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  1. The Atmos is terrible. Sounds like it was recorded in an echo chamber. Unlistenable.
  2. Beauty is subjective, ability isn’t. Lifeson at his best, in my opinion, was far more imaginative than EVH could ever be. Technique wise it’s a no brainer. There’s a level above Lifeson in terms of technique that he could never reach and there’s a few electric guitarists that inhabit that space; EVH, Vai, Satriani, Guthrie Govan for starters. However, ALL these pale in comparison to the likes of Segovia and other legendary classical guitarists.
  3. Tony R

    The Worst of Rush

    Face Up is appallingly bad. Hand over Fist is shit and Virtuality is a cringefest.
  4. A church investigation found that over 4,000 priests in the United States alone had been accused of abusing more than 10,000 children


  5. Tony R

    Rush sighting

    You’ve eyes like a shithouse rat! ATWAS…
  6. Lights Out - UFO. The 2024 remastered edition. This actually sounds like an upgrade to a very fine album. Not usually very impressed by remasters and of course there’s been remastered versions of this album previously. Very highly recommended.
  7. Alex Lifeson played with Treeduck? Never.
  8. So cold the night that darkens every waking hour… RIP Tony
  9. My memory is bad. I saw them on the bill of the first ever Monsters Of Rock festival headlined by Rainbow.
  10. I saw them live in Manchester, I think they were headlining a triple bill, and they were very proficient but not really my thing. I listened to Harder…Faster the other day and it was much better than I remembered. RIP.
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