Clockwork. So maybe you are going to really surprise us with an a very high ranking there! Regardless, I am fine with where you have BU2B. Good song, but a great album. I have Carnies FAR higher.
  8. So to comment on these: Ghost Rider has continued to rise in my eyes steadily over the years, I have really grown to like that one. Ceiling I basically agree with you. Halo Effect, as a Clockwork song, is of course great. I certainly have BU2B2 below this, but I agree Halo Effect is near the bottom of Clockwork. Seven Cities of Gold, though, is near the top of a very good album. I have Seven Cities FAR higher. Red Tide is about right. Finding My Way is a first album song not called Working Man, so it's much lower. Beneath, Between and Behind is just about the best off Fly by Night, competing with By Tor. So much much higher. Keepp posting!
  9. I have Far Cry dozens upon dozens of spots higher than Half the World. So, yes. For me it's much more interesting if someone disagrees than if we all say the same thing.
  10. Hi Derek, When I say that I like when your list differs from mine, that is because that's when it's interesting. I learn more when someone really disagrees with me, because their take is different than mine I also enjoy when someone agrees with one of my unusual takes, because it's nice when someone understands what you're getting at. These lists are boring if they're identical. When I disagree with you it's never personal. These are just art works, what we like or dislike is more about ourselves than the artist. My comments are in line with that. I assume most people that read this are more interested in the surprises than the typical. For example no one had anything to say when I rated Need Some Love low or Natural Science high. That's typical. But people had things to say when I had Prime Mover top 5 and 2112 in the middle. Those are surprises So please post away! I am being serious when I say it's the rankings that surprise me that interest me. On that note, You have High Water and Mal Nar way too low :)
  11. Hope, by virtue of being an instrumental, is a bit low. But it's really just Alex, so it's hard to call it a real Rush song. Far Cry is easily the best song off S&A, although I can see cases made for Main Monkey or MalNar. So that's definitely low. You somehow found 10?! songs off S&A better than Far Cry? One Little Victory suffers, like most of VT and Snakes, from Geddy's bad vocal presentation. It rocks very nicely, and is still a bit low here. There's Totem supporter around here, but that's not me. I'm fine with Totem. I honestly like where you differ, though. That's what makes this fun.
  12. Other than Allen Shore, which is more a middle song, none of these evoke much opinion from me. Some I don't like much, some are ok. An awful lot have that annoying Geddy singing choice I can't stand that he plasters all over VT and S&A So no real arguments from me.
  13. If I had been listening at that time (I was 4) I would have agreed. I enjoy similar music by other bands just fine. But I got into Rush when Rush was well past this, so the first album suffers in my eyes.
  14. Need Some Love is definitely a contender for dead last on my list. No love for Need Some Love. It sure rocks, I'll give it that, but to my ears it's not Rush in any way. For another band it would be solid, but that's just it. Very basic song- I expect more from Rush. Best I Can- same thing. It's better than Need Some Love, but it's a debut song that snuck onto the second album, and it shows. It's a pre-Neil song. Making Memories I enjoy. It's a nice song. Not great, but not skipped. Just a happy song.
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