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  1. LZIII is really my favorite Zeppelin album, so it wins. Possibly the only Zeppelin album that would beat EL.
  2. I still Believe is a great song, probably their best. Interesting how they got so much airplay, only to be relatively forgotten. You couldn't get away from Let The Day Begin at the time. But the preceding album with I Still Believe is the better album
  3. For me the answers are ready. Iron Maiden- the Blaze albums are bad. Not unlistenable like I used to think, I have listened again and there are some great musical moments. But his voice didn't fit, and I never listen to them. Clansman is great though, even with Blaze. Metallica- just terrible ideas sometimes when they try to either be "with it" or artsy. Queen- big 80's slump Not too many bands fit this question for me. If I love the band I like most albums, and if I hate some albums then generally I don't really love any of the albums. But Metallica and Maiden fit.
  4. ELO is fine. I rarely listen, but they have several songs I like. Supertramp is simply far more interesting to me. So they win in a sweep. Also, I never understood the overwhelming love for Mr Blue Sky. Several sites suggest it's the happiest tune you could ever hear musically. It's not interesting to me at all. I don't hate it, it's just a very average song to me. They have so many better ones.
  5. I'm sure I'm not alone in my view: I have several bands that are equally number 1, and they rotate their hierarchy as the mood fits. No option covered a tie, so even though they are my 'favorite' sometimes, I voted to 5
  6. I said 8-10, But it has a lot of competition for the middle of the catalog and sometimes it won't make it. It's my favorite of the first four, though. More than 2112. Between Fly and Caress there is a perfect album, though.
  7. If he's only talking about impact on music, that remains to be seen. At this point in time and specifically towards musical influence of course he's right. But what's the point of saying it? It reads as the words of an aging insecure arrogant ass. He says he doesn't know them yet presumes his performance is more relevant and important. I love hip hop and find Drake's music popular pablum, it holds nothing for me. Don't have any opinion on the Weeknd and therefore I can't attest to whether I like the music or not. I love some of Waters' writing and he's written a lot of music important to me. Based on his comments, though, I can only assume I'm lucky not to know him. For all I know I might think Drake's an awesome guy. Don't make the mistake of equating artistic talent to a quality persona or opinion. All that said, everyone says stupid things due to exhaustion, exasperation, impulsive outbursts, etc. I won't assume anything about Waters personally on one stupid statement. Hopefully he'll see how that sounded and recognize how childish it comes across and walk it back. Obviously Waters was targeted for a 'shock' response, because why the hell point out to Waters that his show wasn't the biggest scheduled? That's utterly insignificant to the art anyway. So it's possible he gave an a-hole response to an a-hole comment. His attack, though, should have been aimed at the person bringing it up rather than the other acts.
  8. Tough. One quick attempt: Corrosion of Conformity - Blind Death Angel - Relentless Retribution Iron Maiden - Power Slave Tengger Cavalry - Sunesu Cavalry Ulver - Bergtatt Anthrax - Sound of White Noise Deus Ex Machina - I, Human Gojira - Amazonia Alchemist - Organasm Metallica - Matter of Puppets even worse than before with best bands, I definitely missed some
  9. When I was a kid Van Halen was a metal band. I'll assume retroactively that to the big metal heads at the time that was like calling Avril Lavigne punk. In any event, I veered away from the 70's, 80's, and 90's hard rock acts. Otherwise my list will grow exponentially. I will say that if the consensus is that Alice in Chains counts, then I must add Soundgarden to my list.
  10. Karl has moved on after the end of Bolt Thrower with a band called Memoriam. I like them a lot. similar to Bolt Thrower but more hard core seeping through. And not every song is about war. More contemporary social topics as well.
  11. In no order and subject to change as I'll have forgotten a couple: Iron Maiden Gojira Alchemist Bolt Thrower Death Angel Ulver System of a Down Tengger Cavalry Jambinai (if they count) Anthrax This was tough, and therefore I went quickly. Definitely missed some. Don't care if some 'aren't metal'. I definitely like all these bands. Edit: Just read the other submissions. I can't believe I forgot C.O.C. they definitely are in my top ten. And Mastodon gets in. Many others have a shot, but I already have a top ten with twelve entries.
  12. I still need to catch up on the Orville, but while I love SNW I agree it suffered from the short season format. Just when I was feeling "finally, they're using that character I find so interesting!" I almost instantly move to, "oh...well that sucks." Tragedy grounds a show, and Trek can always use a bit of a consequences check. I'm for that. But please evolve the stories and characters first. That needs time. Hopefully now that it has become the smash it should be, perhaps they budget will increase and the number of episodes will increase. One can hope.
  13. First episode of Orville was excellent. No pretty ribbon resolution, and almost purely straight Trek SF. Very very little of the comedy. This episode proves to me Seth would have been a great choice of they had let him have the reigns of Trek.
  14. Ironically, if you take over for HiWater, I'd like you to move much faster than your eliminations tend to go :) Also, try to preserve HiWater's system, not sure if yours is the same. Just for continuity. personally I'm still hoping to see the occasional new poll.
  15. Haven't watched this years Orville premier yet, but the comedic part was by far the weak point of the Orville. I know Seth has been a massive Trek fan and wanted to participate in the creation of serious Trek, and I truly believe the Orville's strength is in the Trek ethos it holds, which is superbly delivered. If it leans ever further from comedy, then it will only improve. (I don't hate the comedy, but it has always felt like the show crafted the story far more carefully than the jokes.)
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