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  1. I listened to VT a ton when it came out, going for long drives in the Connecticut countryside. I never seemed to make it to the end. I’ve hardly ever heard Freeze or OOTC.
  2. Wow, Slim !!! I haven’t seen you in years!! I was someone you used to torment on CP A _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ W _ _ _ _ _
  3. This is my insane busy time so it’s been slow reading for me. I’m at the part where he talks about dealing with fans and their awkwardness. I would bet a lot of money that the one who said all the songs on Presto were about him was Bill Banasiewicz. It just seems to fit. I know he became close enough where they each accepted him into their personal lives. And the Visons book reads almost like an autobiography of his own adventures with Rush. And that they cut him off for an unclear reason. At first I’d heard he’d played unfinished demos on his radio program or something, but this fits too. The guy seemed a little obsessed.
  4. It reminds me of what my father described his first AA meeting as being like. He looked around the room and thought “No way am I as bad as these guys.” (He was). Every time I’m in a room full of Rush fans, I look around and think “Oh my gosh, what a bunch of f***ing dweebs. No way am I as bad as these guys.” (I’m not…..I think).
  5. We saw some people waiting by the back of the Orpheum. The car had just arrived to pick him up and had to back down the alley. We didn’t stay.
  6. Eric McCormack, who hosted the Geddy shows in Boston and D.C. last week, has been served with divorce papers from his wife of 26 years. The classic “irreconcilable differences.” He had the Boston crowd sing “Madrigal”. Of all the songs in the catalogue…. I wonder if that was the last straw for her.
  7. 7 World Series wins (and 4 losses) as a Yankee fan 4 Super Bowl wins as a Giants fan (and 1 loss). 17 College Basketball National Championships as a UConn Husky Alum I can’t complain…
  8. Eric McCormack hosted Boston as well, with the Fenway Park organist warming up the crowd, and Geoff Edgers, a reporter from the Washington Post asking the fan questions.
  9. The questions that were read in Boston were deep, and Ged kept saying “Wow, that’s a hard one..” I kept it light and asked “Can you beat up John Myung?” It wasn’t read.
  10. Up early in Boston watching the dawn approaching Southie from our hotel room. Also looking at my Boston building co-workers starting to arrive as they are just 5 stories below my window. I parked my car in their lot and saved 50 bucks. The show was enjoyable last night. We had a nice pre-show dinner at a little Irish place called Emmet’s and then walked down the hill by Boston Common to the show. A woman who had just come from Rushcon, sat next to me and was already quite wasted and getting annoying. Since the seating is incredibly cramped, my wife and I moved to an open area, as there was tons of room in the balcony. The Red Sox organist was warming up the crowd, and Eric McCormack from Will and Grace was the celebrity interviewer. My wife was more excited about him than Geddy. I kept thinking of how incredible it would have been to see the Hemispheres tour there from the mezzanine January ‘79. I think I found a boot on YouTube from that night, so I’ll give it a listen. The only story from the show I’ll share is that in the beginning of Witch Hunt, you can apparently hear Neil yell “It’s not a f***ing football!” during the mob rant. That story came from a question submitted by “Alex from Canada”. It came with a pic of Alex with a filter that distorted his face to make him look like a pig from Angry Birds. Overall, a very nice experience, if it turns out to be the last time I see Geddy onstage.
  11. Something tells me Reggie‘s numbers would be a lot higher if he had 2 extra rounds of playoffs every year. Just like when Mickey Mantle‘s postseason home run record was broken, a big deal was made about it. No mention that Mantle’s home runs all came in the World Series, because he never had a playoff series.
  12. Dude, lighten up. I was having fun with you and acknowledging that it was a bullshit call.
  13. Rules are rules! That guy was 2 mm offsides! 30 seconds earlier! The fact that the Bruins made a stupid pass and foolishly couldn’t clear the zone in that time is irrelevant!
  14. I listened to scenes from a memory once sometime around 1999. That’s my full exposure. Carry on
  15. SUCK IT HARPER YOU EFFING CANCER!!!!!!!!😂😂 That said, I hope the Rangers win it, but I will be fine if AZ does.
  16. I didn’t get that sense at all. They sounded genuinely impressed that the Rangers didn’t buckle after the collapse in game 5. I’m just happy because this saves me from having to pull for Philadelphia in World Series. I love Kyle Schwarber but hate Bryce Harper.
  17. As soon as the first guy singled last night you could see the fear in the pitcher’s eyes. Total choke job. And once again, Texas loses a chance to tie the game because of f***ing analytics. Two men on, nobody out, leadoff hitter at the plate, and he swings away. They deserve to lose now. Pathetic.
  18. The network execs hung themselves weeks ago…
  19. Bill (and his system) without Brady is 80-91. The Patriots at best will win 3 more games this year with Bill at the helm. Bill the GM would have fired Bill the coach long ago.
  20. once again, live by the analytics, die by the analytics. All four losing teams over-relied on them, and now they are watching the game on TV like the rest of us schmucks. Good riddance. When will these people realize that at some point you have to close the damn laptop and actually PLAY the game?
  21. Add to that dinner and a Boston hotel room, since wifey wants to make a “night” of it, and this is getting pricey.
  22. I could’ve probably gotten closer, but did I really want to spend an extra $120 or so just to be 20 feet closer? Or 250 more to be in the first four rows or so?
  23. Yep. It’s what made me keep my commitment to move back to Connecticut from Utah. I had tried the previous three years and kept backing out at the last second. I got back three days before the show started. Then later that year, I watched them a mile from my house at Mohegan Sun. Never in a million years would I have imagined that as a possibility as a teenager.
  24. The resale sites already seem to have plenty of tickets too.
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