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  1. It can depend on the arena. Floor seats can suck if it's a flat surface. But close is nice. It puts you in T-shirt range. I had Alex toss one to me on 1 tour from the 3rd row and got another one from Neil's cannon from the 12th row.
  2. Went out yesterday in what might be my final round of the year and played 18 at the really nice course in my hometown (Wachusett GC). I am crediting myself with a 99. On the 15th hole my drive went right, which it never does as a lefty, right along the tree line. Right when I got to the spot to look for it, I looked up and one of my group's push carts was rolling down the hill past me and he was nowhere in sight. It headed Into the woods and had it not been for a drainpipe would have fallen down an 8' ditch. I was able to stand it up so nothing fell out but not pull it out from the leverage point that I had. I held it until someone could get to me and pull it out of the pricker bushes. After that I had no time to actually look for my ball so I just dropped one and then hit 2 really nice shots and wound up parring the hole. I didn't take the penalty stroke because I had done my good deed. Pretty sure my ball was in the woods though...😇
  3. He defrauded the game. But they were enabled by everyone from the commissioner on down. A commissioner with balls would apologize and nullify their records. Judge and Aaron are the true home rin kings. We were robbed of the opportunity to celebrate properly.
  4. I think the stress was getting to him. I'd take tomorrow off. The fan who caught the ball is a VP at Fisher Investments. He may just keep it.
  5. I think the guy who reached to his right knocked it away from the guy who was in line to catch it.
  6. I loved the closeup of the 2 fans that got in each other's way trying to catch it. There went a million Canadian bucks.
  7. So I finally broke 50 on our regular course this morning with a 48. It felt weird because I did not par a single hole, but I also didn't have any triples either. 6 bogeys and 3 doubles. On every hole where I hit a duffed shot, my next shot was a really decent recovery.
  8. Such pain. I had a pretty decent round going today and realized that as long as I didn't go 7 7 on 8 & 9 I would break 50 clear. 7 7
  9. 'Tis only a bump. We will return to crush your souls.....I think.
  10. That's garbage. He already sat a year. This was leaked by Houston ownership AFTER he requested a trade, meaning they knew while it was happening and did nothing. I'm still not convinced anything non-consensual happened. Meanwhile the team owners are getting off with nothing for far worse infractions. Absolute bullshit.
  11. That’s something I would expect Ford to say...Is he rubbing off on you?
  12. Is this gonna be a long night? I have an early tee time.
  13. Then there's this little thing... I was at games 3 and 4 of this series in Miami
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