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    R:40 6/19/15, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
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    Natural Science (subject to change)
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    Permanent Waves (subject to change)
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    Discovering Rush. Two R40 concerts in two weeks! Meeting Alex Lifeson!
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    Green Day, Boston, Iron Maiden, Yes, Genesis, Styx
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    Guitar, Bass
  1. Vinyl is a real treat. Selling England By The Pound has always been one of my favorite Genesis albums but hearing it on vinyl threw me for a loop. It felt more dynamic and it gave me a whole new perspective on it. Every member stood out listening to vinyl rather than CD. It's a whole different experience!
  2. What's wrong with Signals?
  3. I'm sure this thread already exists but I cannot find it and I really wanted to post my official list, here it is: 1.) Permanent Waves 2.) Moving Pictures 3.) A Farewell To Kings 4.) Signals 5.) Hemispheres 6.) Snakes & Arrows 7.) Clockwork Angels 8.) Caress Of Steel 9.) 2112 10.) Grace Under Pressure 11.) Hold Your Fire 12.) Power Windows 13.) Presto 14.) Vapor Trails 15.) Fly By Night 16.) :rush: 17.) Roll The Bones 18.) Counterparts 19.) Test For Echo I love them all as if they were my children! :haz: :Alex: :Neil: :geddy: :haz:
  4. If you have heard Iron Maiden since 2000, they have been progressive metal. Their new album has a 20-minute song with multiple pieces.
  5. Rush opened my eyes to progressive rock and I have fallen in love with it. These are a list of my favorite progressive bands in order with my favorite album. I was wondering your favorites too so I could get turned onto more music. 1.) Rush (Permanent Waves) 2.) Iron Maiden (Piece Of Mind) 3.) Yes (Close To The Edge) 4.) Genesis (Foxtrot) 5.) Pink Floyd (Animals) I can't wait to hear your picks!
  6. I love Genesis! Rush, Yes and Genesis are my go-to prog trio in that order.
  7. 1.) Natural Science (the whole thing but mostly the Permanent Waves section) 2.) YYZ 3.) The Analog Kid This list is always changing but #1 remains the same.
  8. How was it a marketing scheme when everyone involved was convinced that it would flop and be out of the theatres within a week? You are referring to the original Star Wars from 1977, correct?
  9. This is for the people who won't watch it because it's too trendy. The Empire Strikes Back is one of the best films ever made. The prequels are awful so don't watch them.
  10. My uncle has always got me some of my favorite Christmas gift and this year is no exception. Rush is our favorite band and we were both at R40 when they came to Buffalo. This year he got me a rare pressing of Rush Pinktop! http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x357/sabresman31/rush%20collection/IMAG0133_1_zpsvfie2svi.jpg He said that there were only 500 or so made. I never knew about it but I can't wait to give it a spin! :)
  11. Oh my god. They played Losing It! They made a "D" set list!! I can't believe it; what an amazing and historic show to attend. I can't wait to see it again on DVD!
  12. Where the prices any different last night for Toronto? I could see everything going up $10 because of the Canadian dollar.
  13. Looks like I may not get "B" when I see them in NYC if that's the case. I already saw "B" in Buffalo. I'm going to the show on Friday and I was hoping for some variety. Who cares about variety? I do? I've never seen them play YYZ live and I'm hoping that they'll play it on Friday! I hope most of Friday's show makes it on the DVD too.
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