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  1. Dream Theater -- Greatest Hit and 21 Other Petty Cool Songs (Advance 2CD U.S. promo with the 2007 Images and Words remixes and unique back tray art) Now $20
  2. I listen to that sometimes although not recently. The live recordings and the interviews were the attraction for me. It's more convenient to listen to that although if I want to hear complete shows or interviews I would still have to pull out the CD. It's a good streaming sampler kind if I'm being lazy about it.
  3. I don't know if the band had anything to do with it. Could have been the perception that others (mostly in the UK seemed to have at the time.) I'm still dumbfounded that Marillion was in the metal section a lot of the time in the US. I always thought Kerrang! had a lot of undo influence with the product placement in those years. Readers would thing that if it's on the cover of Kerrang! it must be metal.So that's where you would find it in the record stores.
  4. Didn't know one of these was recorded. They resisted doing festivals for a long time, but obviously relented on occasion. Without consulting Wandering The Face Of The Earth I'd say a few in '79 in Europe and those two from '84 are they only times before Sarstock in 2003 that they did festivals. After that it still wasn't a habit, but a little more common.
  5. Also on the 2112 40th Edition (Not Colorized)
  6. Another tough one. Only really "got" him 30 years ago. Never got to see him live but the fairly recent live albums and DVDs are flat out amazing. Studio work too. Legendary doesn't do his accomplishments justice.
  7. That Duke show has been a favorite of mine for a while now. It's great to finally have it officially released. Wish there were more than the two token Ray Wilson tracks though.
  8. Loved the second set with the special guests. Got a token post Signals song. Really needed to hear Losing It live again. Special guest drummers were really cool. Bass Player really gets it. Working Man as the first song after the show was a nice touch even though it's not a favorite of mine.
  9. The special guests were great! Really glad to have experienced it. Kind of loosely followed the Taylor Hawkins tribute model.
  10. Signals is far and away my favorite of the four Mobile Fidelity releases (Really warm analog sound on it.) Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves are decent but the originals or the Magee 2015's are just as good if not slightly better. I think 2112 is the worst of that lot. It's OK, but it should have been a lot better given how many other good CD versions of 2112 are out there.
  11. The Mobile Fidelity CD release is my favorite. I think it sounds great, very resonate and warm like the LP
  12. Have one of their Moose bass guitar T-Shirts. Wonder if Geddy has ever been there.
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