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  1. Agreed. Enough said. The band is finished and they left the recording studio and stage gracefully.
  2. Happy Bastille Day everyone! :rush:
  3. Did it, but keeps asking me to verify if I am human!
  4. Earthshine

    Middletown Dreams

    It's my absolute favorite song on Power Windows. So many Rush fans can relate to this song. One of the wonderful things about Rush's songs is that they relate to so many people and their lives. Maybe that is one reason so many of us love them.
  5. Earthshine

    Catchy Songs

    Out of these, The Spirit Of Radio.
  6. Top 3: Far Cry (# 2) The Way The Wind Blows (# 3) We Hold On (# 1) Filler: Good News First Malignant Narcissism
  7. Top 3: Far Cry (# 2) The Way The Wind Blows (# 3) We Hold On (# 1) Filler: Good News First Malignant Narcissism
  8. Oh I agree. While in a practical sense the motorcycling is going to irritate his tendinitis, the only reason they got him to tour at all was because he was able to do it between shows. So it's a big likelihood they might have quit touring all together after Vapor Trails if they had put their foot down about that. I've always thought that Neil touring on a motorcycle was incredibly risky. If he wants to do it on his own time, fine. But doing it while on tour with the band put his own life and safety at risk, not to mention the band not absolutely knowing where Neil was at all times, or that he was safe and accounted for. Just imagine if anything happened to Neil between shows or on the way to a city or venue of a show! Why even risk it? I can't imagine that Alex or Geddy enjoyed the fact that their drummer and equal member of the band was doing this to himself, to them, the crew and to their fans.
  9. The Camera Eye is great. However, I think it is placed perfectly on the album. However, I have always thought that Vital Signs is kind of a gloomy song and a gloomy way to end this album. Perhaps Vital Signs should have been the second to last song and The Camera Eye the last song. However, the end of The Camera Eye with the chimes is perfect for the upcoming Witch Hunt intro with the orchestral bells. So, yes I guess Vital Signs is where it should be on the album. But it has never been a favorite Rush song for me. Almost sounds like filler.
  10. My goodness! :o Thank you for sharing with us! I had no idea it was in that condition. How in the world did that happen? I just think about how much musical history was made there. Not just by Rush, but tons of artists and bands. It is really sad to see what is happening to some of these studios. Either by neglect as in Le Studio, or other ones such as Townhouse Studios in London. Still there, but not what it once was. At all! Just unimaginable: http://www.dailymail...townhouses.html
  11. Well, I have always thought that The Color Of Right would be a great encore song, and felt that way when I saw them on the Test For Echo tour. And We Hold On is the last song on Snakes & Arrows and is a great ending song. Moreover, it implies that the band are still "holding on," and as an encore are saying, "we are still here and are going to stay," even though this setlist may have been on their last tour. Meaning also that although the band may have ended, the band and its music is going to "hold on."
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