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  1. should i be a pizza delivery guy???
  2. im desperate enough to be a gopuff delivery driver
  3. im desperate enough to work for the DMV
  4. i need to be hugged and kissed and told that everything is going to be okay...... but my boyfriend is still at work
  5. job searching is even harder when the only phone calls you get every day are spam calls.
  6. using Discord on company time too, Union?
  7. I finally finished Tony Iommi's biography yesterday, it was such a fun book to read.
  8. bring back shitty webcam selfies 2022
  9. i lost weight, sometimes i see it, sometimes i dont. sometimes i dont recognize myself, for better or for worse.
  10. it's nice out. too bad i want to die.
  11. my boyfriend apologized for calling me handsome in return. i like it tho.
  12. living in a clean, functional home is incredible. it's been years.
  13. i love my boyfriend so much, wow
  14. i dont want to live in this country anymore
  15. more money more problems? i beg to differ.
  16. Venom is such a little sweetie pie.
  17. yesterday i was telling my boyfriend how badly i've been wanting a jumping spider. what do you know, i found one hanging out by our minis at work today! i caught him and put him on a planter outside, when i got off he was still there. i guess it's meant to be! i just need to set up an enclosure and feed him, his abdomen is pretty small.
  18. i do not miss working with teenagers, not one bit.
  19. working basically full time with fibromyalgia, having a horrible boss and babysitting teenagers all day while not even being a shift leader was not worth it though
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