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  1. Been to this store in the city I grew up in many times. I got a couple of vinyl albums 20 percent off last Friday. I agree that it's nice they're not closing down but Claremont and the colleges surrounding it is not the same without it. https://claremont-courier.com/opinion/rhino-moves-on-so-does-claremont-66470/
  2. Reminds me of this quote from my favorite MST3K episode, Mitchell. Joe Don Baker would be perfect for Elvis, the dying days. - Crow T Robot
  3. 2-1! Suck it, Jesse Winker! That punk even flipped off the crowd at Anaheim. How about that Rendon? He is to brawls what Rick Allen is to drumming. If only he wouldn't get injured all the damn time.
  4. Two straight losing home game series against teams with worse records. They have a habit of being a hare to these turtles and now have a worse record than Baltimore ffs. BALTIMORE!
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