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  1. I went to high school with their pitching coach. I'll let him know if I see him over the winter...
  2. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34154120/seattle-mariners-fan-sends-jesse-winker-pizza-ejection-major-brawl-los-angeles-angels After the big brawl between the Angels and Mariners yesterday, a Mariners fan in Arkansas had a Mountain Mike's pizza doordashed to Jesse Winker. What's crazy is he actually got it! She then used Twitter to have people tip the driver and they blew up his venmo. Awesome. I just sent him a couple bucks.
  3. https://twitter.com/6undy/status/1541260388041314306?t=LXrFXRlI21VFq6a1iipxOg&s=19 It took less than 10 minutes for them to dent it
  4. So I've only been able to turn on tonight's game right at the start of the last Tampa power play. From what I've seen Tampa is completely controlling the tempo so far. But my gosh the Tampa coach looks like such an arrogant douchebag.
  5. It's the way they do it that makes it so awesome. He gave himself a 5 on the 4th hole today cause he one-armed his 5-foot putt. This was after he had crushed his drive to within about 80 yds. We get to the next tee and the old guy says "How the f*** do you get a 7 after that drive?" "No, I got a 5." "Bullshit, you never got near the hole!" There was a similar occurrence on number 8 and 9. It was very enjoyable to watch.
  6. To be honest it's hard to say how well the clubs have worked out for me. When I first started golfing again 3 years ago or so I would shoot in the low sixties. Now I am in the low fifties, but I also have taken some lessons. If I could keep my head down consistently I think I could pick up another 3 or 4 shots per round but I just can't seem to keep from pulling my head up. My old clubs were a set of Mizuno blades that were from the early nineties or so.
  7. So this morning I sucked, but that wasn't what made the round so satisfying. I got paired with the loud mouth again, but this time the other 2 in the group the group were the outspoken grumpy old retired Union pricks rather than the 2 soft spoken guys from the other day. I just want to say I love grumpy old retired Union pricks. They called the loudmouth out 3 times on his generous scoring and it was quite enjoyable to see him squirm.
  8. He's just winning. Apparently the guy Kadri changed for hadn't completely gotten off the ice yet. It's a b******* thing to complain about especially given their recent history.
  9. I voted 4 games and shouldn't be suspended at all. 4 games because the league is weak on this type of stuff and will cave to public pressure. But without explicit and accurate details I can't say for sure that what he did warrants being suspended at all.
  10. Today's 51 was frustrating for a whole different set of reasons. There are 8 people in our Wednesday Friday group, but there is usually always at least one person out. 6 of the other 7 are really cool guys and I enjoy golfing with each of them. The 8th guy is a challenge because he just never shuts his mouth. Whether it's the bro talk encouragement or the constant analysis of what he did wrong on this or that shot. It's compounded because he is also the laziest worker in our building and he knows it and seems to revel in it. It's compounded even worse because his son and my daughter are actually really good friends and have their entire class schedule together. I usually manage to avoid being in his group but today I got stuck there. I found myself paying more attention to what he was doing than myself because he tends to be generous with his scoring. At the end of the round he told the 1st group that he had a 47 and I almost burst out laughing. He gives himself any putt inside 5' if it's the 2nd putt. But we don't play for money, and at the end of the day he did get me my full set of Cobra Speedzone clubs at half price so you just bite your tongue and deal with it.
  11. I disagree. His strokes gained off the tee improved from -.4 to +.3 after he started fading his shot. His swing speed has increased from 118 to 120mph, resulting in an increase in driving distance to 298 yards with an accuracy rating of 64.88%. That makes for a total driving value of 148, which ranks 38 on the tour, far above where he was just 2 years ago. Playing by your gut is for hackers like me. If you want to make money, you need analytics. I was hoping for Scheffler, Matsuyama or McIlroy, but this kid seems ok.
  12. I'm sorry but Will Zalawhatsisface just looks like too much of a puss to win a major. Eat a cheeseburger for crying out loud!
  13. One of my church congregation members is there volunteering. He's native American, and bears a solid resemblance to Notah Begay, which allowed him to walk into the media hospitality tent. He's been posting pics all day.
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