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  1. They may exist but are they usable?
  2. Have to admit that I laugh every time I read someone complain that something got pulled off of a streaming service or that the version on there isn't correct.
  3. Felt the major aftershock about 6 p.m. home that night. Windows rattled a bit and it sounded like a big truck going by (not the earlier train) Still didn't really feel anything.
  4. That's pretty much why I liked the first set of R40 a lot more than the second set. Aside from a few songs the second set kind of bored me.
  5. He needs to do the whole catalog including the live albums.
  6. Have to figure Pegi passing at least delayed it and that's the best case scenario. I'd be happy with he straight 2015 CD remaster. Not exactly spending any time thinking about it at this point. A new Envy Of None CD would be nice though.
  7. The music speaks for itself. Now motivated for some Paul Bielatowicz
  8. A soundboard would have been nice but perhaps the tempo was an issue.
  9. It's an embarrassment of riches that I continue to celebrate. Nothing has changed for me there.
  10. My first major earthquake. Heard it, but really didn't feel much. Heard the major after shock about 8 hours later too. Slight window vibrations like a truck was going by. Could have been more than 20 seconds. Quake itself was about a minute. Dog allegedly slept through the first one and didn't really notice the major aftershock. So much for early warning systems. 100 year event here right on a major fault. Quakes are more violent on the west coast supposedly.
  11. Very sad. HUGE loss. Didn't realize she was ill.
  12. I've been going into shows since Test For Echo thinking it was the final tour. I knew Clockwork Angels was the final tour (and for Neil at least it was.) R40 for me was kind of a coda. I was fine with it being the end, but it was clear Geddy wasn't soon after. (It did break the recent trend of at least two tour legs and there were definitely some wires crossed.) The emotions are still raw in the Time Stand Still doc. That said, the bass book tour was my opportunity to say "thank you." The memoir tour was kind of a celebratory thing so it felt really good to experience that and it was therapeutic for anyone that needed it.
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