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  1. King Crimson - Live in Chicago 2017 King Crimson - Music is our Friend: Live in Washington and Albany, 2021
  2. I leave signatures on because I want to see what pieces of flair the other members have chosen for themselves.
  3. Montreal 1984 is pretty sick so far. I've somehow always slept on Discipline despite liking it each of the few times I've played it.
  4. I've also been listening to Crimson lately, though just later period live albums. Chicago 2017 being recorded two days before I saw them was the closest I've ever come to showing up on a live album
  5. The Rolling Stones - Live at the El Mocambo April Wine - Live at the El Mocambo Elvis Costello & The Attraction - Live at the El Mocambo The Tragically Hip - Live at the Roxy The Tragically Hip - Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2006 Alice in Chains - Live
  6. Blue Öyster Cult - Spectres Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones Devin Townsend Project - Ghost System of a Down - Mezmerize Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky
  7. When ya say it out loud, it doesn't seem like so many, but when you're holding it in your hand...that's a lot of chocolate!
  8. September 23: Gary Clark Jr. in Ithaca, NY
  9. Also saw the show twice this tour. I had a great time meeting other Rush fans and the shows made me a big fan of Primus. The second show was in Toronto for Night 2 of their Massey Hall gig. I don' t think I've ever seen a crowd so loud and electric. There was really a different sort of energy in the air compared to the first show I went last year. They teased YYZ to open John the Fisherman and the roof damn near blew off the building. Also to their credit, they only repeated two of their original songs when I saw them the second time.
  10. At Mega Lo Mart, you’re shopping for the rest of your life!
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