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    taking my 18 year ols son to see rush will always be special to me
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  1. son,you do not how it is to be a redskins fans 48 years.from lombardi to gruden,they drove me insane and back to sanity.
  2. not a sequel,but LIFE that come out this summer,was the worst movie i have ever seen.PATRIOT,S DAY was not that good either. godfather was 2 was great because robert deniro was flawless in it.one of the greatest performances ever.
  3. i doubt geddy has ever used a polaroid while on a wildlife hunt. makes too much noise.
  4. never gonna see another TNG movie,and i would have loved to see a final voyage.never gave much thought to voyager,but loved DS9 which went off too early.
  5. that is great cause i cant look at jason issc,s as nothing but colonel tavington from the patriot who was a total british asshole! lol
  6. The first episode will be "over the air" on CBS, the rest will be broadcast on the CBS streaming service. I dont see how it can survive with out them syndicating it out like all the other series did. i am not sure if enterprise was,but all the rest were.
  7. I Think putting the klingons at war with the universe is the best thing for anything star trek related to do.like the usa vs russia. is,they aint ever gonna get along well.i think this series will do well.all the other star trek series have.i wonder if this will just on cbs all access? a lot of older ST fans probably have no other way to see it but on regular tv.
  8. over 90 degrees here in virginia the last 16 degrees. satan popped upoutside and said, f**k this shit,it,s too hot here,i am going home. :laughing guy: :laughing guy: :drool:
  9. been together over 40 years,i bet 30 0f those years they were touring. the guys in the band deserve to retire the way they wish. i can see them still making albums.
  10. so,when is the f***ing book coming out? or is this just bullshit? i am just an old va schoolboy,so wtf do i know?
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