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  1. (For me) Rush died as a band when The Professor passed. By all means I would love to see Alex & Geddy collaborate again .... tour, create new music, play old Rush songs ..... but ..... just not as Rush. Let the Rush legacy stand as is.
  2. Difficult to quantify this one .... my immediate reaction is that it should be something from Presto as IMO it is the worst album Rush ever released ..... but when it comes down to Rush's long list of songs. across the decades .... it's all a matter of taste.
  3. Still got mine at 65! Mind you it's thinning out rapidly on top!! Cue music.... I Think I'm Going Bald
  4. Just back from a week of winter sun in Gran Canaria. I took the book in audible format with us, and the Missus and I listened to it in the evenings, getting through the entire thing. A few comments:- - Having Geddy do the narration (and in places Alex) really brought it to life for me. - The early sections detailing his family's ordeal during the war years was harrowing, but key to the whole book. - The drug taking was unsurprising for the times, but strangely I just didn't expect it from Rush. - The final section detailing detailing Neil's diagnosis and eventual passing, got me real emotional. - Overall a tremendous listen (i've never done an audio book before). But I will also read the hard copy. - I was somewhat underwhelmed with the 'lost demos'. Can't wait for the Wolverhampton gig now!
  5. I've always had a soft spot for Renaissance so they get all my votes.
  6. sounds like a bad case of 'water on the brain'
  7. In the UK, the beer of choice for the out and out winos (so i'm told!) was always Carlsberg Special Brew. Rocking in at an impressive 9% it was pure rocket-fuel. Taste wise, it had a sickly sweet, almost 'syrupy' feel to it. Totally foul. I am led to believe that these days, due to the 'nanny state' banging on about responsible drinking etc. it has been watered down to 7.5%. probably still foul!
  8. I'll probably go for a t-shirt.
  9. If the UK stuff is the same I might buy the 'coloured' t-shirt.
  10. Thank you blueschica for this detailed and very informative post. Gosh! i didn't mean a simple post about EC's opinions to escalate this way lol! All i am trying to say is ... when you are in a position of influence (eg. EC) comments you make (in particular about things like vaccines) can be very very dangerous. Look, I have a connection to all this .... An uncle of mine (God love him, he was always a maverick!!) took a stance that vaccines were an infringement on civil liberties, and that lock downs were wrong. He died in November 2020 ..... from Covid.
  11. I was only stating what he had said. Drunk or not, he said what he said. Being drunk doesn't make it all right. Regarding lockdowns and vaccines ..... thank God we had the lockdowns (not an over-reaction, but rather a very necessary precaution), and the vaccines which saved countless lives, otherwise here in the UK we would have had even more deaths than the tragic number that did occur.. So yes, regarding the Covid issues, IMO he talked complete sh*te and should have kept his mouth shut..
  12. I've just signed up to Amazon Audible and downloaded the book. I'm new to this 'audible' lark so it's a bit newly fangled having the book read aloud to me, although it is so cool that it is Geddy doing the reading! I am however keeping the physical copy at hand so that the pictures are sync-ing up to what I am listening to. So far, (Chapters I & II), I am finding it at times humourous but also very moving. I love the way Geddy reads it - really brings it to life for me.
  13. He made some racist in the past and more recently had some 'conspiracy theories' about Covid, and rants about lock-down. Methinks at times old Eric would be better keeping his gob shut!
  14. I think I will download the Audible version as well. According to my Amazon membership I can take a free trial, and download the book at no cost. Sounds too easy but i'll give it a go!
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