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  1. I have made a slight change of plan. I'm now aiming for the date in Wolverhampton on 10th Dec. We'll fly over on 9th and go visit the grandkids in Malvern and then travel to Wolverhampton on 10th. Flights and hotels are booked so all I need to do now is secure a ticket!
  2. I am thinking about going to the Glasgow event. I see it mentions a presale next Thursday.... not sure what the criteria is for that.
  3. Geddy's changed a bit since then.
  4. Come on now Micky old boy, just let it go. Time for your meds and your afternoon nap.
  5. It was a scorcher here yesterday (a rare occurance in N. Ireland!) so I got the sun lounger out, several cold beers and a couple of classic live albums from the '70s -
  6. Slovenia 4 N. Ireland 2 Another tournament fizzles into the night.
  7. Over the past few days I have listened to this magnificent anniversary edition of Broadsword and the Beast. A few thoughts spring to mind - - I had forgotton just how good this album was ..... puts the recent so called Tull releases (The Zealot Gene and Rokflot) firmly into perspective as the inferior offerings they are. - Coming not so far after the Signals anniversary release, it really puts it it to shame. For as little as we got on the Signals release, here we have a smorgasbord of bonus material ... so so good. - Listening to the live stuff... Martin Barre comes across amazingly well .... totally integral to the whole Tull sound. Ian, if you are reading this (which of course you won't be) you should hold your head in shame at trying to pass your current load of sidekicks off as Jethro Tull. Not even close Ian. - Finally, a lavish book with loads of pics and articles etc. (I haven't even had time to go through it yet.) An all round jolly good release.
  8. Much as I love Broadsword, I love all these Rush albums better. Now, if you had chosen some post Signals albums, that would be a different matter!!
  9. Agreed ...... theband were right on it. I loved watching them.
  10. So so sad to hear this. We got to see him in concert twice when we were in the US on vacations. Both concerts were so much fun. I raise my margarita glass to you Jimmy. Sail on.
  11. I saw an ad for this documentary recently and have been meaning to watch it. .... It looks like something I would really enjoy. Hipgnosis have been responsible for a lot of my favourite albums through the years.
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