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  1. I found out way too late in life that I would’ve loved to of been an electrician.
  2. She played a 3 1/2 half hour show three nights straight, one of those nights in absolute pouring rain this past year here in Foxboro. She is f***ing incredible.
  3. I know they love the guy, but they’ll never win with Campbell as a coach. He’s just too much of a moron.
  4. Lions can’t tackle worth a damn. What a choke job. Their head coach is a dumbass.
  5. Nope. It’s just this year. Version of everyone gets a f***ing trophy. The hall is for the best of the best of the best which none of these three ever were.
  6. That’s even more insane. Nobody who relies on analytics to make a decision should be allowed to vote. At the very least Beltran should’ve had to wait five or six years. I’ve always been in favor of keeping the steroid guys out, but even letting them in would be less of a disgrace than this.
  7. I am an extremely small hall guy in an everybody gets a trophy world. Beltré played 21 years in the Bigs and made five All-Star teams. How does a guy who for 3/4 of his career was not one of the 25 best players in his league get named tothe hall (on the first ballot, no less)??! His highest MVP finish was second, one time. And don’t even get me started on the other two.
  8. Beltre, Helton, and Mauer voted into the Hall. What a freaking joke. Add Biggio, Rolen and Baines and no wonder baseball’s popularity has faded.
  9. Just realizing now that the referee f**k up in the Lions Dallas game, cost the Lions home-field for this game Sunday with San Fran
  10. I remember wanting to watch this when I first heard about it. I couldn’t stand the movies with Tom Cruise. I discovered the reacher series by accident about 12 years ago when I was about to board a flight and needed to grab something to read, and just grabbed a random book off my wife’s bookshelf. She’s not even sure where she got it. It was 61 Hours. I was instantly hooked, even though he basically just rewrites the same book over and over again. The irony is, I stopped reading John Grisham novels because of that exact same reason.
  11. With the polka intro? Yup. I should add that I felt that they were lazy with the Setlist on that tour. The first I saw was in Chicago with a friend of mine who is an executive for Harrah’s and a friend of his who is a freelance reporter working the concert. He had a temporary pass to get up by the front of the stage to take some incredible photos (which I have), and then reviewed it for an independent Chicago paper. As we were walking out, he asked me what I thought of the show, and I told him that I felt a little bit like they mailed it in. He put that in the review! La Villa is one of my all-time favorite songs, but they never once played it legit on any of the tours that I saw. It was always altered or abbreviated in one way or another.
  12. My concern, more than whoever is drumming is who is singing. Geddy had some rough nights the last couple of years… Ill still go. And I've left shows early. Madison Square Garden to catch the last train. Saratoga to beat the traffic for the long drive. Time Machine at Mohegan Sun because the encore sucked. My folks’ house was so close to the casino I eas probably home before Neil’s bus rolled out.
  13. My band played Roller and Just Between You and Me in the 90’s. I had a bass/six string, double neck, and Taurus pedals that we would use for the middle of Roller. For Just Between, We changed the French line in the last chorus to “Voulez-vous ménage-a-trios, means that our love will be with three”, and cracked up at the audience reactions anytime they caught it.
  14. I listened to VT a ton when it came out, going for long drives in the Connecticut countryside. I never seemed to make it to the end. I’ve hardly ever heard Freeze or OOTC.
  15. Wow, Slim !!! I haven’t seen you in years!! I was someone you used to torment on CP A _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ W _ _ _ _ _
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