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    cars, cats, metal, baseball, my pet spiders

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    7/30/15 - Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
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    Xanadu, The Necromancer, La Villa Strangiato
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    A Farewell to Kings
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    ✰Watching Rush in Rio with my dad when I was little. ✰Seeing them in concert for the first time.✰Meeting other Rush fans while seeing my favorite Rush tribute band, Caress of Steel.✰Seeing them for the 2nd time.✰ Rushcon in November 2016!✰ Meeting RUSHHEAD666!✰ Meeting Geddy in 2019!!!!!!
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    Ghost, Black Sabbath, Budgie, RHCP, Yob, The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins, King Gizzard, Primus, Pond, Power Trip
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    ex clarinet player, newbie guitar player

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  1. jamie

    Stalker alert!

    Completely agreed. I mean, I wouldn't be able to talk to him without getting nervous, but taking a very close-up picture of the back of someone's head just to post it is just kinda weird to me. It's not harmful in any way, but I don't see why anyone would do it if it wasn't for attention lol.
  2. it's national boyfriend day and i finally have someone worth celebrating
  3. im still shy but im getting more comfortable at this job every day.
  4. im definitely on my gm's good side. today he asked me if i'm the black mazda 3. i responded, "yeah, why?". he turned around kinda slow and said, "you like Rush?" and i told him that they're my favorite band of all time. he raised his hand for a high 5 and said, "theyre my favorite band ever. i've seen them probably 6 or 8 times". i told him about the two times that i saw them and the time i met Geddy on his book tour, and he seemed f***ing blown away lol.
  5. i appreciate the coworkers who are trying to get to know me and get me out of my shell lol.
  6. i dont know if my new coworkers like me, some of them do. im too shy to talk to anyone because, for the most part, i sometimes feel like i'm walking in on a party i wasn't invited to lol.
  7. Hell yeah it is. I love me some 70's prog that's borderline metal.
  8. took an accidental nap from 5pm-8pm
  9. you know it's real when your partner moves their desktop computer into your room
  10. first day at my new job is today. im a hotdog boi now.
  11. i had an interview at Portillo's hotdogs yesterday and i got hired on the spot. bye bye Little Caesar's.
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