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  1. I think the guy who reached to his right knocked it away from the guy who was in line to catch it.
  2. I loved the closeup of the 2 fans that got in each other's way trying to catch it. There went a million Canadian bucks.
  3. So I finally broke 50 on our regular course this morning with a 48. It felt weird because I did not par a single hole, but I also didn't have any triples either. 6 bogeys and 3 doubles. On every hole where I hit a duffed shot, my next shot was a really decent recovery.
  4. Such pain. I had a pretty decent round going today and realized that as long as I didn't go 7 7 on 8 & 9 I would break 50 clear. 7 7
  5. 'Tis only a bump. We will return to crush your souls.....I think.
  6. That's garbage. He already sat a year. This was leaked by Houston ownership AFTER he requested a trade, meaning they knew while it was happening and did nothing. I'm still not convinced anything non-consensual happened. Meanwhile the team owners are getting off with nothing for far worse infractions. Absolute bullshit.
  7. That’s something I would expect Ford to say...Is he rubbing off on you?
  8. Is this gonna be a long night? I have an early tee time.
  9. Then there's this little thing... I was at games 3 and 4 of this series in Miami
  10. We're not entitled. We're just better than you.
  11. Brady never should have been suspended for that at all, as it was a simple equipment violation. But please don't act like he didn't do it. Don't be like one of these assholes on Twitter that starts quoting the Ideal Gas Law.
  12. I wonder how much of this would have ever come out if Watson had never wanted out of Houston.
  13. How he could mistake the cathedral that is Wrigley for the shithole that is Fenway is beyond me.
  14. 6 games suspension for Deshaun Watson. It's still too many. I'm wondering if there was a backroom deal made where if he promised not to appeal it they'd lower the number.
  15. Played 18 for the first time this year yesterday. Somewhat of an uppity course. 18 only, must ride. A guy comes out to the first tee with the instructions about pace of play and stuff like that. The course was nice, but not THAT nice. Several fairways were completely covered in divots. Shot 100 on the nose, 55 out, 45 in. So close.... Two days earlier I played quite possibly the dumpiest course ever. No tee boxes, no fairways, just really short mowed grass. The tee area was so compact I had difficulty getting the tee in the ground on some holes. Managed to shoot a 46. I was surprised we went there because my guitarist ( who set it up) is sorta really well off, the drummer is now an inheritance millionaire and I'm at least well off enough to afford a decent course. First time I've ever seen 3 lefties in one foursome.
  16. Tried to post the Twitter link of Mickelson getting heckled yesterday. There's a long version by the guy who actually did it. It's pretty cool.
  17. Unfortunately now that Ortiz is in it's going to make the argument for the rest of the steroid cheats that much stronger. He just happened to be the nicest of them all. He was a big guy though even when I saw him playing in Salt Lake City
  18. Sheesh. Now they might get Barkley from TBS as well as the women's tour.
  19. I'm supposed to go out Sunday with my old college marching band director whom I haven't seen in 30 years. But it's going to be 94 and humid as all hell. I keep hoping he'll reschedule...
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