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  1. A decent band - always interesting I fnally got round to listening to this - a shame that they have parted ways with vocalist Rocky. A terrific live set.
  2. Indeed yes, but some of the later anniversary sets contained associated live shows from the relevant tours. Unfortunately there are no real quality bootlegs from the TAAB tour, suggesting that there is no suitable material to use ..... shame really.
  3. I got very excited when I read the headline in the press, thinking that perhaps this was a new package for 50 years ....... with maybe a super duper live show from the tour..... sadly I was only being delusional!!
  4. A new 'hard rock supergroup' featuring Michael Sweet, Joel Hoekstra, Marco Mendoza, Tommy Aldridge and Nathan James. Sounds pretty damn good!!
  5. I have now had a second listen and I'm really enthused with it. A fine return from PT.
  6. Agreed ..... I certainly think it is as good as The Incident if not better. Not sure what I was expecting but it certainly exceeds my expectations.
  7. I had my first listen today (the deluxe version). My first impressions are very positive - a most accomplished album which I think will grow and grow on me.
  8. Many Happy Returns Custom55! Have a good one!
  9. My first listen to the new Porcupine Tree album ....... and it sounds pretty good to me!
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