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  1. I actually think My Favorite Headache is pretty solid with one song ("Grace to Grace") that's as good as anything Rush released in the 90s. Victor is not my thing at all, though.
  2. Looks like My Favorite Headache and Victor are both being reissued with new artwork and bonus tracks on August 9. Both are available for preorder on both CD and vinyl on Rushbackstage. What's strange to me is that the MFH reissue's bonus material is just two instrumental mixes of songs on the album. Why would they not include the two "lost" songs that were released around Geddy's book last fall?
  3. The new album isn't bad. I don't like it as much as Error. The writing and playing is fantastic as always but the songs feel kind of over-workshopped and less organic to me. Like they had too much outside writing/producing help and it makes it kind of generic-sounding. Some good songs still though.
  4. Sounds amazing, where can I download the whole thing?
  5. The only show semi-close to me is 2 and a half hours away by car and it's a radio festival they're probably not headlining. Too bad.
  6. Roll the Bones and Fly by Night are the ones I can do without hearing again. Most of the "hits" I still really enjoy and haven't gotten tired of.
  7. Both of her albums are great. Insanely talented singer and stylist.
  8. On a more positive note, I've seen some recent (within the last couple years) YouTube footage of Jon Anderson's new solo touring band and it's phenomenal. It's all younger musicians who nail the material and his voice sounds shockingly good singing the 70s stuff. If he came near me, I'd have much more interest in going to see him than I would in seeing the cover band with the rights to the Yes name that tours now.
  9. 90125 at least has some good songs. Everything following it falls into one of two categories: desperately trying to chase 90125's pop success without the good songs, or desperately trying to recapture the 70s prog sound without the good songs. I also think their 70s sound could only have been achieved in the 70s and the way those albums were recorded are part of what makes it great. Trying to recreate it in the 90s and 00s with digital recording technology just makes it sound artificial and not organic.
  10. Classic Yes is some of the best music ever made but I don't like a single thing they released after 90125 with the exception of the song "Mind Drive."
  11. This is a good call. The stuff with Allison Krauss isn't really my thing but I can recognize that it's good. I really liked his album Carry Fire from a few years ago and he's had some other good ones post-2000 as well.
  12. Every post-2000 Depeche Mode album is been at least very good, a few I consider great. Particularly 2005's Playing the Angel. As someone already mentioned, Cheap Trick's recent stuff has been pretty strong. Peter Gabriel's new album I/O is up there with his best. Didn't love the new Stones album but the solo album Keith Richards put out about 10 years ago is really good. Those are just a few off the top of my head.
  13. Awesome. Hopefully to be followed by a US headlining tour.
  14. Zero songs I skip on any album from Kings through Power Windows but Power Windows is my favorite album so by default I'll say my favorite five-album run is Permanent Waves through Power Windows. but no wrong answers with any combination of five from that seven-album period.
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