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  1. Questions for Geddy on The Guardian website https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2023/nov/16/rush-geddy-lee-reader-interview
  2. Are we going to hear new music from you and Alex? CygnusX5 Certainly, there will be new music from Alex and new music from me. Will there be new music from us together? I think it’s likely.
  3. “MORRIS CAMPS. STARACHOWICE: AUSCHWITZ FIDSSEN BURG LANDSBERG BUCHEN WALD. LEIPZIG MAUTHAUSEN This wAs dead March, For months. until LIBERATED. MAY 5. 1945,” Excerpt From My Effin' Life Geddy Lee This material may be protected by copyright. Geddy’s father’s list of camps he was incarcerated in. Dead march means death march.
  4. Great read authored by a great guy.
  5. Does anything ever happen in Toronto?
  6. Priest even stole the intro to their best song, Beyond The Realms Of Death, from Styx. f***ing Styx!
  7. 70s “metal” was al-loo-min-e-um compared to what came after, even Sabbath. Hard Rock for the win!
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