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    cars, cats, metal, baseball, my pet spiders

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    7/30/15 - Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
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    Xanadu, The Necromancer, La Villa Strangiato
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    A Farewell to Kings
  • Best Rush Experience
    ✰Watching Rush in Rio with my dad when I was little. ✰Seeing them in concert for the first time.✰Meeting other Rush fans while seeing my favorite Rush tribute band, Caress of Steel.✰Seeing them for the 2nd time.✰ Rushcon in November 2016!✰ Meeting RUSHHEAD666!✰ Meeting Geddy in 2019!!!!!!
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    Ghost, Black Sabbath, Budgie, RHCP, Yob, The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins, King Gizzard, Primus, Pond, Power Trip
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    ex clarinet player, newbie guitar player

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  1. bring back shitty webcam selfies 2022
  2. i lost weight, sometimes i see it, sometimes i dont. sometimes i dont recognize myself, for better or for worse.
  3. it's nice out. too bad i want to die.
  4. my boyfriend apologized for calling me handsome in return. i like it tho.
  5. living in a clean, functional home is incredible. it's been years.
  6. i love my boyfriend so much, wow
  7. i dont want to live in this country anymore
  8. more money more problems? i beg to differ.
  9. Venom is such a little sweetie pie.
  10. yesterday i was telling my boyfriend how badly i've been wanting a jumping spider. what do you know, i found one hanging out by our minis at work today! i caught him and put him on a planter outside, when i got off he was still there. i guess it's meant to be! i just need to set up an enclosure and feed him, his abdomen is pretty small.
  11. i do not miss working with teenagers, not one bit.
  12. working basically full time with fibromyalgia, having a horrible boss and babysitting teenagers all day while not even being a shift leader was not worth it though
  13. i would rather blow my brains out than work in fast food again, but i miss making $1800 a month
  14. my boyfriend got me tony iommi's biography for my birthday, i absolutely love it.
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