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  1. I told him to be himself. That was pretty mean, I guess.
  2. I love what the indians did to custer
  3. Elton John had an incredible run from 1970-1976. He released 10 albums, two of them a double albums. Just hit after hit after hit after hit after hit. Blue Moves may represent a dip in quality, but it's still a solid record.
  4. putting another 1,000+ miles on a rental car
  5. Driving by on my way to somewhere else
  6. Brownsville Station inspired me to pick up a guitar.
  7. What if I told you you can do all of that. It's more a formula for long-term success at the cost of sudden short-term gains.
  8. We are all destined for the final frontier.
  9. The Atlantic offers the old world.
  10. Something about the west is cleansing to the east coast yuppie.
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