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    Air Canada Centre, Toronto 2010
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    Natural Science
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    Moving Pictures
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    Toronto trip summer of 2010 including two Rush shows and Rush con!
  1. Top bands I think of as "metal": Black Sabbath King Diamond Mercyful Fate Judas Priest Queensr├┐che Megadeth Savatage Voivod Iron Maiden Conception
  2. Yes, this was the "mistake" I was thinking about as well. Probably a big enough omission for Neil to feel upset about it I would guess.
  3. Same for me. Kinda late to the party , but I got to see them seven times live altogether so I'm happy about that.
  4. Between the Wheels , The Camera Eye, Natural Science and Entre Nous were very exciting to witness live.
  5. 1.Caravan 2.Armor & Sword 3.Clockwork Angels 4.Earthshine (VT original) 5.The Main Monkey Business 6.The Anarchist 7.Ghost Rider (VT remixed) 8.Headlong Flight 9.Malignant Narcissism 10.The Wreckers 11.Vapor Trail (VT remixed) 12.BU2B 13.Nocturne (VT remixed) 14.The Garden
  6. 1.Dreamline 2.Driven 3.Cut to the Chase 4.The Pass 5.Animate 6.Bravado 7.Double Agent 8.Ghost of A Chance 9.Resist 10.Presto 11.Time And Motion 12.Available Light
  7. Set One: 1.2112 2.Driven 3.Nocturne 4.BU2B 5.Anthem 6.Beneath, Between, Behind 7.Time And Motion 8.Cut To The Chase 9.Tom Sawyer 10.Jacob' s Ladder Set Two: 1.Test For Echo 2.Freewill 3.Earthshine 4.Cygnus X-1/Hemispheres Instrumental Medley 5.Drum Solo 6.One Little Victory 7.Witch Hunt 8.Circumstances 9.By-Tor & The Snow Dog 10.La Villa Strangiato Encore: 1.Bastille Day 2.Working Man
  8. Subdivisions The Analog Kid Grand Designs Mission Marathon Distant Early Warning Middletown Dreams Losing It Time Stand Still Between the Wheels
  9. The Analog Kid Subdivisions Losing It Digital Man Afterimage Between The Wheels Marathon Grand Designs Middletown Dreams Mission
  10. 1.Chronicles 2.2112 3.2112 4.ATWAS 5.Chronicles 6.Roll the Bones 7.Live at Electric Ladyland 74
  11. 20.Feedback 19.Caress of Steel 18.Rush 17.Test For Echo 16.Snakes & Arrows 15.Roll The Bones 14.Hold Your Fire 13.Fly By Night 12.Grace Under Pressure 11.2112 10.Signals 9.Power Windows 8.Presto 7.Hemispheres 6.Vapor Trails 5.Clockwork Angels 4.Counterparts 3.A Farewell To Kings 2.Permanent Waves 1.Moving Pictures
  12. It's a great track from a truly great album!
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