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  1. Craig Charles an old-Rush fan, who knew?
  2. RIP Nichelle Nichols
  3. Michael Schenker played lead guitar on Lovedrive.
  4. 70s Scorpions has little in common with 80s and later Scorpions.
  5. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Sad Wings Of Destiny - Judas Priest 2112 - Rush Van Halen - Van Halen Taken By Force - Scorpions Rising - Rainbow Heaven and Hell - Sabbath Number of The Beast - Iron Maiden Blackwater Park - Opeth Lateralus - Tool
  6. 70s Rush Zep Deep Purple Rainbow Black Sabbath Iron Maiden 70s Judas Priest Opeth 70s Scorpions Dio
  7. Kiss doing 2112? No thanks. Listened to it once - it’s garbage!
  8. In Absentia is their breakout album and still sounds fresh today. Great mix of songs, sounds and Gavin’s jaw dropping drums.
  9. I’m loving the album and the bonus tracks. To me this the album that The Incident should have been and is far better than that album. There’s not a lot of new ground but you can really hear the difference between this and a SW solo album. Gavin’s playing is off the charts good too.
  10. I don’t like pop music.
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